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  1. I use a Deva IV as a backup recorder and was wondering if IV could trigger my IFB 200 or CL-3 to remote roll. I can get the Deva to control TX gains through zaxnet but can’t seem to make it roll.
  2. I set the RX output to +5 and my trim on the mixer at unity. I set my lectro TXs a little below what Lectro recommends (tickle the red) and find that the +5 output on the receiver makes up for that nicely.
  3. I know Trew Audio’s sales department is open for curbside pickup. I think Rental is open?
  4. Good question. I think it depends how much it costs to license it. Dugan is free because they pay a licensing fee. Maybe Cedar will be the same?
  5. The .WAV files were helpful to listen to. I don't think the two examples in the intro video showcased it very well. On my monitors at home on a quiet environment a small amount of noise reduction, to me, actually sounds quite pleasant while reducing a significant amount of ambient noise. I like the idea of using it to send one processed channel with light NR and one unprocessed channel of a boom. Kind of like the SuperCMIT. And I can actually afford this option! While this is exciting, I keep trying to remember that every single post person I talk to about this says they would be unhappy to get processed tracks, even if they are accompanied by the unprocessed ones.
  6. Hmmm... well this gives me a lot of complicated feelings. So is it just auto learning all the time then?
  7. As someone who uses a rigid bag, I completely agree with Rado. I think he’s going to be on the right side of history when our backs are all messed up years from now.
  8. Haven’t used the cmc1. My mk41 with cmc6 is a tiny bit noisier than my mkh50 but never enough to bother me or be a factor in choosing one or the other.
  9. I thought about this actually. It seems like it could work. Give my boom op a selfie stick and blast away! And we wouldn’t need to sanitize or as regularly because it never touches the actor. Am I right on that?
  10. Yes. This is the problem I anticipate. In the past I would turn it very low and play the dweedle tone right up on the mic. The small sanitized speaker could work if handed to them. That is fascinating! Maybe I could put a red dot sight on it to improve accuracy.
  11. Has anyone figured out how to do this? It seems like the only viable option for TX gain adjustments. I guess if we turn our face away we might be able to get 3-4 feet within talent? That’s my best guess.
  12. Yes, this seems like a great use of 32 but float. Those moments that only happen once with subjects that have no awareness (or interest) as to our limitations.
  13. I have a suspicion that the 8 series can and they’re waiting to implement it based on the response from the mixpre ii. My boom is almost always wireless nowadays so it wouldn’t help me much. I brought this topic up to an older mixer recently and he said “You have 24 bit recording and you’re complaining? Spend the time you worry about that making the mics sound good.”
  14. I knew I wasn’t crazy (about this particular thing)!
  15. Weird, I could have sworn it was 60hz on the cut 1. I couldn’t really notice a difference between 60hz and 70hz when using them on set though.
  16. I didn’t. It just sounded like the cut 1 on the 60hz setting. Love the cut 60!
  17. This topic might be a little outdated but I was curious if anyone had an opinion on the differences in the sound between the SX-S and SX-ST. I picked up an SX-S 8 a little while ago for practically nothing. So far I'm very happy with the sound and was just wondering what/if I'm missing out on ;). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Sounds like the screw needs tightening. It’s happened to all of us.
  19. Agreed. I'd be bummed if they hold off on announcing new the toys as I spend most of my days reconfiguring my bag and cart.
  20. If you’re looking for off axis rejection in a short shotgun the Sanken CS3e is indeed worth looking at. Not my favorite sound but in a really loud environment I’m less picky. I’m a big fan of the Sennheiser 8060. Fairly directional and very punchy. Cuts through kind of like a 416 does.
  21. I would guess that they are true line inputs because they lack an input limiter. But unless they release block diagrams for the 6 series we’ll never know.
  22. I was told the exact opposite by Sound Devices about the 6 series. Inputs 1-6 anyway.
  23. It would be a silver lining if we were allowed to clip the mic outside for doc and reality. Never understood what all the fuss was about with it visible anyway.
  24. I recently did a doc where we rolled all the time unless we were traveling. I hit record every time we went to a new setup in order to create some kind of marker and the editor said it worked "fine" and "not to difficult." High praise from an editor!
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