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  1. I'm using a 744T for similiar applications, and besides missing a third pre sometimes, I love that little tank. If you want to record high SPL sounds, you can go into low range mode and you will barely touch the limiter. The only thing I would trade it for would be (maybe) a 633 or a Sonosax SX-R4+.
  2. What mics are you planning to use? It's probably the least important aspect, but I feel like certain mics fit better with certain pre-amps, depending on the sound you are going for (flat, neutral, clinical, boring, warm, exciting, colored).
  3. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Vintage airplane recording experts?

    It's a different model I think, but could give you an idea.
  4. If you want to listen to dynamic mixes, you will, if at all, only get them in cinemas. DVD, TV and Web releases always get additional compression. Sometimes you find the DCP mix on Blu-rays. But the problem is that, YES dynamic mixes sound better, but only if you listen to them at an appropriate loudness. Usually that is too loud for home theaters, so you turn it down. But if you turn it down, you will barely understand the quiet parts. So you need compression to bring up the quiet parts to an appropriate level (or tame the loud parts). That way you can watch a movie at low levels and still understand every word. Your third example sounds (and looks) like it has been ripped from a poor quality version, re-rendered several times and re-compressed everytime, uploaded to Youtube with additional data compression. I've never heard a movie/series that bad in its original quality tbh.
  5. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Dave, did you record any of your 4017B vs MKH 50 comparisons? I'd be interested to listen to those!
  6. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    sound blankets berlin

    You mean something like this? Not quilted and quite pricy, but available for pick up at the Berlin Moritzplatz store. https://www.justmusic.de/de-de/recording/zubehoer-fuer-studio/akustik-elemente/9163880/akustikvorhang-iso-schwarz.html Other addresses you could give a call (not sure if they have acoustic elements): Gruppe 3 Berlin +49 30 3980089 - 0 berlin@gruppe3.de KMR Audio Berlin +49 30 55230658 sales@kmraudio.de Digital AudionetworX +49 30 44328539 info@da-x.de
  7. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    Regarding the internal recording feature: Does it basically act like a second record button? Does it keep recording forever once the option is toggled via app? Is there any limit to the microSD card space? In a real world example, if I wasn't sure about range and dropouts, could I toggle the record option and keep it running the whole day for safety with a big enough sd card? Would be interesting if you could auto-toggle internal recording everytime you hit record on the mixer. Like an impulse send from mixer/recorder to receiver to transmitter.
  8. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    I don't know if this is phone or firmware dependent, but when I was at IBC, I used the app at the Sound Devices/Audio Ltd. booth and it only took seconds to start. Bluetooth was off before that and the TX was already on the list once loading was finished. There was basically no pairing process and my phone (an old Galaxy Note 3) never connected to a TX before that. Even if it's not an ideal solution in terms of range, I feel it's better to have that feature, than not have it at all. And you don't need any additional hardware for that, besides your phone.
  9. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

    To the MiniCmit users: Do you guys miss the filters (I never used the Cmit5U)? I have a Pianissimo and I feel like the DPA 4017B would be more flexible. I can just unscrew the Osix, attache the swivel and use it indoors without a problem. Plus I could probably unscrew the capsule and switch to 4018B with the same Osix. I prefer the sound of the Mini, but the current suspensions don't seem ideal for indoor use (someone using the Rycote Invision Lite Boom?).
  10. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Wisycom MPR52 with G3/G4 experiences?

    Still interesting to read, thanks!
  11. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Wisycom MPR52 with G3/G4 experiences?

    (Un)fortunately I'm going for Audio Ltd. now, so I stopped investigating on this topic, but I would guess that upgrading the RX would be the better path.
  12. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Comparison of different transmitters

    I think Constantin is talking about digital noise/artifacts (similiar sounding to those of lossy mp3 files), not the general noise floor. But it's so subtle, that you can barely hear it in the raw files. If you heavily compress them, it starts to become more audible. At least I think that's what he is talking about.
  13. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Comparison of different transmitters

    Based on what you said in the previous thread, two files should be noisier than the other two, because they are full digital. Listening to the ambience only and watching the spectrum in Pro-Q, to me file "4017-1" is Lectro (least noise out of the three systems), file "4017-2" is cable (no noise), file "4017-3" has the most noise and a cut off at 16k, so Zaxcom is my bet. File "4017-4" has slightly less noise than Zaxcom and it has slightly more emphasis on lows und highs, while Zaxcom generaly is more mid heavy, so Audio Ltd is my bet. While I can hear the differences in noise, to me the sonic characteristics stick out more than the noise that would be buried in ambience tracks anyways. I guess it becomes more of a problem once you start to compress the dialogue tracks in post (which I never do btw, I always try multiband compress/tame the parts that are too dynamic and gain automate the parts that are too quiet, but I never throw a single band compressor on the whole dialogue track). But again I don't mix TV shows, and I guess there are certain standards, lack of time etc. that force people to do it. I think the problem gets more obvious on crappy playback systems that have an emphasis on that problematic frequency area.
  14. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Tentacle Sync Workflow

    Tentacle offers a Timecode Tool for Windows that translates Audio TC into proper Metadata, which then is syncable within pretty much any Software. Never tried this myself though. http://tentaclesync.com/timecode-tool
  15. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    URSA mini mount

    I only compared it with the DPA Concealer, so no clue about the RM-11. Ursa has round edges, less mass and isolates slightly better overall, but it's not a magic noise killer. Here is a quick comparison with a regular t-shirt: Dpa_Concealer.wav Mini_Ursa.wav