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  1. Could you do a stereo set up in that? I think that’s what the OP is trying to do.
  2. The 8020-50 won’t fit properly in a Leo ball + a suspension without the high pass filter module. Too small.
  3. They better! It’s about damn time they come out with a new Scorpio. The old one was announced a whole week ago! Talk about old news. But in all seriousness that seems awesome.
  4. Trey LaCroix


    Yeah, that really bugs me too. A lot of people are going entirely AES in now.
  5. Trey LaCroix


    That’s what I’m hoping.
  6. It’s a different problem. The 406x cap has a problem with concealers and rm-11 type mounts and seems to do okay with adhesive. The 606x seems to be the opposite.
  7. It snaps on. I have to be really careful with mine. Especially when it’s in an overcover or somesthing. Pops right out. Last I checked you couldn’t even order replacement caps yet.
  8. Have you checked other mics/mounts to rule out the boom pole as the culprit? I’ve boomed with that same set up extensively and found it to be pretty quiet. do you have the high pass on? Without it the CMIT can be pretty sensitive.
  9. One jam all day no drift. Simple as that. They rule!
  10. Works for sweaty chests great! Doesn’t reduce chest hair noise as much as I’d like.
  11. Which Lectrosonics block sounds the best?
  12. You’re doing God’s work over there. I’ll be anxiously awaiting. All my mounts are Cinela except for my mini CMIT mount and for the sake of sound and my OCD I can’t wait for them all to be Cinela. I love my Cosi, but find it a tad to big when trying to dodge overhead flags and the like. No other complaints!
  13. Out of curiosity, has anyone tried a cinela osix 1 with a mini CMIT or other similarly sized mics? Seem like it might fit. Don’t know how effective the suspension would be?
  14. Hey all, I started to notice that my vDb pole has occasionally started creaking from the 1st or 2nd section (I think) when I do really quick swings while cuing. Any idea what might be causing it? It's a newer QT pole, and up to now has been the quietest pole I've ever used. I'd like to consult the experts here before I send my favorite pole to France for god knows how long. Thanks!
  15. How many channels were you using? Did you calculate for intermod? I’ve had that with g3’s before. An actor got kept his phone in his pocket and whenever he got a text I got a hit. I was able to replicate it later with my phone, but it was intermittent. I imagine that it has to do with the RF filters in the units not being as effective as they need to be and letting the RF from the phone in. i have had all sorts of odd things happen with G3’s and the day I sold them for lectros I got a lot happier. i know a lot of people have success with the G3’s but I have always found them to be unreliable and unpredictable. IMO that is one of the worst qualities you can have in production equipment.
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