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  1. Using my WeTranfer (here) I think the Data chunk is set to 0. Setting it to FFFFFFFF (if it's < 4 gig) should do the trick, or calculate the 'right' size. What happens with drift. If the timestamp is there, there should be no drift. I know that for Avid you can force the FPS. (Thus Avid won't ask how to interpret the timestamp.) That's an easy fix as well, in the Bext chunk, remove the Speed (pad with space) (Perhaps also comment out the iXML, if it's present)
  2. Send one to me. If the data is there, I can fix it. Bouke
  3. This is implemented now in the Mac version. (Win will follow.)
  4. Does anyone have a mix conform to the Netflix loudness specs? (With the corresponding DIA stem.) Working on my 'Loudness change' app now, trying to implement a more open source speech gating than the free but not open source Dolby routine. But I don't have the means to test my work, so I'm looking for a test set with the measured values, to compare it with my work. (It won't be exactly the same, but I think I can get it within 0.5 LU, while Netflix allows for 2 LU difference.) Thx, Bouke
  5. nice! And finally a 'how to' video that is not absurd long / annoying!
  6. Perhaps in a DAW, but not so much in a NLE. Perf slip in MC exists, but not in all versions. In Premiere, no go afaik.
  7. eeh, never owned a sound cart, but my friend has a HUGE one, and he has all kind of 19" drawers. (I had heavy drawer plates in my rack for easy access to beta / digibeta, could handle up to 60 kg or so, bit overpowered, but probably lighter ones can be had / made. Or buy 'off the shelf' drawer profiles that extend enough, and get a piece of thin plywood. Won't break the bank: https://www.meubelbeslagcenter.nl/ladegeleiders/standaard-ladegeleiders-20kg/
  8. You're missing the point. Chances that the trouble is in the connector are very slim.
  9. If cross talk would happen in a connector you all would be complaining about your headphones. It's way more likely to happen inside the electronics. I would not be surprised if the cams that suffer from this have automatic levels, and/or are fed with a way too high signal.
  10. Why don't you share the original recording as stereo? I don't listen to it. I open it in an editor and I bet something pretty that the first thing I see is that your LTC channel is WAY TOO LOUD. This is your problem. Again, LTC does not need 'volume'.
  11. Fair enough, I'll see what I can do. First things first, test the 'reverse' option. (For the others, that has been build in now, and I've fixed some bugs on Mono input.)
  12. Y split takes one input, two outputs. No clue what you are trying to do then.
  13. Why did you not PM me, I've missed this one! This is exactly why I made it. Capture multicam on a single system. (I must admit, I have no clue what it does on SD, thought that was phased out... I can definitely make it work, this thing started it's life for SD work on video assist for a major feature...) Paid version is available as soon as I have set a price (that's always difficult...) AND I have enough feedback that it does indeed work as advertised! PM me if you like, or mail me direct. bouke@videotoolshed.com I can have you up and running in no time!
  14. Eeh, this is a mono mix. Keep the LTC volume low, -25 should be no issue at all. (In 24 bits even lower.) Get my LTC convert app (the free demo will do just fine) and do some test recordings to see how low you can go. LTC does not care about volume. Very low should still work. Test, make attenuation cables (resistors) if needed.
  15. But Resolve can't do (subframe) offsets AFAIK, nor scan for longer time (if TC does not start at the beginning, some action cams have a fade in....). The devil is in the details. If all is perfect, it's fine, otherwise post gets expensive. (And Resolve is a sledgehammer if you just want to deliver files with 'correct' TC.)
  16. I don't get it. What version are you running? If you select an unused track and hit Render, the app will show a warning, and nothing will happen. There is no need to clear the list. If you drag new files / select a new input folder, the list is cleared and the new files are selected. What am I missing here? Bouke
  17. Let me emphasize the fact that I don't know the Zaxcom workflow! I'm not going to milk Peter for the full amount on this one, but if I make changes, they better count and not clutter up the app as it is. Funny enough, I had a question just this week about AAC / MP3 output. It can do both, (and more), but some of you seem to be afraid of AAC, as clients demand Mp3. IMHO those clients are ignorant, but, well, they are clients... Feel free to spill comments, I'm open to suggestions! Bouke
  18. You are right. It can, but compared to my software, it is 'crippled' (Like any other NLE.)
  19. 'When the battery has cooled, it actually delivers more electricity than was used to charge it.' This is totally impossible by our laws of nature. It 'should' read something: 'When the battery has cooled, it actually delivers more electricity than THE AMOUNT OF ELECTRICITY that was used to charge it.' The waste energy is added of course. Still a clever idea.
  20. eeh, 12 volt times 5 amps = 60 watt? If in doubt, take a heavier one. (More amps, NOT higher voltage than indicated on the device.) Can't hurt. Just make sure you have the right fuse if needed. No clue what a 'bds' is, but any device has an indication of power consumption. (And do note that at 5 amps the loss in the cable will cause a voltage drop, so don't make the cable too long, or use a thick one.)
  21. Hey Dalton, Something might be lost in translation, but I fear you're totally clueless about the issues at hand.
  22. This is an understatement for 'some' of us. (Definitely for me.) Some of us (again, defintely me) already have issues with that, and getting shit on top of that does not help. Saying 'NO' to some requests / clients is the healthy thing to do, but that's not always (with understatement) easy, especially since most 'bad' things tend to be on a slope, where you'll find yourself in a situation that the issue is gallons over the last drop. I've learned this a long time ago. (I'm over 30 years in the industry.) But, I still struggle with it almost every day, even knowing exactly what is going on. Saying 'No' will increase your reputation, as it shows you won't do stuff that is 'not up to standard', but at the end of the month there are bills to pay. I have no answer, except that if your mental health goes down the drain you won't be able to do anything of value for anyone, especially yourself. hth, Bouke
  23. Hmm. This is 'Auto Sequence' style. Nice eye candy, but I fail to see how this helps you. (And this looks like a demo image, not 'real world' production.) On a 10 hour shooting day, you don't have an easy / fast overview on what can / could be wrong. (And it's hard to know what 'is' wrong. Cam 2 could be missing sound on a clip, where that was perfectly OK since the sound guy took a leak and the DP decided to shoot a funny puking cat as wild take.) Then, in my experience as editor, start / stop times of sound / video are NEVER close. (Extreme example, I've worked with a sound guy who hit REC in the morning, and STOP when he was back in the van, while the cam had close to 100 shots.) I totally understand your wish to have 'some' feedback, but this is not 'it' IMHO. (Mind you, I've been an editor for over 30 years.) So, let's make a list with stuff to check and raise hell if a condition is not met: (And yes, I know Tentacle is reading this as well and steal the ideas (again).) (video) clips > X minutes MUST have matching sound. (It's probably an interview / presentation) Sound MUST cover at least X percent of video, if present (Or you get double warnings) ???? Thinking of it, the old version of LTC_convert had an option 'move no match BWF to subfolder', so the editor had a pool of 'wild / ambient' tracks. Perhaps I should bring that back.
  24. You are missing a few essentials: The 'sync word', defines the END of a frame. Thus, you only know the TC AFTER it has passed. You can state that the sync word defines the beginning of a new frame, but that only works on continuous TC, and you still need to compensate for the duration for the sync word. Next, there is no checksum or whatever in the bits, so you need to do a bit of error checking and freewheel a couple of frames if there is a glitch. This all takes time that has to be compensated for to get a proper 'sync' display. (Let alone the latency in the display, and in the audio device.) That can all be done in (cheap) hardware, but it's not as easy as in a normal computer environment, and will only pay off on large volume production.
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