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  1. I’ve used mine in the bag for over 2 years. I did extensive testing with the beta unit they sent me before that. It’s a really solid battery distro. I’d highly recommend it if you like the footprint.
  2. High fidelity IFBs are few and far between in my experience. An IEM system can sound good, but you’re often limited by stage transmitter options. Comteks are far from HiFi and I don’t think the Lectro IFBs sound that much better. The zaxcom IFBs sound really good to my ear. I work on a show where we have to do car to car almost every day. We also constantly stop and get out of the car to shoot a quick scene so bag drops aren’t really practical. My setup is: Talent car- 2 DLA 4080s or 4097s (depends on the situation) running to a small bag with a 2 channel preamp going into a Zaxcom Camera Link in stereo mode set to 100mw. I run the antenna out the window with a small clip with an sma mount. Follow Car - 2 betso bow ties or fins (again, depends on the situation mounted to the outside of the car. With coax running to my Nova with me in the back seat. I can pick up the Camera Link and talent wires reliably. I hand the producer in the car an ERX and he hears it clear as a bell. IMO the ERX is fairly limited in a lot of situations but works great in a car with no other 2.4 devices around. And yes, the Zaxcom transmitters can record but I don’t find myself needing them that often with this setup. Getting away from the bag drop has been a game changer.
  3. I put it in the overhead along with my carry on and have never been questioned about it. TSA Pre is amazing. Totally with it if you constantly fly with gear.
  4. Vdb medium fits nicely In a 1510. I usually carry a Vdb large in a versa flex case and attach it to my backpack.
  5. Saw this on Comtek’s website. I have always had issues when using the M216 transmitter and this new antenna advertises to alleviate many of them. It also seems to require a modification from Comtek in order to work optimally. Comtek happens to be about 10 mins from my house so I’m going to pay them a visit tomorrow. I’ll report back. ————————————————— We are excited to introduce our new SLW-216B Base Load Whip Antenna specifically designed for improved performance during bag use with new M-216 Option P7 transmitters. This optional antenna (ordered separately) assists with reducing interference from close proximity to other equipment, helps mitigate handling noise, and improves R.F. stability. Note: The charging function of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries through the AUX input jack is not compatible with the use of this antenna. *Older M-216 Option P7 transmitters prior to 2023 require a modification by our service department for optimal performance with this antenna.
  6. Not one specifically made for it but you can stick it on a rack shelf. I did that with my 688 when I had it.
  7. I’m pretty sure they are. I just saw Gene about a month ago and he mentioned he and Drew working at the shop.
  8. Oh yeah, forgot about that! Maybe I’ll just buy it and run it for 12 hours against one of my sync boxes.
  9. I’m looking for a TC master clock to live on my cart and was wondering if a used Denecke GR-1 would still suffice? There is a very cheap one in LSC consignment, but I’m not sure if TC crystal would still be accurate after that long? I imagine it’s between 15-25 years old.
  10. While I would love to see recording come to more manufacturer’s transmitters, I absolutely cannot think of a good reason as so why their patent shouldn’t be upheld. They are entitled to protect the technology they designed first for a certain amount of time in order to make back their investment in R&D and profit from said technology.
  11. What would a new Sonosax recorder have that the R4+ can’t provide? With the various accessories it can do just about everything a “new” recorder can do.
  12. I have the cut 60 on my Schoeps. It’s very small and cuts at just the right place. Other than low frequency rumble there isn’t really anything we should be removing from the track. The need for tailoring the low end is best left for post.
  13. Don’t know if you still have the PSC Retro (the Sela looking thing), but before you trash it let me know!
  14. Pretty good kit for a newbie! Get. Slate and boxes when you are working on jobs that will pay for them (if you’re not already). And some kind of IFB is necessary on most jobs. What kind of jobs are you doing and what kind of jobs do you want to be doing? I use Conteks on feature work and I don’t think anything can beat them in terms of range and battery consumption. Plus you can usually get more of them to rent pretty easily.
  15. I'm prepping for a movie and one of the characters spends a lot of time talking on the phone. Before I talk to props does anyone have any tips on hiding a mic and transmitter in one and placing the mic? The film takes place in the early 90's so it would be one of those bulky cordless phones. There should be some space for hiding.
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