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  1. I really don’t see what the big deal is clipping the mic. And I’ve seen so many docs with heavily NR’ed lav tracks to get rid of, in my opinion, unnecessarily scratchy wires. In a narrative piece of course it has to be hidden, but who are we trying to fool on a doc/corporate piece? If it’s small and unobtrusive 99.9% of viewers aren’t going to care and it will ALWAYS sound better.
  2. They make mics that are so small now a days that they can be mounted outside without it looking sloppy. You can use different colored mics to blend or match better with wardrobe. And it sounds so much better. Im on a doc right now with a director that hates seeing the mic and I just don’t understand it. Sure, if it was a tram with a foam windscreen I can see where he’s coming from. But with a B6 or a DPA 6060 or a Senn mke1 it really isn’t obtrusive. last week we had an A lister request that we clip it outside and so we did. I asked the director how he felt about the look and he wasn’t so bad! Still won’t let me do it but hey little victories.
  3. I have a 20 year old Schoeps and a 4 year old schoeps and did a blind test a while back. I could not for the life of me tell the difference.
  4. I did for the first few weeks. It’s o LT really an issue if you accidentally bank the faders without realizing it. That caused a few “what the fuck?” Moments.
  5. There are SO MANY threads about this already. Google “jwsound interior mic” and read through all of those. You will find that the Schoeps MK41 and the Sennheiser MKH 50 are the most popular choices. You will also learn why a shotgun mic typically suffers in an interior space. not trying to be a dick but this has been covered so many times on this forum.
  6. Sounds beautiful. I still have my 744t and I regularly find uses for it. I used it on a doc about a month ago while I was waiting during the short time between selling my 633 and waiting for my 833 to arrive. Editor sent me an email asking me why my tracks sounded better. The only thing I changed in the setup was the recorder. yes, maybe a one of the newer mix pres is a better tool for the jobs of today, they just aren’t a 7 series. Nothing else is.
  7. I use a hirose to ta4 with my bds. It works fine but I don't ever charge the Sony L batts with the 833.
  8. They aren’t around anymore. I tracked the owner down and he told be they closed the business. Real shame. They made the best drawers.
  9. Yeah, it’s kind of a bummer. But other than that I have practically zero complaints about the 833. Love it.
  10. It appears to be. I also run at full brightness and could probably be more conservative with power.
  11. Ive been using mine with a 98w smart battery typically with 2 RX regularly for a month now an I typically go through 2 1/2 a day. Sometimes I power an antenna distro and Zaxcom CL and it’s 3 1/2 to 4. haven't taken any formal data but that’s my real world experience. Draws a bit more that my 633 did. hope that helps.
  12. I’m so sorry Jeff. The few times I met him he was wonderful, kind, and gave me some of the best advise on booming I have ever received.
  13. Should be fine. I did this with a Venue 1 Wideband using the RF loop out.
  14. I use the same cable. Easy to solder and has never given me issues.
  15. You most likely won’t notice a difference at such short lengths. Especially if you run your wireless at line level.
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