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  1. Are you planning to go with an Mkh 8060 + Emesser/CCM8 Setup or completely different mics for MS? Either way, I would get an 5Pin XLR Pianissimo right away, because changing the connector from 3Pin to 5Pin is not practical on set. With 5Pin you only have to change the suspension. If Mkh 8060+CCM8 is your end goal, I would buy this configuration right away. You can detache the cable for the CCM8 and use the Mkh 8060 only for now. Generally speaking, you can buy all the parts seperately as well. Here is a video from cinela on how to change the entire connector, like I said, not practical on set: The best way to reach out to them is on Facebook, you can try email, but I think they are not as responsive: contact@cinela.fr
  2. I remember seeing the 833 for 3700€ (no VAT) two years ago, it's 5000€ now. Looking at what has been added (for free) to the bare recorder: Yes they added some cool bells and whistles, but also a lot of fixes and things that already existed on their older series. None of these things justify a 1.3k price bump imo, even calculating in inflation and chip shortages. I was strongly considering the 833 with the extra channels option now, but with that price bump.. I don't know. Maybe I'm just mad.
  3. They are thinking about a pro version or extension of the Track E, that can be used as a TC box like the Sync E, but no confirmation or promises yet.
  4. Nice! I assume, there will be no optional fur that you can wrap around this (similiar to Pianissimo)?
  5. Off-topic (I might actually start a new one on that): How do you like the 833 compared to the SX-R4+? I'm thinking about updating from a 744T.
  6. You could get the C-Amp, which perfectly fits the Cosi.
  7. No personal experience, but Bubblebee did this video using the 6060s:
  8. I was eagerly waiting for someone to post about this website haha. I did the same, checked their Imprint, VAT, I even checked their address on google street view, their past addresses. Their email response is fast, and they explained how they achieve the low prices on certain products. What ultimately convinced me, was an email that I sent to UltraViola, that got redirected to someone at https://www.studio-general.hu/hu/, which is an official distributor of all the brands they offer on their website. I have not bought anything there yet, but will do soon.
  9. I used this technique outdoors aswell without any additional wind protection. No issues. Granted there was no wind, but I was still surprised that fast walking didn't create any kind of problems.
  10. Is it possible to use AES, Analog and USB outputs simultaneously? From the manual it seems like you have to decide what sources you want to output on the left and right mix channel. Would it be possible to output two Analog and two AES channels on their respective outputs simultaneously?
  11. Yes, they state it's 'compatible with popular 12-AA battery caddies'
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