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  1. I was thinking of getting one to use with one of my Shure AD1s. I like the NP-50 battery.
  2. I sold all my Rycotes to buy a Piano and a Pianissiomo 4 years ago. Never once have I regretted the decision.
  3. I'm working on a show with two tiny Marshall car cameras that only output 30fps despite the show being 29.98DF. Does anyone know of an inexpensive, portable video converter to do this? I realize this is not a sound issue but I'm trying to help camera out (and want to make sure my files sync properly). Maybe something like one of those small Blackmagic converters?
  4. My boom op likes to spin the boom around like a bow staff when we’re using the 8060/pianissimo combo just to demonstrate how quiet that mount is. No handling and it takes a lot of wind to hear it.
  5. The motorized faders on the icon certainly aren’t quiet. If you’re off set it should be fine but I wouldn’t bank if you’re right next to the action.
  6. I absolutely love my vDb poles. I have 3 of them. The plexiglass bottom section works wonders for handling noise, the markers on the other sections are super handy, and it’s awesome being able to add/change/remove cable quickly. also fairly stiff if you like that. A little more arc than an ambient, but not as much as K-Tek.
  7. I just mixed a movie with a CMIT5u on boom 1 and a mini CMIT on boom 2 and I couldn’t tell them apart.
  8. I use both a cmit and an 8060 for different things. The 8060 is more directional which can be helpful in uncontrolled environments. The CMIT sounds lovely but sometimes let a bit too much in. I would recommend a cmit but I wouldn’t call it an upgrade. It’s just another tool in the tool bag.
  9. Agreed. The 3.2 from my lectros and 6.6 from my zax have never been a problem for post.
  10. The M2D2 will not record a file. It is a very high quality preamp and A/D converter that will pass either analog or AES digital audio to a recording device, like a production sound recorder or a camera. If the camera has AES inputs you can bypass the analog input stages of the camera and keep it in the digital realm. It should be untouched as it comes out of the SDI or HDMI signal. I'm not sure you will notice a real difference from the sonosax if it's going to be live-streamed. I imagine the subtle nuances of the preamp will get lost in the data compression required for streaming.
  11. I would guess the connection from the sma connector to the board. Have you checked the connection is solid? Another possibility is that you damaged a part of the RF board while trying to solder the wire to the sma connector. I did this to one of my old G3s. the whips are omnidirectional and so is the bow tie. Other than the fact that the bow tie is a 1/2 wave antenna and the whip is 1/4 wave you most likely wont see much difference in performance between them.
  12. It worked! I was unaware of that guide. Thanks everyone!
  13. I just got a new MacBook and am saddened that Wave Agent no longer works (Monterey OS). I used it daily to make .pdf sound reports as many of my clients don’t like the .csv files my recorder creates. Does anyone have an alternative application to edit metadata and create a clean looking sound report?
  14. Yeah, I’m aware of lemo TO ta5 but not the other way around.
  15. I contacted the manufacturer a while ago but haven’t heard anything. Has anyone ever seen an omnigoose with a 3 pin lemo connector? Or does anyone have a solution for using it with a lemo TX? I know I could use an adapter cable, but I really want to keep the ability to plug it straight into the transmitter.
  16. I have a PSC euro cart that splits in two. Super easy transport. Like Constantin said, there is a thread called “Gallery of Soundcarts” that will give a plenty of ideas.
  17. Now that the SD Noise Assist and Cedar plug-in have been available for a while, which one do people like more and why? And yes, I’m aware the best noise reduction is no noise reduction, but for live and super fast turn around projects I’ve found it rather helpful when used conservatively.
  18. You would still need to increase it. There just isn’t enough gain for those inputs.
  19. I use an ambient quick release with my 8070 blimp and it works great.
  20. Before I got my second 8060 I used a 416 as a second boom and outside or on a stage they cut together together pretty well. But in a crappy sounding room... not so much. I already had a 416 so it was logical to use them that way for a while. If you've made the decision on buying a second mike and like the sound, performance, and characteristics of it I would probably just get a 2nd one.
  21. Thanks everyone! I’m going to try +5db and keep my TX gain a bit lower.
  22. Sonosax R4+ is pretty light and the mix-pre 10 might come close but I don't think anyone is close to an all in one solution like the Nova is. * series kind of comes close with the SL-2 but is HEAVY. THat's the main reason I sold mine and went with a Nova. And other than Sound Devices with Audio Ltd. I don't know of anyone else who owns their own wireless allowing for the level of integration that Zaxcom can. They have a longstanding ecosystem that many other companies are just beginning to implement or even just think about.
  23. Heyo! I'm still getting used to my Zaxcom wireless and am curios how other people set their gain structure. I'm using a Nova and MRX receivers. I have been typically setting my trim to unity and using the zaxnet remote control for my iso gain adjustments. While this would be the "correct" way to do it I have met several Sixers who set theirs quite differently. When I ran Lectros there were a few different gain staging techniques I used often to make up for the fact I couldn't adjust the gain remotely, but with a purely digital system is there any reason not to adjust the TX preamp to the optimal level and record the 1s and 0s at unity gain?
  24. Let me know if you try any of these Wyatt. I’m trying to find a way to get at least one Shure in my A-10 rack.
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