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  1. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    With it's obvious mistakes it is still nice to see any kind of promo clip showing historic photos of Kudelski and Nagra. Better this than none. And here's a hint: While visiting Warsaw for the first time after the war in 1971, Kudelski was asked in radio interview if it's true that his tape recorders are aboard US space ships. He denied. So Nagra SN could went to the moon in 1972 after it's development.
  2. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Another Nagra II on ebay. This time tested, working with anode battery and carrying case included.
  3. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Although I am not sure if The Beatles Help! is the first movie featuring Nagra on the screen, I am interested in this topic in general. Besides now-famous 1981 Brian De Palma's Blow out, my all time favourite appearance of Nagra tape recorder is in 1976 Krzysztof Kieślowski's The Scar. Maybe there isn't much action, but dialoge is epic: Journalist plays interview recorded with manager 6 years earlier. Manager of state-owned factory, not interested at all, suddenly breaks: M: Is this Nagra? J: Yes... M: Do you know that these are the best tape recorders in the world? J: Did you hear the recording, sir? M: Yes, so what? J: I'd like to continue this audition... M: Why don't you make an audition about Kudelski. That's an evident achievement. We don't make any interesting things here. I am sorry if this is OT, but maybe we can make a full list of all movies featuring various Nagra recorders on the screen?
  4. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Thank you very much Dela for so many informations! It did clarify the whole aspect of circuits installed in my 4.2. One thing came to my mind. I’m using third party modern 18v PSU and I don’t have any fresh batteries at the moment. Maybe I don’t provide sufficient power to the unit?
  5. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Jumper plug. I forgot how it’s called. Yes I have screwed this plug in Pilot tuchel socket. I thought that maybe this plug is defective and replaced it with 3 spare ones I have. I even put paper clip instead. Still no result. Guess there is some problem in the circuit.
  6. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Thank you for fast response. I made some test recordings and when replaying with pilot playback chosen modulometer’s needle moves very little. Also I have some tapes recorder with 50Hz pulse sync and again modulometer reacts in the same manner. It oscillate around % mark on the meter.
  7. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Hello, I got myself neopilot 4.2 with Nagra QGX crystal sync generator built in. However I don’t know if it’s broken or just I don’t know how to use it. I have an XTAL plug in pilot socket. When I turn machine into the test mode pilot flag indicator turns white. But since I turn machine into recording pilot indicator turns black and it doesn’t record pilot signal. Modulometer shows pilot frequency at 0% for the whole time. Has any of you experienced Nagra users idea what can be wrong? Maybe I am omitting something or it is damaged?
  8. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    I thought that 67 means 1967. It sure is a true classic and deck top always looked more sophisticated to me than 4.2 or IV-S. Your 1958 Nagra III looks brand new. And please share a picture of that gold anodized SN. Pictures are part of what make this thread true interesting.
  9. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    No. I am not from Japan. The "Japanese story" is popular here. The interview is in local radio archives (as a sound file) but is also found online as a text.
  10. Lermontov

    Nagra IV-S Please help me :)

    At least service manual for IV-S exists. Try to find one for III.
  11. Lermontov

    New Mac Book Pro

    Can't agree more.
  12. Lermontov

    Apple and 3.5mm jacks

    I was always wondering why these banana sockets were placed so strange. Back in the day going for modification was a normal thing. Thankly now one can buy many sorts of adapters which are a must have in case of using III.
  13. Lermontov

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Hello, I just registered on this forum (but been reading this thread for a couple of months) and want so say that your collections and knwoledge are very impressive! I find this thread as the best place for source of information on vintage Nagra recorders. So here I am saying hello to everyone. By the way, have you ever heard the rumor about J.F.K. administraton buying first Nagra spy recorders in Japan? Because Nagra sound quite Japanese. After reading this thread I know it's just a rumor. But that is what I heard in one interview (not with Kudelski himself) on radio some time ago.