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  1. Wilcox is the one shop in town that I haven’t really done business with. Guess I picked the right one to ignore.
  2. I’d guess not. I assume the I/O will all be through a ribbon connector designed for the port on top of 8 series mixers.
  3. A quad slot Lectro RX would really simplify my setup so much. I really with that would happen. If Wisy can do it then Lectro I’m sure is figuring out how they can do it.
  4. That’s too bad the DNS 2 doesn’t work on Trump. I was thinking of running one before my AV receiver at home to filter him out.
  5. I was sick of my Zaxcom CL3 spraying into my RX so I build a dipole antenna and hat I can stick on my harness. It works great and weighs practically nothing!
  6. Congratulations Jan on a well deserved retirement! I hope it’s a smooth one. While I’ve enjoyed many members here over the years, your posts always made me feel grateful to work as a mixer and excited to go out and do it tomorrow. Your post are always so delightful and witty. I would definitely keep writing on some form!
  7. Back when I ran that rig I ended up getting a PSC six pack and looping it through. alternatively you could use a passive splitter. Not too much loss.
  8. I’m currently reading the most recent edition of CAS Quarterly and in the wonderful memorial to Jim Alexander I found a picture of him at his cart on the set of Sixteen Candles. To the right is a pole with what appears to be a microphone in a large, homemade looking rectangular shaped shockmount? I’m wondering if anyone working back then could tell me more about it?
  9. Trey LaCroix

    Deity HD-TX

    Finally! A transmitter in HD! High definition sound has arrived!
  10. Weird. All my wireless come into my 833 al line level and the knobs work fine.
  11. It was an SMV and yes, I was using the TA5 adapter.
  12. I didn’t know you could put a ta5 connector on the 4098. I do this for my lavs. That might be the way to go...
  13. My DPA 4098 was recently manhandled by a camera operator during a car shot and the microdot connector got tweaked a bit. I sent it in to DPA and they told me that they could not repair a microdot connector and that I would have to buy a new one. I could have sworn that people have had them repaired? Any insight?
  14. https://www.betso.eu/bowtie Thoughts? It’s “designed” for bag use but it seem a bit intrusive to me.
  15. Oh yeah, didn't think that far ahead. Got distracted by the heavenly thought of having carte blanche to use any block you wanted.
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