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  1. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Soundbag Dashboard Rackmount & Lectro SRB5P Receivers

    I think he already did https://soundbagdashboards.com/products/rack-mount-b
  2. You should check out the bags from Kortwich. They look really good imo. http://www.bagsfromgermany.com/de/bag-for-sound-devices1/mixpre-3-6-10 I would ask them if they could add an elastic sleeve on the front of the simple bag version, so you could slide in your battery. If it rains, the rain cover just goes on top of that. http://www.bagsfromgermany.com/de/bag-for-sound-devices-mixpre-10t-variante-2 Edit: By elastic sleeves, I mean the ones you can see in this bag. But in the length of your battery. http://www.bagsfromgermany.com/de/bag-for-sd-664-688-with-red-inside
  3. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Sennheiser MKH 8060 vs. MKH 416 for sound effects recording

    That's true, but they also have two of those and I assume they use them mostly for multi mic sessions like gunshots, explosions, cars etc. (although I remember reading somewhere that the 416, was their first mic). But for mobile setups, I'm pretty sure they take the 8050 over the 416, unless better rejection is required.
  4. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Sennheiser MKH 8060 vs. MKH 416 for sound effects recording

    It sounds like you bought your Mkh 416 brand new. Honestly, I would trade that for an Mkh 8050. It's a popular mic among SFX recordists. Frequency response up to 50kHz, which is great for heavy pitching. It also picks up a lot of details at a very low noise floor, which is nice for subtle foleys. I just recently recorded some climbing foleys (handgrips, footsteps, falling rocks and sand). It worked great. Had the CMC641 next to it but went for the 8050. You can later on buy an Mkh 30 for MS and have a very versatile and compact stereo setup. Once you start diving into the ultrasonic spectrum, the Sanken CO-100K could be interesting aswell. The Boom Library guys use this 8050/30 MS setup all the time (since you mentioned them in your last topic). Schoeps and DPA are two other popular choices, but imo the Colette series lacks low end for heavy SFX and the figure-8 is limited in its frequency response (16kHz). Can be great though for subtle foleys and ambient field recording. DPA has no figure-8 mic at all, which is a bummer. Still very popular for high SPL recordings and car rigs. If you plan on recording (location) dialogue or instruments, Schoeps and DPA are probably the better choices. And If you really want, you can pick up an Mkh 416 down the road for half the price on the used market, but buying it new is pretty much a waste of money (zero resale value). Same goes for the Mkh 30.
  5. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    AudioRoot Power solutions review

    Thanks Axel, Audioroot confirmed this aswell.
  6. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    AudioRoot Power solutions review

    Actually José's blog is the reason I'm asking. It's from late 2015 and Audioroot is not mentioning any of this on their website. I thought they might have made a universal cup that you can use for SMBus and non-SMBus applications since then. Just to get it right, if I plan on using this battery without a BDS (like eSmart BG-DU) for the first couple months, I'll be fine with the regular 4Hirose cup by Audioroot (since they are all non-SMBus versions). But if want to add an eSmart BG-DU, I will need to buy a new "4Wire" cup to fully use the SMBus functions (or go for the BG-DH MK. II), right?
  7. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    AudioRoot Power solutions review

    I have a question regarding battery cups: Is there still a differentiation between SMBus versions and non-SMBus versions? I can't find any "4Wire" versions on the Audioroot website, but Pinknoise has a right angled 4W version. Is that some old stock or do I still have to buy the right version for non-SMBus use (direct connection to Recorder or RX without a BDS)?
  8. I'm using a 744T for similiar applications, and besides missing a third pre sometimes, I love that little tank. If you want to record high SPL sounds, you can go into low range mode and you will barely touch the limiter. The only thing I would trade it for would be (maybe) a 633 or a Sonosax SX-R4+.
  9. What mics are you planning to use? It's probably the least important aspect, but I feel like certain mics fit better with certain pre-amps, depending on the sound you are going for (flat, neutral, clinical, boring, warm, exciting, colored).
  10. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Vintage airplane recording experts?

    It's a different model I think, but could give you an idea.
  11. If you want to listen to dynamic mixes, you will, if at all, only get them in cinemas. DVD, TV and Web releases always get additional compression. Sometimes you find the DCP mix on Blu-rays. But the problem is that, YES dynamic mixes sound better, but only if you listen to them at an appropriate loudness. Usually that is too loud for home theaters, so you turn it down. But if you turn it down, you will barely understand the quiet parts. So you need compression to bring up the quiet parts to an appropriate level (or tame the loud parts). That way you can watch a movie at low levels and still understand every word. Your third example sounds (and looks) like it has been ripped from a poor quality version, re-rendered several times and re-compressed everytime, uploaded to Youtube with additional data compression. I've never heard a movie/series that bad in its original quality tbh.
  12. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Dave, did you record any of your 4017B vs MKH 50 comparisons? I'd be interested to listen to those!
  13. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    sound blankets berlin

    You mean something like this? Not quilted and quite pricy, but available for pick up at the Berlin Moritzplatz store. https://www.justmusic.de/de-de/recording/zubehoer-fuer-studio/akustik-elemente/9163880/akustikvorhang-iso-schwarz.html Other addresses you could give a call (not sure if they have acoustic elements): Gruppe 3 Berlin +49 30 3980089 - 0 berlin@gruppe3.de KMR Audio Berlin +49 30 55230658 sales@kmraudio.de Digital AudionetworX +49 30 44328539 info@da-x.de
  14. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    Regarding the internal recording feature: Does it basically act like a second record button? Does it keep recording forever once the option is toggled via app? Is there any limit to the microSD card space? In a real world example, if I wasn't sure about range and dropouts, could I toggle the record option and keep it running the whole day for safety with a big enough sd card? Would be interesting if you could auto-toggle internal recording everytime you hit record on the mixer. Like an impulse send from mixer/recorder to receiver to transmitter.
  15. OnTheSoundSideOfLife

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    I don't know if this is phone or firmware dependent, but when I was at IBC, I used the app at the Sound Devices/Audio Ltd. booth and it only took seconds to start. Bluetooth was off before that and the TX was already on the list once loading was finished. There was basically no pairing process and my phone (an old Galaxy Note 3) never connected to a TX before that. Even if it's not an ideal solution in terms of range, I feel it's better to have that feature, than not have it at all. And you don't need any additional hardware for that, besides your phone.