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  1. Glad it works for you. Do read the manual about how to make a 'branded' custom video background! Also, DO set the FPS right! BWF as input can be interpreted multiple ways! (DF / NDF being the most important, and 23.976 is ALWAYS non-drop (sadly.)
  2. Check your version, if the first number is the same, upgrade is just 'update', thus free of charge. (Under 'about' shows you the version also...) Anyways, toy with the demo. (If you're lucky and have a 3.x version, it 'should' update automagically when you run the demo.) Bouke
  3. I don't know what version you're on, but since a couple of years, it can make video from audio only. (With a custom bg.) Do read the manual! Bouke
  4. Sure. (Resolve seems a sledgehammer for this kind of work.) https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/make-transcriber-files/ Bouke
  5. And there is this: https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/livelog/ Custom made for myself, made some changes for a broadcaster. My main reason what to do very fast logging during (very long) multicam shoots. (I operated alone, controlling PTZ cams, switching and had to edit the shebang. Since 'most' was good, I did not feel watching the whole shebang again just to find a few coughs / PowerPoint mistakes etc. So besides inserting log notes manual, I made shortcuts for inserting comments with one keystroke. It can slave to LTC, thus working in 23,976 / 29,97 non drop, Toy with it if you like. .json CAN be friendly, like XML you can set it to display in 'pretty print' And, it is a VERY friendly format for coders to parse / convert. (I use it A LOT)
  6. Hi Ty, well, my 'maketranscriberfiles' app is still alive and kicking for doing the same locally. (You need to offload anyways, and I very much doubt you do that on a phone.) https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/make-transcriber-files/ And yes, I would never trust any cloud service for my work. (Everything can be hacked / randsommed, even the owner of the service could change the terms...) Then, I had nasty experiences with a service that did unexpected file syncing. (Removing a file from the cloud also deleted the original from my local storage.) BUT, services like Dropbox / WeTransfer are an absolute must for me. If you are afraid of someone 'stealing' your files, you can always encrypt them locally, then put them 'somewhere' where you send the key trough another channel. I could build that in MTF or another app, something 'zip output with password', would be not too hard...
  7. Bouke

    ARRI timecode

    Pff, I feel a rant coming up, but not sure if this gang wants to hear what I (being a seasoned editor) has to say about the subject.
  8. Bouke

    ARRI timecode

    Has anyone ever used LTC on a sound channel on an Arri shoot? Reason, for a custom project I've made something to destructively change the TC on .arx / .ari files. (And the wave files that come with it.) I'm currently building that into QT change (as well as BWF support), and I could also build it into LTC convert, but if no one will ever use it...
  9. I know Marcel from a (coders) mailing list, he's indeed very helpful and a nice guy!
  10. for fixing corrupt / bad files: https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/wavefix/ Deity should have made this though, not me. I can / will add more functionalty to taste,
  11. On re-reading, it should say: THEN I know what I'm talking about. (At this point I have no clue what could cause drift, the Deity guys should know. I'll rant about that in my next post.)
  12. Well, often, but close to never in PM. I can be harsh, but that is 'normal' for me. It is a bit the Dutch way, I master that art. Don't seek anything behind it, it's just words. To be honest and modest, that's an understatement : -) Fact is, and please: 'Whatever happens on JW, stays on JW.' I'm bi-polar. That means that from time to time I'm brilliant, but there is a horrible flip side.
  13. Please, make it simple. Give me a few (at least two) timecodes (Or bwf timestamps) with the corresponding drift, and I know what I'm talking about.
  14. Nope, then I have no clue... But I don't know how these thingies are working... How big is the drift, is it constant? Does the drift get bigger when the TC values increase? If so, by how much?
  15. What happened on these files: The file size in the header was set to x00 00 00 00 (Read, zero.) Same goes for the size of the Data chunk. (As I expected.) This makes sense after a crash. The device expected a normal exit, then measure the file, then set the correct values. It's absolutely no problem to fix these files 'in place'. (If I find a bit of time today I'll build it in 'somewhere'.) The drift is something else. There is a normal BWF timestamp. Perhaps, but that's a VERY wild guess, that gets altered to a NDF format or alike on normal exit. (Where the normal clock runs in RT or so.) No matter what the trouble is, I bet it's a DF / NDF (0.1 % or 3.6 seconds per hour) drift. That's a golden oldie, also easy to fix.
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