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  1. Chagos

    Mic Power Consumption

    Good to know, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks.
  2. Chagos

    Mic Power Consumption

    "battery life", extended time away from AC, and... curiosity?
  3. Chagos

    Mic Power Consumption

    Been looking at some short shotgun mics. I noticed that the operating power consumption varies a lot. For instance, the DPA 4017b uses 4.5mA, the 4017c consumes 2.8mA, while the Neumann KMR 81i sips a mere 0.8mA. This leads me to wonder why some mics would be more more power hungry than others. I'm also curious to know whether this difference is significant enough to have a meaningful impact on the battery life of pre-amps, recorders, and... cameras. I'm looking for a mic that will be used in relatively humid conditions and will live on-camera when not being used on a boom.
  4. Chagos

    A question on MS recording for film

    Thanks for posting this.
  5. Chagos

    A question on MS recording for film

    Do you (or anyone else) have a link to a sample where MS is used to good effect in documentary footage, or as in the crowd scenes you mentioned?