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  1. I did think of trying that but modifying the LMC cos-11D clip or the LMC universal clip would be a bit tricky I think. I'll have a look at the vampire clip cable, sounds interesting. Thanks for the advice guys. I have finally found a DPA 4061 v-clip though: http://sales.audiodept.co.uk/shop/products/accessories/lmc/lmc-vamp-clip-dpa4060-black/
  2. I guess so but its not really what I'm looking for, I'm looking for Vampire Clips for the DPA 4061 mics. Can't seem to find them, you know anyone who might stock them?
  3. Cool, I'll keep an eye out for them, they look like a really interesting little set of hidden mic clips. Not Vampire clips though, if anyone knows where to find some for the DPAs, still be good to know?
  4. Thanks Vas but unless I'm missing something these are for the Cos-11D, not sure the wider DPA 4061 would fit in there.
  5. I messed something up and lost notifications on posts so missed the last few on here. I got offered a little mixpre at a very good price so picked that up for now. Thanks Daniel for the offer of the DR-680/SD302 combo. I’ve owned an old-mixpre/recorder combo with hacked cables and power and though it worked fine I’m leaning toward seeing if I can find the cash for an all in one this time I think. This little mixpre will tide me over for now. Anyhoo, I think I’m talking to my self here so Thanks for all the advice if you come back here.
  6. Hi, I just picked up a few DPA 4061s to try out and was looking for some accessories, there's a pretty cool looking little two part clip on concealer I picked up but I failed to find a vampire clip anywhere. The only one I could find was the LMC Universal one and it looks really bulky, about twice the size of a normal V-clip. Something like this is what I’m looking for: http://lmcsound.com/products/vclip-dpa/ Anyone know where I can find V-clips for the DPA 4061 in the UK or if not here then in the EU? Any help appreciated and while I'm here any 4061 mounting related advise if it comes to mind.
  7. With comments about bands failing and needing to be correctly tensioned the Rycote sounds like £40 well spent. The Sennheiser will make a good back up I guess. I do make a conscious effort not to dwell on the kit John but having to fiddle with my mount dose't help. Rods?
  8. I see, sounds like the the reliability might justify the purchase alone. Thanks for the advice guys.
  9. Swinging it about a bit at home it doesn't jump out as a problem so far. Can the elastics be a pain? I've not owned one before.
  10. I just bought a MKH50 and it comes in a box with a suspension mount and some other bits. The suspension mount is one of the older designs with the elastic bands. I’ve not used a MKH50 before but have heard folk complain about handling noise and I’m wondering if it’s worth picking up one of the Rycote Invision mounts, the 7 is the one for the 50 I believe. They're not very expensive so if it's an improvement then it’ll be well worth while but if it’s just the same game in another shape it’s money in the wind. Anyone have any experience with the two and can comment if they noticed a difference?
  11. Hi Rick, thanks for the help. No time code would be a deal breaker. I was thinking of using the little Tentacle boxes but I’m not sure if it would work with this set up, depending I guess on which recorder I used but it’s have to be one of the budget ones to make the whole think make sense. Zoom’s and all there kin are missing limiters, so without a mixer they would be no good for me. Time code can be done on the MixPre 3-6 with the little Tentacle boxes too I was thinking. For power the MixPre’s also can come with an L type battery sled and I can knok up something for the others if I need to. I just saw the MixPre 10T in the next thread after I posted this and the time code is nice but it’s just under £2000 and I cant really justify the money for more tracks that I don't really need at the moment, also a use 633 on eBay goes for about the same price. I guess one of the MixPre’s is the best way to go for now.
  12. I need to buy a new mixer/recorder set up, we’ve been recording dialogue, ambient and wild for shorts. The new SD MixPre 3 and 6 look great but the MixPre 6 round here goes for about £950 and I can pick up a SD 552 for a bit less than this second hand. I’m unclear on how practical the onboard recoding of this unit really is but it could be paired with a budget recorder, Steve Oakley has a little video where he syncs the 552 up with a Tascam DR680. This would bring it up to about £1100 or £1200 which is the top end of what I should really spend and the 552 is quite an old model now I think. The size and simplicity of the MixPre is very appealing but also appealing is the idea of having the versatility of the 522 with the extra channels and routing options for things that I may need in the future. Spec sheet wise the new Pre amps in the MixPre have a range of 120 and the 552 pre’s have 102, I also found some posts complaining that the limiters in the MixPre’s are quite aggressive. Anyhow that’s all I got and it’s just spec sheet speculation really, I’m a novice so thought I come here and see if anyone had any advise.
  13. nch

    4-pin Hirose

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Sorry about the delayed response. I must have messed with my settings so I didn’t know about the posts. Yes I’m hell bent on making my own cables like many bits of kit that are easy to put together and once I set it up it takes very little time to make my own and they can be exactly to my needs, there strait away and much cheaper. I’ve yet to find some DC cable to the exact specifications but I’ve found some that are in the ball park and ordered a bit to try. But as Derek mentioned its finding wire so thin for the connectors yet still thick enough to make a good fitting. I could get around that with lots of heat shrink but would rather just find the right cable and buy a bunch of it if possible. Thanks for the directions for the Canare cable in the UK too, though the places mentioned only stock a limited range and not the one Derek was talking about. I’ll try calling them up and also the two chaps you mentioned Malcolm to see if they can help or point me in the right way.
  14. nch

    4-pin Hirose

    Thanks for help. Canare mic cable looks perfect but as I said it's a US product. No available over here in the UK as far as I can tell. The availability of Audioroot stuff in the UK is very limited also, no cable of any kind that I can find but you guys did make me realise I should be searching for mic cable not DC power and I've got a few hits that are pretty close so I ordered some and will give a go, if anyone dose come on here who's over in the UK and knows of some cabling they have been using that fits those connectors pleased do let me know.
  15. I tried a few searches on the forum and elsewhere but got nothing which I was surprised about as I think Sound Devices used these damn plugs all over the place. The connectors are 0.4mm and I need to find some cable with thin enough wires inside to make a DC power cable. The only thing I found was a chap on you tube in America using a type of microphone cable but it’s not available over here in the UK. Has anyone over here run into this problem and know of where to get some suitable cable for this purpose?
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