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  1. It would be a silver lining if we were allowed to clip the mic outside for doc and reality. Never understood what all the fuss was about with it visible anyway.
  2. I recently did a doc where we rolled all the time unless we were traveling. I hit record every time we went to a new setup in order to create some kind of marker and the editor said it worked "fine" and "not to difficult." High praise from an editor!
  3. Doesn’t look too far off from my charger case...
  4. Cinela Cosi and Zaxcom ZMT Phantom. Paired with a miniCMIT it is such a pleasure to boom with. I’d be significantly less happy without those two nieces of gear.
  5. I agree the 302 would be a more sleek solution. However, I have since pulled out my 442 and forgot how much resolution there is from 0/-20 - +20/0 . I might give it a whirl in my garage.
  6. Preferably pretty bright. I'd like to use them in sunlight and on stage. This thread has actually go me thinking about pulling my 442 out of the closet and putting it up there. Totally didn't think about that.
  7. Can Dorrough meters run on DC? I seem to recall that they only run on AC.
  8. I’m using this time to reconfigure my cart and was wondering if someone could recommend a physical peak meter I could stick above my recorder. My Scorpio has a tiny ass screen that has been pissing me off as of late. Want some big bright bulbs! *I realize the "something" is a single world. It autocorrected to that when I typed it.
  9. I had a demo unit for a few weeks and found them tough to use in a narrative context as well. Range, delay, and interface were my biggest issues. Had to get the cart within line of sight, which is often not possible for many scenes and shots, in order to get somewhat reliable signal (even then it was dicey). The short wavelength inherently has a tougher time going through solid objects so it wasn’t really a surprise. I don’t remember deity’s modulation delay but it is significantly more than other systems. I often struggled with phasing when mixing them with any other microphone. If you’re going to dig straight into the ISOs this isn’t really an issue but it bugged me trying to make a decent mix. And, in my opinion, the biggest issue was interference from other 2.4ghz devices. If I or talent went near camera or village signal would drop significantly, often resulting in a dropout. With all the camera crap now a days that part of the spectrum is very cramped. I also could not use zaxnet anywhere near the Deity RX. Tried changing channels but was always a no-go. Overall, the performance reminded me a lot of what I have experienced with Zaxnet. It can be a great tool for short range applications but not optimal for the tough RF environments that a narrative set often is. That’s why I love my ERX’s for small bag work where director and clients etc. are close by, but when I go on a cart I use comteks.
  10. Thank you for a much needed reality check Crew. This is a scary time for all of us and its nice to hear wise words from the "Big Guys" like you. I'm so appreciative to this forum, especially in times like these. Some things I'm doing: - My boom op and I are taking Ken Strain's boom operating video course (highly recommended BTW) to stay sharp and learn some new things. - My fiancé is very involved in animal rescue so we are fostering a cat. A lot of cats and pups that need temporary homes right now. - I am learning to read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It's kind of like learning a language and kind of like learning to draw all in one. - A sh*t ton of cables are getting made. Neutrik and Switchcraft are probably doing just fine right now! (That was a joke. Apologies if they are not)
  11. Trey LaCroix

    First Film

    That is a tough scene if you are new to this or not. Getting 23 wires to sound good is going to be very difficult, plus be prepared to coordinate all those frequencies. Do you have a utility? I imagine that would be hard to pull off with a single boom operator.
  12. Apologies for resurrecting this old thread. Wondering if the service USB connector on the A10 Rack could be used with RF monitoring software like Wireless Designer? I'm aware there is no official compatibly. Just wondering if it is possible to use the connection this way. I use all slot RX and would love to use a piece of software to monitor and coordinate all my RF.
  13. Trey LaCroix


    Go into the board. I find wearing a surveillance with headphones unbearable. I made a TS —> ta3 and go line in. Works very well.
  14. Have you, or anyone, tried an eneloop pro with a single battery SMWB? I’m thinking of getting a couple.
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