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  1. Trey LaCroix

    Sound Devices 633 latch up

    Did you hold the menu button for 5ish seconds? That will reset the machine and has been the only way of resetting when my 633 has locked up.
  2. Trey LaCroix

    Red question

    I believe Red (Epic, Scarlet?) has 2 balanced mono inputs (T+ R- S ground) so I think you would need an individual cable from each output of the Sony. I have always done with using an SR
  3. Trey LaCroix

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    Thanks for the video! Earlier this week I went by Audio Department in Burbank to test the ZMT3/ambient against the ZMT phantom. While the Ambient solution was a little noisier, I was still surprised by the noise floor of the Phantom, still higher than I expecteded. I’d be really interested to hear how noisy the 742/743 is from anyone who has used it.
  4. Trey LaCroix

    Zaxcom RX200 and TRX743 stereo

    I don’t think the RX200 has any zaxnet capabilities. The QRX235 can with the right card. You would need a zaxnet transmitter.
  5. Trey LaCroix

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    Thanks everybody for the responses. I compared the ZMT3 to a ZMT phantom at a local rental house and the ZMT phantom had a little less noise, so I’m thinking that the Ambient phantom supply is adding to it. I would like to clarify that what I’m hearing is self noise and not a whine. I tried the ZMT with a Denecke phantom power supply and got a real nasty whine. Totally different from what I’m hearing.
  6. Trey LaCroix

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    Thanks, just tried it but the hiss is the same as far as I can tell. I’ve used a CMIT and a 416. Same relative level of noise. 416 has higher output so It’s covering it up a bit better. I’ve tried a rycote invision 7(I think?) with a couple different cables (with and without an EMC connector and ground was not tied to shell in any of them) and a cinela. Same. I can still hear the hiss even with no mic plugged in. Could it be from the Ambient supply? I had Trew make the cables specifically how the diagram says to.
  7. Trey LaCroix

    Zaxcom ZMT3 Hiss

    Hey there, I’m demoing a Zaxcom boom rig for an upcoming project and the system is still new to me. I’m using a ZMT3 into an Ambient UMPII and I’m noticing a bit more hiss than my Lectro has. It’s not horrible but it is significantly louder than my Lectro SMV on the pole. I know Lectrosonics uses noise reduction but even with the smart NR off the zaxcom is noticibly noisier. Again, not horrible, but I’m curious if what I’m hearing is normal. This is the first time I’m using Zaxcom anything and I may just not be used to the sound yet. I’d love to hear from some Zaxcom users. Thanks!
  8. Trey LaCroix

    633 "keyboard disease" again

    I’ve had horrible luck with keyboards and the 6 series. They work fine with the CL12 but directly into the USB... it almost always stops responding after a while of use. I’ve contacted SD about it a few times and they’ve always just said it was the fault of whatever keyboard I was using.
  9. Trey LaCroix

    Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    I use the Audioroot dual charger with my RA batteries without issue.
  10. Trey LaCroix


    Hey there, I’m building a new cart and was planning on getting some drawers and shelves from Rackman for it. Their website just says “closed” and their phone is disconnected. Anyone know if they’re still operating?
  11. Trey LaCroix

    Plug on choosing issue

    Upgrade to Lectrosonics/zaxcom/Audio Ltd. etc. or get the ambient phantom power supply. Really light and pretty small. I use it on the mic end of the pole and don’t find it too heavy. I cannot imagine going from a CMIT to a shitty battery powered mic. Bad idea.
  12. Trey LaCroix

    COS-11D Rewired to Lectrosonic TA5F Person Recommendation

    Mark at location sound does fantastic work. Could not recommend him more.
  13. Trey LaCroix

    COS-11D Rewired to Lectrosonic TA5F Person Recommendation

    Where are you located?
  14. Trey LaCroix

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

    I sometimes miss the the high frequency boost for when I put it in a zeppelin. I use the rycote inv 6 with the harder grey lyres. Works pretty well.
  15. Trey LaCroix

    Windscreen Rycote or BUBBLEBEE Industries

    I like the bubblebee. More effective and cooler looking!