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  1. Are you planning on using a Neumann KMR 82i as an on camera mic?
  2. Not to be “That Guy” but Anubis is the god of the dead and not the god of the underworld. Osiris is the god of the underworld. I'm glad that Egyptian mythology class I took in college is finally Corning in handy.
  3. What color? How low cut? When I have seemingly impossibly scratchy wardrobe I take the smallest mic I have (b6 or DPA 6060) and poke it right out of the top, even if it's just a millimeter. If it is going to come in contact with skin I put a strip of moleskin between the mic and the skin to stop the "bumping." Sometimes I even expose it more for the wide and push it back in for the coverage. Maybe boom it? Is there a reason that's not an option? It's nice to have a great lav and a great boom, but sometimes you need to prioritize whichever one works. Tell wardrobe they are going to have to work with you a bit. They are typically wonderful people and and happy to help if you can communicate what you need from them in a clear way. I feel your frustration. Everyone on here has felt the exact way you have over and over. You have to fight for good sound. Some people admire and appreciate it, some people don't. Hopefully the producer and director do and that's what really matters.
  4. It’s “technically” better, but you really might not notice a difference. I own the cut60 and like it, but have actually stopped using it since I got an OSIX2 for my Schoeps. Don’t find I need it anymore. I’m just curious, why do you want to use the CMC outside? I’ve done it a few times with varying results, but usually find it doesn’t have the reach or directionality I need for an exterior.
  5. Cosi is a great solution for run and gun stuff. Excellent wind protection, very little coloration, and a super quiet suspension.
  6. What a time to be a young mixer!
  7. I use a zmt phantom for my boom with a Sound Devices recorder. I use an ifb200 for zaxnet. I mean a recorder is a recorder. One thing you might consider is that many of the recorders they make don’t have a ton of AES inputs. If you run your Zaxcoms AES in that could be a problem.
  8. Hey everybody, I just got offered a gig as a one man band for a narrative project (ugh already) and the producer just mentioned that there would need to be playback and earwigs with recorded dialogue. I said that I could not do playback, boom, and mix at the same time and she said that other mixers do it all the time. I essentially told her that she should hire one of those guys and hung up but I wanted to check... IS ANYONE ACTUALLY DOING THIS? It seems absolutely bonkers to try and do this as a one man band.
  9. I did this mod myself and it was fairly easy. Not a lot to screw up. It’s just a + and a -
  10. Is this just a cable or is it a new Cosi?
  11. I’ve always wanted Wingman implemented into a smart watch somehow. As a way to watch the meter while you’re booming.
  12. ***Shameless plug warning*** i know of that’s available right now on this forum... it’s mine! Someone go buy it! But I actually found the 664 to sound nicer as well. It’s subtle, but I preferred it. Limiters specifically. But they are all really nice. I have a 633 and the aforementioned 688 and am never unhappy with how they sound. It’s kind of splitting hairs in my opinion. But we sound people sure do love to split hairs.
  13. I have used all 3 and I would say none of them. Get a used Schoeps. My opinion: Oktava sounds nice, but is very difficult on a pole (handing and wind noise). Audix can sound nice on certain voices but has poor reach. The Audio Technica has poor reach and a very boring sound. Just my opinion but if you're going to spend 600-800 on a mic you'll outgrow (and you will outgrow any of them), might as well spend 900-100 and get something you'll grow into.
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