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  1. Even 2020 can’t keep the tumbleweeds down!
  2. I own the CMC141 and owned the 8050. The 8050 sounds great BUT it is a PITA on a boom IMO. Super low frequency response and awful wind noise on swings. For interviews this might not be a big deal though. The CMC141 is beautiful. I prefer it to the senn but only your ears will tell you what to get.
  3. Yep, like I said ventilation.
  4. If you want to leave space (often for ventilation) in between units.
  5. Curious why you don like the Sunhans? I’ve always been really happy with mine.
  6. Let me know how it works for you. I currently use a URX for cam (with 3.5mm for audio) and Would like a bit more range.
  7. This is how I feel about the 8060. It sounds so much better indoors than the previous generation of interference tube mics. Boomed for somebody starting out that ONLY used a 416 or 816. indoors and out. Grew to hate the sound of a 416 indoors (except for very nice sounding stages) and didn't feel the 60 faired much better. Granted the 8060 doesn't sound like a Schoeps indoors but much less boomy and muddy when faced with tough reflections. When I have boomed with the 4017 I felt it behaved similar. Off topic: Constantine, I know you used to use a Super-CMIT pretty regularly. How di
  8. 8060 has become my go to EXT mic. Used to be a CMIT but felt it let too much in sometimes. Like the pattern and sound a lot.
  9. I spray boom windscreens with 70% alcohol every time it comes back to the cart. just a spritz or two. more with my Cosi and Cinela fur.
  10. When I ran that we used eneloop pro AAs and changed at lunch. We ran it into a UM400a w/ ipower lithium. Never worried about batt on either.
  11. I use Zaxcom for my booms. The preamp is very transparent and nice sounding. Noise floor is a little high. Doesn’t really bother my but after reading your post it sounds like it might bother you.
  12. Thanks everybody! Neck loops have been fairly reliable for me. Annoying to hide but in general more stable than the RF ones. Used the "room loop" twice, once a great success and once an utter failure.
  13. I am aware of the RF earwigs and have experienced firsthand the advantages and disadvantages with each method. The neck loop induction method is what I have decided to go with. If have any memory of what the general battery life is I would love to hear it. I have not used one for a while and don't really remember. I remember it got me to lunch but that's about it.
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