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  1. How about a teamviewer session, or another form of remote control / view of two machines, and a simple text editor with page up/down or alike? No clue if something like this exists, but autocue software is also freely available. I could make something custom, but that seem total overkill.
  2. Well, the drive IS in fact brand new, and brand. (Sandisk) The device prefers to do it's own formatting, but I can try a low level format. However, when I connect the caddy over USB3 to my PC, read/write speeds are good, so I don't think it's the drive nor the drive connectors to the caddy. But it can't hurt to try though.
  3. My trusty Pix is not so trusty anymore. Recently it craps out on recording after a minute or so, with a 'media too slow' warning. Also, sometimes it fails to mount the drive and a re-insertion is needed. That makes me believe the only thing wrong is the e-satap connection. Is it possible to clean those connectors?
  4. There won't be any gaps in the sound! But, if the Tascam files are importing NOT as being spanned, the TC on the butt-edits might skip or double a frame. This will NOT have any impact on the actual sound, and syncing will be painless. If the cams don't shoot very long takes there will be no noticable drift, since all TC's come from the same clock. (No matter how inaccurate / unlocked that clock may be.) Downside, you'll loose one track on the Tascam. Next, I would NEVER use HDMI on a pro shoot where my recording signal depends on such crappy connectors.
  5. https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/transcriber/ Runs both on Win and Mac, reads all forms of TC, (Including the obscure IRIG). To create Mp3 for transcription: https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/make-transcriber-files/ (Shameless self promotion) Bouke
  6. I would not over complicate things. Why not distribute the LTC to the Tascam as well, sacrificing a channel. Set it up to split fairly often, and have post using a couple of files. Perhaps at the breakpoint the TC will shift a frame, but the edit will still be seamless of course. Should be the easiest way, and still frame accurate. Plan B is to rent another recorder for the day. You still need either a lot of cabling or 5 transmitters and a distribution amp. (And a laptop with software to test each cam / recorder.)
  7. The madness is even bigger than I thought. Both F4 and F8 run at the same time with the same TC. If the bug occurs, it occurs on clips recorded at (app.) the same time. (Maybe a few seconds difference between starts) AFAIK, only a TC cable between them, and I don't think metadata is piped inbetween the SMPTE. (But I have not listened to it, as recorders are on the other side of the world, perhaps they detect each other and switch to another protocol?) Then there is more. Sometimes, the NOTE is written as NOTE=SPEED=25.000ND This could be a user setting, but I very much doubt that, since in the iXML the <NOTE> entry is a more logical one. Then, most recorders I've seen write a char before a bext entry, and they brand it. So, Zaxcom writes 'zSPEED=' Sounddevices writes 'sSpeed=' Nagra writes 'nSPEED=' (And my work writes 'vSpeed=' of couse...) But Zoom seems to do it random. Not a problem, but, (and that is strange,) sometimes does NOT write a char before a bext entry. Questions, questions.... (But my preliminary conclusion is that these devices are not very strong in the metadata department.) Well, I HATE Facebook.... Bouke
  8. Hi all, Got clips from both a Zoom F8 and F4. Sometimes, the last char of the date in the bext chunk is written as 00x (thus, sometimes the last character of the date is missing.) This does not happen on all clips, but it does occur on both recorders. Is this a known issue? (I've contacted Zoom support in the past, but never received an anser.) Any more gotcha's? Bouke
  9. + 1 I think this will make some difference. But, of course it's nice to see a hardware TC display running, but decoding will be in sofware. Would it not be an idea to test that? (I'm happy to test for you here if you send me some testclips.)
  10. Yeah, that was why DF was invented :-) (But that does not exists in 23.976, and it's beyond me why there is no DF flavour of that.) Nowdays, a Mac 'learns from it's mistakes'. It checks network time every now and then, compares that with previous checks and calculates its average offset, and compensates for that to make it fairly stable, so it's not that much of an issue anymore. (But no, it's obviously not genlock stable.)
  11. Well, I'm in Post, and I never use any 'pads'... (Even my laptop is crippling me, having just one screen and no full blown keyboard...) I occasionally help out at events (light, mics, couple of big screens, OSD countdown clocks, video playback and a cam, that kind of work. I was amazed to see that the sound / light guys bring about 12 laptops. (Granted, mission critical systems like PowerPoint (that is also used for video playback) are double.) No Ipad to be seen there, and the laptops are all Windows.
  12. Assuming you are referring to my LTC reader / converter, indeed no iOS, but both Win and Mac. (As it also does Midi, it is used a lot to slave other equipment, (video) display in post, laser shows and pyrotech stuff. (That always scares the hell out of me, since that comes with a lot of responsibility.))
  13. Strange that this did not come up: https://www.videotoolshed.com/handcrafted-timecode-tools/ltc-midi-readerconverter/ (Working on an update now, latest version is a bit CPU hungry, should be fixed by tomorrow) What is the problem of syncing to network time every 10 minutes? That should take care of the problems.
  14. Life as you know it will cease to exist, but no worries, the devices will fall back to their internal clock and you will be in sync for at least 16 hours. After that, you might be experiencing a frame offset, but since Post is no longer alive, nothing to worry about.
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