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    I'm a developer of software tools, both ''off the shelf' as custom work.
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  1. Bouke

    What's wrong?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFfnlYbFEiE Fun, but it sounds too good to be true.
  2. How about getting everyone involved and make an educated descision. Do not believe me, make it so everyone in your group is happy.
  3. Yeah, I know. I worked on Avatar. I was the one who wrote the softare to decode the VITC / remove pulldown and transcode part of the rushes on good takes :-) But the video assist back then was recorded on DV from a composit (ugly noisy) signal. (SD of course...) Things have moved forward since then. I've bitched about this being redundant long time ago, but as a backup, why not. I don't think this is a wise idea. TOD is ideal for media management. You know what time it was during the shoot. It's also a good reminder ("that take was after lunch") If post
  4. Reaper will be as accurate as the system clock, that could be off by a few seconds over a day, hardly noticeable over the duration of an average take. Why make it so difficult? Make a file with LTC on one channel, playback on the other and use 'any' player, split the signal. I have no clue what a 'motion control' thingy is, but I have several clients that do Motion Capture. They typically have a TOD master TC generator, and feed that to all devices (either to TC input, but also as AUX on a normal sound channel for cheap devices.) One gotcha I can think of: If you have duplicat
  5. Not anymore, I've switched to Python / QT.
  6. Hi all, For those who need to deliver conform specs: I've been working my butt off to get things easier: My loudnessChange can now measure mono, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 And it can correct if the loudness is wrong. But wait, there is more! It accepts inputs mono or poly, and you can output mono or poly (thus, interleave / de-interleave). For non-interleaved output, you can decide the new track names, and auto place them in a subfolder if desired. It can also remap if you go from L C R xxxx to L R C xxxx or alike, no matter the interleave in/ output. Then, if you have stem
  7. Problem solved, thanks all!
  8. Do you have an email adress? (Site is horrible...)
  9. My SD Pix 240 has trouble (nothing physical), and went to the local agency / dealer / importer. They can't fix it, so it has to go to the mothership. I'm told that it will cost at least 800 euros to fix it. Seems a big steep IMHO... Opinions?
  10. Ok, I'll step out, but I do feel you guys really need to innovate a bit more. (Ok, you can't do that on yourselves, you need manufactures to give you new toys.) You are all a bunch of hardware / black boxes liking crew, while the rest has moved on. And no, I do NOT want to start a war around this! Peace... /bouke
  11. Seconded, but I still miss it...
  12. I'm missing the fun, Elaborate or tell met to shut up. (Since I like you, I would accept that, but it does not show much respect...)
  13. Ok, fair enough (I'm an IT tech / editor, this is not my line of work. I'm a hacker / developer who makes the impossible not so impossible). Of course the metadata mentioned could fit into the stream, but one would need to get it out of. Monkey patching would be to put a cheap webcam on the devices, (If they display all status at once, and if so, that would set you back another 100 bucks.)
  14. I feel left out... (Or, I fail to see the problem...) 50 meters of SDI is no problem. SDI cable is like, 1 euro a meter? SDI can carry 8 channels of 24 bits sound. Cat 5 (or, go crazy, Cat 6) should do the trick as well. So, what is the problem of getting some SDI embedders / de-embedders? The whole setup should be some 500 euros per 8 channels... (Unless BlackMagic stuff ain't good enough.) Then if there is video assist / cams, they have SDI embedders as well... (A cam is one too, same as my Pix recorder.) Fibre is normally packed in a Kevlar shielding. At a f
  15. Hi Ed, Another Australian member also bitched about this. (And had other needs.) My LTCreader nowadays can playback video in sync with incoming TC. (From PT it can be LTC or MIDI) https://www.videotoolshed.com/handcrafted-timecode-tools/ltc-midi-readerconverter/ Under the hood it uses VLC for playback, and it can run in the background. It likes ProRes or DNxHD files, long GOP does not work well for accurate sync. Now, it's still work in progress, but do toy with it. (There is a free demo.) Let me know if you have questions / feature req
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