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  1. I’ve noticed it’s branded only as “Sound Devices.” Does this means they are dropping the Audio LTD name?
  2. Oh right the minimum post thing.
  3. These is a whole section for buying and selling. Please post it there.
  4. Sharkfins are very popular because they have an increase in sensitivity in the front and reject from the back. Raise them up and you will typically get great range. You can even strategically point them away from problematic RF sources.
  5. The only compatible control surface is the CL-12 which has been discontinued. The 633 is still an absolutely fantastic mixer/recorder but if you want a cart setup I’d recommend a different system.
  6. This is my current charge case. I have all the cable-age underneath/out of sight now and it's doing wonders for my OCD.
  7. I have switched from Transpore / Durapore to Mepitac silicone tape for wiring to the skin and talent really likes it (no more 40 year old virgin jokes) but I’m still not satisfied with the adhesiveness, particularly when chest hair is involved. Anyone have any tips with this stuff?
  8. I would go with an Oktava, especially a modded one. Very close to a schoeps sonically. Like Phillip said, you need an excellent shockmount and boom operator. Nothing will beat a schoeps though...
  9. I have one regular cmit and one mini cmit and I actually miss hearing it with the mini. I’ve gotten so accustomed to the fart. My boom op calls it the “Schoeps shart.”
  10. Currently an 833, an SL-2 with two SRCs, Blackmagic dual monitor, Icon control surface, a Zaxcom Camera Link, and a Comtek BST-75-216. Can get a whole day on it. battery is on the bottom and the hot box is fastened to the cart behind the bag.
  11. Sad to read about the passing of Rupert Neve today. The soundtrack to mine, and many others lives were recorded and mixed on a Neve. While not too popular with us I always loved hearing from the handful of Mixers who did used them on a cart. Seemed so exotic!
  12. My small cart consists of a pelican battery and a Remote Audio Hotbox. Works fantastic!
  13. If there is post I don’t think about it. they have the tools to shape it any way they want. Honestly, if I can get a boom close enough to get proximity effect I’m pretty happy! live broadcast to no-post (ugh) stuff I will EQ the low end a bit to even it out if the mic is too close.
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