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  1. First of all thank you to all your answers and information about the recorder options. I have orderend the Scorpio with CL-16 and XL-AES now. Both recorders definitely have their advantages and the decision was really difficult. I hope, that the Scorpio and CL-16 will get some more features in the future to make it even better. In the end I chose the Scorpio because of the following points: -Plug-Ins like Noise-Assist / Cedar -The CL-16 seems like a great controller with a lot of features to make my life easier -I'm already used to Sound Devices so it will be easier to understand
  2. First of all thank you for all your answers! I also own a 633, so I'm familiar with the ergonomics. They are definitely not made for over the shoulder work in my opinion, but it would be great to be able to get them out of the cart for some carscenes for example. The choice is really difficult. The inbuilt mixer plate on the X3 is great, the noise-assist/cedar option on the scorpio also. Both have great features! For the hydra/PSC Option: If I read it correctly, the hydra supports 4 receivers? So if I have 2 sixpacks with the hydra option would it only read 4 of the 6 receivers?
  3. Hello everyone! I want to upgrade my recorder and am looking for your opinion! My current cart setup is: Sound Devices 788T + CL9 + CL8 + CL Wifi, Wisycom Wireless (6x MCR42 available, 1x MCR54 ordered) in PSC Sixpack (2 available). I mainly use the AES inputs of the recorder and sometimes some analogue inputs for an M/S ambience for example. The main reason for an upgrade is the track-count. It just isn't enough for some jobs anymore. I've been checking out the Scorpio and the X3 mostly. The DEVA24 seems like a great machine, but I think it only makes sense if I would change my whol
  4. Hello everyone! I just bought a used Phonak system with 2 Invisity Flex and was wondering if there is a way to find out which frequency they have. Greetings and thanks in advance Manuel
  5. I've ordered some stuff including a Sanken CS3e and everything went perfect. Arrived fast and well packed. I don't know how they got my mailaddress to send me their offers but since they were good, I don't really mind. Using vat-id worked well also.
  6. I've started using the Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered in february and haven't used my Beyerdynamics once since then. I can confirm, that I'm mixing with way lower levels now and I'm still able to differentiate better between sounds coming from the surrounding and the microphones. It is a lot easier to tell if a noise like a passing car somewhere behind you is on the recording or not. Of course there are some cons also: Because of the isolation of the in ears you sometimes won't realise when people talk to you. Something like a whispered "boom", telling you that the mic is in the fr
  7. Are you using an regular USB cable or an USB-Lemo? I used the USB-Lemo from my Tiny Lockit and it didn't work. No problem with a regular usb cable.
  8. I bought 2 Nanos and am really happy with them. The camera department still ask for a Tentacle every once in a while but usualy they like the size. The only thing I don't really like or understand is the fact that the Nanos switch on after charging, when you unplug the usb-cable. Does anyone know if there is an option to disable this function?
  9. I'm using them with Wisycom transmitters but I think that it is a nice option. Maybe for someone who wants to upgrade the setup bit by bit, that can still use the old transmitters with the MCR42s before changing everything.
  10. Check out Wisycom! They offer wideband Dual Channel Receivers MCR42 with a range from 470-700MHz or 566-798MHz. They also have a multi compander, so they can be used with transmitters from different companies (Sennheiser, Sennheiser Evolution, Audio Ltd...). And besides all that, they sound great!
  11. I guess that this can't really be decided in general because of the different cameras. I just had one made from Kortwich for the Alexa Mini, where the cable goes up (0°, looking on to the plugged-in connector), meaning the cable comes out where the small red dot and the little pin of the connector are. In my opinion that's the best solution for the mini. On the big Alexa, a cable like this could be in the way of the connector above the TC (I guess RS). There I would suggest something like 270° or 315°, so that the cable would go to the left,when you look on the camera. Also the big Alexa d
  12. Hello everyone! My CL-WiFi doesn't work anymore and fixing it is more expensive than buying the Ambient Beetle. Does anyone use the Beetle with a 788t and can share his user experience? Does it work well? Is the Tonmeister app comparable to the CL-WiFi app, when it comes to changing track/take names, metadata...? Thanks in advance Manuel
  13. Thank you very much for your detailed answer! We will be based in Yangon and travel around a lot. Kaya State, Lake Inle... That sounds as if I shouldn't have many problems with my Wisycom Mid Band Setup. Thank you!
  14. Could you share your experience and tell us which frequencies you used in the end? I'll be shooting in Myanmar in Januar/February and want to find out if my Wisycoms will work there. Thank you!
  15. I might be shooting in Myanmar in January/February 2017 and was wondering if you could share your experience. Especially the wireless frequencies are interesting. Thank you!
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