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  1. Please send me more testfiles! (15 seconds is plenty.) And, please tell me what (audio) settings were used! Well, normal TC output is quite loud, I take it you select 'line' input on the gopro? Then, I'm not quite sure if ProTune will affect external input... please use my WeTransfer: https://videotoolshed.wetransfer.com/ I'm pretty sure there will be 'some' magical settings, and using the .wav instead of the AAC sound is not that hard, so I'm pretty sure I can make this fly. If you have a clap, please use it and also send your normal corresponding BWF files.
  2. Well, it also makes a nice real world testcase. (Ok, a nightmare one, but still fun.) What I don't get is why it works here and not on your systems. Do both the Wave files work as expected? (The first one is a bit soft, but readable, the second one took me some time to adjust the code.) Worst case, I can always fall back to the Wave files, but I need to write some extra code to make that happen.
  3. Hmm, 6.0.6 did work for me... However, I've altered the routine again, and it now works (at least here) on both files. The 25 FPS you see is from your settings. The column dispays the source FPS, NOT the LTC FPS. (After scanning, you can see the LTC FPS when double clicking a clip.) 6.0.7 is now on my site, but even if it does work for you now, I would not do production this way. Your second testclip is strange. The signal is a reversed sawtooth. That normally indicates a wiring, impedance or hardware problem. Or, the cams electronics kicked in. The Wave is starting OK, fading out quite fast, fade in with the sawtooth. That looks like the cam detected a 'problem' and tried to fix it....
  4. hi Allen, Does 6.0.6 also does not work on the clip you've send me? (That would be very strange.)
  5. For the records: Current LTCconvert (version 6.0.6) does read 'problematic' files, but I've got just one (newer) GoPro clip. (It worked on other Hero files.) In this version I've build in a low pass filter that 'should' take care of most glitches in the LTC stream caused by the smart processing. (Not good for normal sound of course, as it filters < 3K. LTCconvert currently DOES NOT look at the sidecar Wave files, but I could alter that if it turns out that the lowpass filter still isn't good enough for rock 'n roll. I would like to see an 'original' sidecar Wave file from a GoPro, that is NOT opened in LTCconvert. (As it's not a BWF, opening in LTCconvert will try to promote it to BWF, and that might fail / do some unwanted things due to some (at least at this time) incomprehensible metadata / chunk in the Wave.)
  6. Hi Allen, If you like, I'll have a look at one of the files to see what's wrong. But, first see for yourself. Open the clip in any editor you might have, and look at the waveform. (I bet it's a mess, or my work would have found 'something'.) Bouke
  7. Eehm, David, I've PM'd you. Did that not work?
  8. eeh, measure the resistance between pin 1 and shield on the device. It should read zero, meaning, if you jack in the plug, it is connected. How hard is this? (Or I'm missing something...)
  9. Constatin never said that, you put the words in his mouth. He wrote: Now, can you stop the hair splitting please? (That's normally my job when it comes to LTC.) Bouke
  10. They did something like this in the beginning when they stated that their recorders wrote BWF. Total meaningless, since there was no info inside the BEXT, but indeed, the BEXT chunk was there. Afaik, I'm the only one bitching about it. Bouke
  11. Hmm. 'Run and gun' with a DSLR should not be in the same sentence, IMHO. (Yes, there are people who can actually focus, but it's hard...) Next, what about syncing if you use an external recorder? If the shooting is 'run and gun', normally post is 'news style' (Meaning, quick and dirty. Exceptions are movies mocumentaries like 'er ist wieder da', or 'Borat', where run and gun get heavily posted.) I have edited thousands of 'run and gun' style shows, and quite a lot of them were finished faster than the time a manual sync of the footage would have taken by itself. Talks to the client about this, if you're not the one who's going to edit the stuff. Since I don't like 3.5 mm jacks for anything mission critical, I do support the idea of an external recorder though. And that can be cheap, especially if you can be hard wired. There was a used TC gen advertised here. Get something like that, and an Y cable, and a sound recorder with a channel to spare and you're home free. (With extra cabling / extra box / extra fuzz, but it will work, and will be cheap.) Bouke
  12. Are you sure you printed at the proper DPI? No 'fit to page' or something? Your math seems correct. (Speed of light / frequency.) (On closer study, there is a 'test' line on the sheet, that should be 152.4 mm.) But, of course you math defines the antenna lenght, measured from the point where the wire comes out of the shielding. Now, if the connector is not part of the shielding, that acts as antenna as well. Perhaps that's the difference. And, if the wire inside the whip is twisted, it could be way longer than the whip length. How expensive are these things? (Making shorter is easy, longer however..) Or, run a test, cut it to your length, look up the block where the table says the sweet spot lies, and compare performance. Bouke
  13. Keep me in the loop. I'm good at data analysis. Now, it's up to you to decide on a good mic. Pick one, I'll buy one. (And some plants to torture.) Bouke
  14. You also said that, hence my comment. But yes, we totally agree.
  15. Deep shame on me! (And I recently patched the Python Timecode Module, and TC is my thing.) Blame it on lack of coffee, too much work. (Crawling back in my cage now....)
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