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  1. Had a lot of problems with those. Inconsistent runtimes and a few went bad over about 6 months. I have a ton of the black eneloop pros and they are by far my favorite.
  2. Look at the OR-270. Easily holds two receivers and can squeeze a hop in there without too much trouble.
  3. I think it depends on how compact you want it to be? I have an OR-30 for my mixpre 6. Tons of room for for wireless, power and antenna distros, and whatever you may need. You could certainly go smaller with an OR-270 or a the Strut bags (smallest I believe). What other gear do you plan on putting in your bag?
  4. I highly doubt it. Everything seems to be proprietary these days.
  5. I am a huge fan of the Sonosax preamps. They are by far my favorite sounding. But calling the 688 preamps “crappy” is pretty hyperbolic. Sure, they aren’t as nice and the 7 or 8 series, but very far from crappy.
  6. I usually do one over each person. I rigged up a tiny Fiat recently and a single BLM right in the middle worked perfect for that though.
  7. This has been the “holy grail” for me when it comes to car rigs. It was the first setup that I wasn’t just okay with but actually really liked.
  8. If there isn’t a capacitor to block the 12v in the antenna it definitely could damage them. Not sure if zax puts them in their fins or not. I know Lectro puts them in the SNA600a now to prevent damage from an accidental power application.
  9. Stands for “battery distribution system”
  10. Just got some ZMT 4s and have been trying them with all my mics. Despite the new transmitters all operating at 5v instead of 3v I’m still getting the excess noise and “generally off” sound with my DPA 4061 and 6061s as I remember when using them with the older 3v transmitters. Anyone using them successfully?
  11. I’ve noticed it’s branded only as “Sound Devices.” Does this means they are dropping the Audio LTD name?
  12. Oh right the minimum post thing.
  13. These is a whole section for buying and selling. Please post it there.
  14. Sharkfins are very popular because they have an increase in sensitivity in the front and reject from the back. Raise them up and you will typically get great range. You can even strategically point them away from problematic RF sources.
  15. The only compatible control surface is the CL-12 which has been discontinued. The 633 is still an absolutely fantastic mixer/recorder but if you want a cart setup I’d recommend a different system.
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