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  1. For live broadast it makes no difference at all. DF is intended to know HOW LONG a show is. A show starting at (first frame 01:00:00:00) and last visible frame (Note NOT tc Out) at 02:00:00:00 in NDF (mark the absence of semi-colon) 29.97 or 23.976 is NOT an hour long, but 0.1% shorter. That makes planning / timetables difficult, hence DF. Thus, masters at 23.976 . 29.97 are expected to have DF tc. (In a way 24 and 25 are also DF, as the TC follows the 'time on the wall'.) On a side note: (Keep in mind I'm an Avid picture editor.) You can choose between dropping app. 1 frame every minute (hickup in the video), or live with going out sync slowly. Now, no clue what kind of show you are doing, but most of the time 'action' cams 'dash cams' are used as FX shots, close to never longer than 30 seconds. Getting out of sync is no issue for such a short shot, but syncing IS. My QTchange can help 'a bit' with that (I've added something for drone shots, to convert file creation time to NDF, could do about the same.)
  2. Leave it and let post deal with it. It's a slow down, NOT a standards conversion. Avid MC can do it straight out of the box, so can a lot of other NLE's. DF / NDF has nothing to do with the 30 slow down to 29.97 btw...
  3. Watch the 4th part of Four Rooms, Tarantino has a 15 min (or about) monologue. (Fun movie anyways.)
  4. Bouke

    Gps tracker

    Pff, no clue where you live. Over here, if you can pinpoint the stuff, NOTHING will happen, so you have to go in yourself, risking a fight with bad guys, and on top of that, a lawsuits cause it's illegal. I totally get the sentiment to get your stuff back. (I need to recover my 1500 euro MacBook), but I also know that the price to recover it will be HIGH, and probably not worth it.
  5. Bouke

    Gps tracker

    Invest in insurance. Even if you know exactly where your stolen equipment is, what are you going to do? (Really, you could march in with an axe and chainsaw, and get back what's yours, but when the shit hits the fan, you'll loose. Sadly, but this is the way it is, for reasons.)
  6. I know about speed change for 23.976 / 24 workflows. (Old style video to 35mm, I did work on Avatar, all rushes from Mocap, including 'not so' sync sound from BWF have been processed with my software, so I think you can trust me when I state that I do know what I'm talking about.) I also know about how Samples after Midnight convert to TC. I've spent WAY too much time on explaining that BWF DOES NOT carry TC, but a 'frame number' (Starting at 1, not 0, but that's too much into detail...) I did not intend to criticize your work in any way, I merely wanted to state that 1000/1001 (as the 0.1% math is often described) is to be preferred over 48048, as that refers to changed sample rate to do a speed change. I do have an attitude, not sure how long you have been around here, on on other lists, most people do know me a bit and do know that there is no real evil in it. (I'm a coder / used to be a video editor.) Sure, why not? I did not intended to start a war, hence the disclaimer in my offending message.
  7. You did, you use 48048 or 48000 to identify speed for your Samples to TC calculation. (Where the frames are missing btw...) I would use video FPS (Drop or non-drop) to give a preview about what the TC will look like. But lets agree to disagree.
  8. Thanks, found the issue and fixed it. (Bext chunk contains non-text where I expect text...) I'll make an update later today.
  9. There is no 'weirdness', changing the sample rate to get TC 'right' is weird, this might fuck up things big time. If you don't know what you're doing, step away and let the big boys take care of it. (Insults intended, sorry...)
  10. Eeh, I'm offering help just for debugging / fun. As a Pro, just trash the unit and buy something that is proven to work. Of course, all location sound stuff is HIGHLY overpriced, but what war do you want to win? Go with the flow, my rate only with my effort on your system problems makes no sense at all. TRASH the unit, get something that does the job, or post on a list / forum / site with people who like to have problems. ( Sorry to sound so harsh, I have my own issues at the moment.)
  11. Please send me the file from Logic, I know there used to be an issue with Logic files (some non-standard stuff), but I thought that was worked out. I did a test run with LTC convert, and it works fine. (But it does not really 'do' anything except reporting.) For fun, download this: https://we.tl/t-MVaRKTlPWx Drop it on the left side of LTC convert, enable 'expect breaks' and scan. When done, doubleclick on the filename in the interface, and it'll show you where the breaks are.
  12. My LTC convert can scan every frame and give a report on jumps / breaks, if there is a LTC track present. https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/ltc-convert-auxtc/ Just enable 'expect breaks'. (I must say I forgot how it reports, but it does do 'something'. It's late here, can't check myself now.)
  13. avid MC can do this, if you know what you're doing. I suspect PT to be a able to do the same, as well as Reaper, and others. It all depends on what you want. Setting a new Timestamp (FU, BWF does NOT carry TC) is not that hard.
  14. Check the difference between LTC and normal TC. I bet you won't see a difference. If the master LTC clock was sound, and sound has one long file, and video clips before and after are ok, there is something fishy with the video file. Check the file size and compare it with other files, see if there is a significant size difference to what should be expected. Try LTC convert to create a new clip. And, try LTC convert to re-stamp the BWF to match the video TC. If any of the two fail, send me the files.
  15. Again, as always, BWF does NOT carry timecode, it carries a Time Stamp, in Samples after Midnight. That can be calculated to To TC, but the time stamp itself is WAY more accurate. (SInce it's sample accurate.)
  16. You mean 0.1 % It's either 23.976 but more likely 29.97 with added pulldown. Makes no sense in my book. Net Frequency is either 50 or 60 Hz, so both 23.976 and 24 will suffer from flicker the same wat. Forcing a new sample rate is just 4 bytes change, nothing will change to the sound, except the pitch will shift by 0.1 %, even for the best of us unnoticable I would think. (Artefact from actual sample rate conversions will be way more noticable. But again, I don' think shooting 24 to fix flicker is a wise idea, since that introduces 'complexity', and I totally fail to see how this cold help.
  17. I would think you don't use a slate with speeded up TC. You can slate the 'normal' TC, but if there is a a boombox on set that has music on 1 channel, and (speeded up) LTC on the other, record both on the cam. In post, let them do the slomo and apply the same slomo to the (LTC) sound, then software decode to AUX and sync / multicam to that.
  18. QTchange can take Timecode from one file and place it on the other, and works on BWF files also nowadays.
  19. Whatever you need, I can make it, but WHY? You talk about 'normalize' and 'limit' as if it's the same thing. It's not. I will never burn my fingers on compression settings, not my cup of tea. 'Normalizing' a 32 bit file so no data gets clipped when creating a 24 bits file is something I could do. But, doesn't the Zoom have a bit of a limiter, and would recording 24 bits (Perhaps some 9 dB too conservative) not do the job? And, really, you bring a zoom f6 to a gunfight? And you think there is a noticeable difference between 24 and 32 bits recordings? Again, I can make whatever you want, but I think you've got bigger fish to fry. Bouke
  20. Glad it works for you. Do read the manual about how to make a 'branded' custom video background! Also, DO set the FPS right! BWF as input can be interpreted multiple ways! (DF / NDF being the most important, and 23.976 is ALWAYS non-drop (sadly.)
  21. Check your version, if the first number is the same, upgrade is just 'update', thus free of charge. (Under 'about' shows you the version also...) Anyways, toy with the demo. (If you're lucky and have a 3.x version, it 'should' update automagically when you run the demo.) Bouke
  22. I don't know what version you're on, but since a couple of years, it can make video from audio only. (With a custom bg.) Do read the manual! Bouke
  23. Sure. (Resolve seems a sledgehammer for this kind of work.) https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/make-transcriber-files/ Bouke
  24. And there is this: https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/livelog/ Custom made for myself, made some changes for a broadcaster. My main reason what to do very fast logging during (very long) multicam shoots. (I operated alone, controlling PTZ cams, switching and had to edit the shebang. Since 'most' was good, I did not feel watching the whole shebang again just to find a few coughs / PowerPoint mistakes etc. So besides inserting log notes manual, I made shortcuts for inserting comments with one keystroke. It can slave to LTC, thus working in 23,976 / 29,97 non drop, Toy with it if you like. .json CAN be friendly, like XML you can set it to display in 'pretty print' And, it is a VERY friendly format for coders to parse / convert. (I use it A LOT)
  25. Hi Ty, well, my 'maketranscriberfiles' app is still alive and kicking for doing the same locally. (You need to offload anyways, and I very much doubt you do that on a phone.) https://www.videotoolshed.com/product/make-transcriber-files/ And yes, I would never trust any cloud service for my work. (Everything can be hacked / randsommed, even the owner of the service could change the terms...) Then, I had nasty experiences with a service that did unexpected file syncing. (Removing a file from the cloud also deleted the original from my local storage.) BUT, services like Dropbox / WeTransfer are an absolute must for me. If you are afraid of someone 'stealing' your files, you can always encrypt them locally, then put them 'somewhere' where you send the key trough another channel. I could build that in MTF or another app, something 'zip output with password', would be not too hard...
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