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  1. Thanks my antipodean friend! No chance of setting up again. This is all about getting impressions from the general (vetted) public about something or other. No performers or professionals other than the crew....of 2 and the session moderator. No ISO's needed. I think it'll be fine. I wonder if people here do have boundary/border mics in their collections of tools for the job?
  2. Some advice please... 2 questions. I'm recording a round table (L shaped actually) focus group discussion (about 5 ppl) and have been told that ease of mind is paramount for the subjects and rifle mic's are out of the question. It has also been intimated that laving people up might make them nervous (I dont think its a group of paranoid schizophrenics but I cant swear to it) I also got to view a previous video and it had a pretty crappy omni mic setup (maybe on cam) but one could hear what they were saying. I dont think quality is paramount here, but of course one has pride in ones job and Im getting paid. I certainly dont think they want ISO's (better check that...) The questions are 1) What would be the correct way to mic a set up like this. I like the idea of border? mics or some kind of omnis at each end of the table but I dont really know about them and their abilities/costs. 2) Can I bodge it but just leaving 3 - 5 wireless mics scattered around the table or is there a better way? I'm looking forward to using Dugan Mixing for the first time.
  3. I see someone locally selling a pair of Neumann KM 183's and was wondering about them....more so if they are a bargain (I dont believe they are the "D" or digital variant). Recently I seem to have done a fair bit of locked off table work (cooking shows and dinners) and currently boom (416) the unmic'd guests which is a pain in large unscripted set ups. Firstly, are the things (KM 183's) any good to boom with? I was liking the idea of a nice wide pic up pattern but not sure about their reach or handling noise. Secondly, being lazy, would one get acceptable sound hanging the pair from above the table or locking ff on clamps at either end(ish) of the table? I believe they are quite good for mic'ing acoustic instruments too which would also be useful. General impressions and versatility?
  4. I think its Peter Lorre, looking perpetually shifty, in Crime and Punishment (1935). I think he may be trying to hide behind the rock.
  5. I think its always important to stay abreast of the latest happenings and technology in film so with that in mind I bought this...it is actually fascinating reading. I really like the bits on sound perspective and also that the sound recordist was responsible for the photography of sound onfilm (so had to have knowledge of developing and film) and also that often hiss on old tracks was due to silver bromide crystals not being washed out properly.
  6. Thanks Mark. Zus! thats a thick pdf. As you said, a good starting point. Just noticed its 18 yrs old. I guess fundamentals are still the same.
  7. Or maybe a sub-forum is a rubbish idea...but I'm still interested in how mangled sound gets going through wireless as opposed to cable. If this has been discussed I'd love a link or two to read. I kinda searched but nothing obvious popped up. Ill Google a bit and see if I find anything interesting.
  8. It seems that wireless has taken over to a large amount of the recording/movie process and was wondering if it warranted a sub-forum, like Wireless, to keep it together and aid searching? Im not super technical but have reasonable ears (when the ones not blocked) and Im intrigued with all this chat of preamps and the quality of recorders and mixers as to what we loose using wireless? For example: What would be the differences in your recorded waveform and Hz to Khz S/N ratio, THD and all those other very important things (that you often dont hear) between say Cos 11 lapel XLR'd direct to a recorder ie633 (coz I have one) vs Cos 11 lapel into Lectrosonics transmitter>receiver>recorder vs Cos 11 lapel into Sennheiser G3 Transmitter>receiver>recorder VS Cos Lapel into Sony wireless transmitter>receiver>recorder How is your signal getting denatured by wireless compared to it going via a cable? I love the "Measure with a micrometer, mark with chalk and cut with an axe" statement. It sort of epitomises that attention to detail people desire while still loosing in the long run. The gear I chose it totally arbitrary as long as its the same in each case.
  9. Maybe try copying the to files to the computer, opening them in something like audacity and then saving and copying it back to the R88. What file extension/format does the R88 record in? Try change your sd cards or whatever you use. BTW does the R88 not play back _at all_ now?
  10. Much obliged. Ill get looking. p.s Thats a nice profile pic David, was wondering if you were awake in it and if you should just go and invest in a (quiet) rocking chair....
  11. Ive been asked to help give advice (probably free) for some people hosting a bike race here in South Africa. There is the post race gibber and IVs etc. The guy wants 10 (mono prob) outs from the 2 in he is getting (Interviewer and Talent). Ive not done this before but suspect it may be an issue as when I do live stuff and ask for a feed from the desk (even fancy big ones) they (engineers) are always reluctant and outs are often at a premium at big events. Im inclined to make sure we get a great copy of the audio and if the press need good audio they can get it from us after the event (maybe even during). Is there some kind of splitter box to take the stereo out from a Mixing desk and give me 10 mono copies? We dont really want 10 mics in front of the talent hiding him from the camera... Another idea was one transmitter and 10 receivers set to the same channel. There are many ways to skin a cat Whats your way. Essentially its to get the same signal to lots of different press/camera people.
  12. 2 questions if I may... I have found this on second hand pages here in ZA sennheiser mkh816t about $150 I have an old 302 which can handle it I think being T-Power. I dont think my SD 633 will though. Do converters work, is there a 'trusted' brand to get a T-Power mic working on P48 gear? Secondly, Im a sucker for a bargain and love 2nd hand trawling. Is the MKH816t worth a shot at 816? At that price its almost, never mind the quality, look at that length. Im sure I can find a use for it one day....
  13. Herewith the response from Sound devices. Its fine, I kinda expected a bit more maybe. Oh well...maybe they should have just included a 32Kbps option and been done with it. Hi Thomas, Thank you for your e-mail and report. Our mp3 codec is really only intended for proxy recording (For example: transcription), and thus may not quite be at the quality standard of apps or devices whose main purpose is encoding/decoding. Your master file as you probably already know would the recorded WAV file, not the mp3. If you want to use it for music purposes, you should use higher sampling rates. As always, thank you for your constructive feedback. Best Regards, Nelson Lugo
  14. @Jim, I hear a little difference as I use a relatively cheap ass wireless system (sony with cos11's) and I hear a little compander expander stuff but as you said, they (wired lavs) have saved my life near sector Cell phone panels (where the camera just has to have THAT shot) and other WTFness. On the rare occasions I get to hear my stuff broadcast it (wireless) sounds as good as anything else and certainly not noticeably different in any way from other content. I'm a bit deaf tho, too much loud music
  15. When I started sound recording I was frightened of wireless so always hard wired my talent (for sit down or statics). I'm not so scared anymore and convenience, ease and dare I say it, laziness has led me to using wireless. People moving, repositioning, going for toilet breaks etc means wireless FTW. Production/most people don't seem to care and most people look at you sideways now if you want to hard wire talent. That said, my wired Tram TR-50s are I presume (all things being equal) going to always deliver better quality than wireless Trams. What do you people do? Do you ever wire anymore or is it 'old skool'?
  16. Gosh, hot topic! I've not checked in for a while and see some interest here. Ticket still open, I sent them some of my audio a couple of days ago and am awaiting a reply which I will feed back on. I did get the standard, what media are you recording onto (sandisk Ultra 80MB/s 16GB cards) reboot, reset and update. Thanks so much to everyone for taking the time testing and having a listen. Its always good to know its not just you!
  17. I've opened a ticket with SD and they suggested exactly what JohnGooch said I should do..which didn't help. Could I ask any of you who have a mixer (SD633) and mic close to hand to try record a brief MP3 and have a listen to see if you get the artifacts too. It would make trouble shooting a lot easier if there are a few SD633 owners with the same problem. Ill report back if the SD help desk sort me out.
  18. (ambivalent smiley face) Good point, ill mail em now.
  19. Reflashed my SD633 from 4.50 to 4.51 (at least I got an update out of this process). Did a factory reset and proceeded to record to my (reformatted) SD card (approved media) Did some recordings at 192kbps and have exactly the same artifacty squiggly sounds in the background (its not massive but it is there) Did the same on my Zoom H4n (mp3/192kbps). No artifacts on the Zoom recording (admittedly higher noise floor). Its not a train smash as I mentioned, I can take the ISO's and encode to MP3 on my PC I was just kinda expecting better from Sound Devices? Id love it if any other 633 users gave it a go and reported back.
  20. Gosh...thanks John, Ill give it a go and report back.
  21. I recorded one of my files as an MP3 on my SD633 and I must say the playback on the SD sounds pretty shocking. I recorded at 192kbps and it is all artifacty and has those high pitch squiggly sounds. It sounds vaguely better played on my PC. Is this a standard thing with the 633? Currently Im just taking the wav files and encoding them using Audacity and they sound a million times (well at least twice) better than the native MP3s. Im going to have a shot with 320kbps and see if its any better. Has anyone else noticed this? Im only trying as a client wants stuff as MP3.
  22. Oh my. I think y'all convinced me. Gonna. get a cheap second hand Peavey Valve amp (peavey classic 50) for the guitar and keep saving for the 416 or mkh 8060. Thanks guys.
  23. No pun intended but I hear you. I just cant resist a bargain! If worst comes to worst Ill keep with the ME66 as no one has complained so far and I actually do do a lot of run and gun ENG jostling for position. At least its a reasonable outdoor and I can get a more indoorsy one next. Soundies outside the US and EU really are squeezed on price and availability of gear and of course import taxes. I should maybe listen to my wife though who says "Even a bargain costs money!" Thanks for all the feedback.
  24. Really, no mixer or boom, cables/umbilical, wireless? You could get a job with just that? You must be a good talker/salesman! Or did you just hire the rest?
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