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  1. Mixer1

    Guard Bands

    Well, T-Mobil has fired up their 600Mhz transceivers in Los Angeles. Please enlighten, why can't we use the guard bands, they are perfectly clear, so far.
  2. Mixer1


    What can be done about VER. They throw audio packages at my clients for nothing. I don't know how anyone could pay off a new package these days. One Day week - $995 for 8 channel package, hops ... everything. They obviously have no conscience. If I can't make a deal with my package I have to spend HOURS in their "audio department" making sure all the parts are there and work, then go through the maddening "checkout" process. The client never understands that the day they have to pay me to get the audio package from VER added to the cost of VER package is sometimes more than I am asking for my package! What can be done!