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  1. Hey there! I have owned both the Comtek M-216 P7 transmitter and the Comtek BST 75-216 for several years now. I use the BST on my cart and get fantastic performance about of it. Zero complaints. But the smaller p216 for my bag has always given me issues with range and interface. I regularly struggle with hits within a 10-20 foot radius. I know the output power on the little guy is only 10mw but that’s should be plenty keep a stable signal with 10 feet line of sight. Tried multiple units and all yield the same result. id love to hear if others are having theses issues or not. I’m tired of complaining clients when I’m working out of my bag and would really like to stay with comtek. Maybe I’m going something wrong.
  2. Never had the screws come loose on my Rycotes when I had them. The ones securing the lyres?
  3. This has been fun to check in on every day and go “huh, look where this went now.”
  4. I’ve got a 744t 4 track recorder for sale. Two beautiful preamps.
  5. he meant that you could get a barrel for 40ish bucks instead of sending it to Pete for 200ish bucks is you so desired. Just another option. I’m another happy customer of Pete. He does really great work.
  6. Again, the 8060 might be worth checking out. Still has an interface tube, but much nicer indoors than a 416 in my opinion. All the qualities you listed I feel are present in that microphone.
  7. It seems like everything that isn't 19 pretty is congested in LA.
  8. They really don't seem to care about AES. It's been brought up to them so many times and they don't implement them more. They are banking on Dante, which works great for a cart but for a bag AES is a no brainer.
  9. If you really like the sound of the 416, maybe try the 8060. It sounds similar to me and the more “gentle” off axis coloration makes It sound a little nicer indoors.
  10. I would tell him that you don’t have time to troubleshoot his gear and use camera hops YOU KNOW will work with your gear. If production wants a camera hop they should rent one that you approve of.
  11. Interesting. I’m curious to know why you recorded everything at 96kHz. Did post request it?
  12. I prefer the 6060 to the 4060. It has a low end that blows me away for a lav. Cuts with a boom so nicely.
  13. The UM200 is the transmitter and the UCR201 is the receiver. any 400 series receiver (or the most recent receiver like the SRs and LR) will work with the UM400s. The 200s are probably the best bang for your buck and sound really good, but the 400s sound a bit better.
  14. Trey LaCroix

    Deity HD-TX

    Nifty if there isn’t any other 2.4 gig stuff in the area. I found the Deity Connect to be really iffy around all the camera crap we have to deal with.
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