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  1. What about adding some subtle reverb sends to those mono dialogue tracks and putting those into LR instead. The original dialogue track stays center. The basic problem is that you need three tracks for LCR, but you only have one most of the time, if I understand correctly.
  2. No experience with these particular mics or Wisycom wireless systems, but have you tried lowering the rx gain to a lower or negative value and then bumping the tx gain instead? Might be a gain staging issue where the received signal is fine, but it's clipping inside the receiver due to some high gain value (+12 or even at 0).
  3. Do you have the A-FILTER-R build into your cable? https://audioltd.com/a-filter-r/
  4. Any estimated date we could expect an updated version with quieter fans, on/off switch and/or auto shut-off function? I would be down to pay more aswell.
  5. Try here, they have pretty much anything you could imagine. Maybe they'd offer a mic testing session for a small fee. https://www.dcaudiovisuel.com/index.php/cPath/1_8
  6. Interesting indeed, it's hard to pinpoint when that problem started or ended (or restarted) without knowing other serial numbers of flawless or faulty units.
  7. I think you should wait until NAB. If something new gets released, it'll have an impact on the used market aswell.
  8. Must have been fixed with the latest batches, I can barely take the cap off with my hands. It needs a pretty strong pull, nothing tape could achieve imo.
  9. Just started watching this, great show and great sound! I'm watching on Amazon aswell at highest streaming quality, and I think I heard the distortion Prahlad is talking about a couple times. One example is S01 EP03 at 11:31-11:38. Every line of dialogue has some kind distortion in those few seconds. It seems to occure only at loud talking levels/screaming, so I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the stream (unless it's mixed so hot, that the stream introduces clipping at some stage, but that again makes no sense, as there are louder elements). It's not really bothering me to be honest and it kind of fits the time/aesthetics the show is going for.
  10. It depends (lol): Do you think you will ever upgrade to a pro wireless system in the near future? No? Then buy the better one right away -> 512p Are you going to hide your lavs a lot? Yes? -> DPA 4060/6060 Are you going to be close to the person being interviewed most of the time, or is range a critical factor? If I knew I was going to upgrade to a pro wireless system at some point, I would go with the 112P + DPA 4060 now. Keep the 4060 and ditch the 112P later . If I knew that, for what I'm doing, the G4s are perfectly fine, I would go with the 512P + MKE-2 and upgrade to the 4060 later, if I felt something was missing.
  11. I don't have the MiniCmit, but I was looking at the Osix 8060 as a suspension for the Mini. I tried to kind of measure it (how much it covers the Mkh 8060 in relation to the size of the Mini) and imo it should fit. My only concern is the diameter (21mm vs 19 mm).
  12. Maybe discontinued, but you can still buy it, if the shop has it in stock https://www.thomann.de/de/rycote_stereo_ws_ac_xy_ms_kit.htm?ref=search_prv_5
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