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  1. can the TC be paused like the erx
  2. live n learn, i was originally using block 22, but tested all including block 19 at home and all are same, yup 411a's are the best, to bad about the SRC's would of liked to keep them around. Another issue apart i had with the zaxcom camera link was the boom mic i was using AT4073a, created a terrible hiss when the boom stick was close to the zaxcom, I was told that the boom needed a capacitor filter, but that didn't help either, then i was told it was an old boom mic and the new boom mics out don't have that issue, so i got a new sanken boom mic and end of story.
  3. zaxcom is on block21 and I have tried on SRC lectro's block 22,21 and 19, it helped a little when the hop was totally out of the bag which rescued me a bit from the chaos.
  4. i bought a Lectro SRC receiver, i use a Zaxcom camera Link for a hop. seems that the zaxcom interferes with the SRC receivers, i get all sorts of hits when its on, when I add back my 411a's it all works well, crazy! anyone else have issues related.
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