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  1. Old-ish thread but just would like to add.. if showlink is not a must-have for you, then take a look at the AD1 transmitter. It takes AA (lithiums) and is functionally the same, other than missing showlink. Can sync via IR to ADX5D receiver. Also, AD1 is nearly half the price of ADX1 ($849).
  2. I bought a US version.. It works beautifully. Will take it w me outside the US and have it unlocked at some point. Maybe UK, Europe, or Canada.
  3. I’m a zaxcom wireless user and wondering if my lavs w lemo connectors can be used w wisycom tx’s? Anybody use both?
  4. been using mine last couple weeks on an 8040 and it has definitely helped quiet down wide swings during a shot, which was all but impossible with regular foam.
  5. I have a pair of stiffer grey lyres that I use with an ORTF pair of 8040's plus softies for outdoor use and broke two lyres within the first couple months of regular use. I think both broke somehow during transport (no mic) when carried loose in a run bag. Both are currently epoxy'd at the break (base of the lyre) and working fine until I receive a replacement set.
  6. Looks like a great harness! The rigid spine is a clever idea, just wondering if it's adjustable for tall users like me.
  7. I'm 6'5 and after many years of Versaflex am happily using the Orca. The last few years for me have been a constant adjustment for better ergonomics. Lighter gear (dual receivers, light recorder, lighter/shorter boom mics, shorter zepplins, smaller cart..) matters to me more and more. I tried to wait for the Ktek harness (love the stingray2 bag) but glad I went w Orca when I did. The waist support is quite good. Will still consider Ktek if/when it comes out.
  8. I'm using a 4017C with the normal Rycote lyres (grey) and haven't noticed any particular sensitivity to handling noise. I love this mic, btw. It has wonderful clarity and very impressive reach for such a tiny microphone. I'm also using DPA lavs and really enjoying how well everything works together.
  9. I got my replacement SuperSoftie yesterday (very quick shipment from Redding!) so tried it out today on a breezy clear day and can say that it performs more in line with what I would expect. Much better in crosswind than the defective one I tried before and put aside wondering, was it really that windy? In terms of wind protection it seems about the same as my old furry Softie but with clearer sound which is great news on milder days when a full Zep isn't necessary. . FWIW, I'm using a size 12cm (short) w a Senn 8060.
  10. I look forward to trying a Cyclone, I hope a smaller sized version becomes available sooner than later.
  11. For those disappointed in SuperSoftie performance, might want to check in with Rycote on the issue. I contacted them about the poor performance of mine and turns out it suffers from a manufacturing defect so they're replacing it. Very glad I contacted them rather than just bitch about it.
  12. i still use a 2" machine regularly in my little studio. artists who use it, love it, and dont want to go back to protools-only. mixes of misic recorded on tape typically go alot faster too and sound great.
  13. i operate a music recording studio that's built/based upon vintage gear that i accumulated mostly in the 90's and it's doing well. lord knows i couldn't afford most of the same gear now.. much of it has doubled or tripled in value since then and is now quite pricey.. i'm talking about vintage tube mics especially, high end compressors and other discrete or tube-based outboard. the only things that really depreciate are cabling, patchbays, and computer.
  14. i looked into the getting a LIBA as well but availability problems (backordered until August) led me to digging around on ebay. So I got a couple of these for $50 each to test out and turns out they last all day only powering off for lunch. They come w a charger and I made my own cable to power the Rx. Lightweight and not too bulky, it's easily held on with some velcro. There's no gas gauge or charge indicator but the included charger has an auto shutoff so i just leave them on charge the night before I need them and all good. ebay seller is "dennis6z7a"
  15. no kidding! that antenna's days are numbered. my slate is headed in for repair next week after falling off a cam cart onto a concrete floor. renting one in the meantime.
  16. my first question is where does the metadata originate? entering it on two separate devices would be a drag
  17. i just took delivery of a new 4063 for zax, my first.. always have used sanken & countryman previously, and i have to say i love this mic! it's the most natural sound i've heard from a lav. no probs w noise at all.
  18. ok i switched to a different USB thumb drive and mp3 mirroring is working again.
  19. i used a USB thumb drive several months ago w no issues but now i can't get it to work. what format does the USB thumb drive need to be in before i can mirror mp3's to it? i'm on a mac which will not format a volume in'FAT32', it only formats in 'MS-DOS (FAT)'. is that the same as FAT32? i'm trying to use a verbatim 8gig thumb drive.. maybe i need a different USB thumb drive, seems like no matter what i do, nomad will not recognize it. i've tried every combination of formatting on computer, formatting in nomad (which always says 'failed' or 'not recognized') and of course it's sunday night and i need mp3s for transcription all day tomorrow. (sigh)
  20. just curious, what frame rate are you running? what are the cameras running?
  21. i've done quite a few series shoots w multiple nomads feeding a couple cameras each and have never encountered drift except when something is set wrong. we fire up the nomads, jam one to the other, jam the cameras and go. business as usual. it's good to check for drift when there's a chance, like after lunch but sometimes we just aren't able to do that when the two units are in different places at different times. even then, by the end of a long day the amount of drift is undetectable by eye. why is it so necessary to jam nomad over zaxnet from another nomad? then both units are on the same zaxnet group and freq which is not a good ideawhen you want to use IFB or other, more constructive uses of zaxnet. i'd just jam the nomads via BNC and if something drifts, get a syncbox until the drifting unit can be identified and calibrated.
  22. Coax antennas look like a great option for changing over from cart antenna to bag antenna quickly but only if your receivers are in the same block, no? Or at least within a couple blocks?
  23. miguel, if you're an iphone /ipad /or ipod touch user, there's an app called Jumpstart LTC that's designed for this specific purpose, loading TC and user bits into devices that have no way of setting TC internally.
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