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  1. Favio

    TC arri mini

    good to know I'm not losing my mind, i never tried using my tentacle with the mini Arri, ill have to try next time, what did work was the Mozegear Qbit X2, it held TC for the day even though the project rate was switch for slow-mo a couple of times it stayed in sync when the normal frame rate was switched back.
  2. Favio

    TC arri mini

    i had something different happen with Arri mini twice already, i was using the Zaxcom RX200 (cause it had audio and TC in one), rate on it is 23.98 and the Arri had 23.976, so it did not sync up, my cables are good and checked that arri was receiving TC and on run time. i ended up using a synce box that had 23.976. i have checking here on old posts and found that 23.976 and 23.98 are the same but with the min Arri it just doesn't work for some reason, anyone have this happen to them before? trying to find a solution or maybe im doing something wrong , i never had issue with any camera until recent and it been the Tc on that arri mini....dang!
  3. i ordered one back in September, i was just informed they will be in late October.
  4. very nice, just a question, what made you go back to the dual system rather then doing a 4ch receiver like most have done already.
  5. sounds pretty insulting, so every person that owns a K-Tek and Orca mixer bag is a dope and doesn't know the first thing about organizing their gear, wow. i congratulate you for finding a lighter solution that fits your daily work and physical limitations but you really went a bit off on this one.
  6. Great piece of gear, its about the size of a FP33, so impressed by the weight and built in slot receivers, but coming from a sound devices world i was completely lost i checked Youtube and downloaded the manual, managed to get a few things started but still lost. its a very difficult process to understand when your use too something else, was my first experience with the (demo) mixer and though i could learn it in a week but i was sadly mistaken. Anyways cheers to you all zaxcom users that will have healthy backs with this excellent product.
  7. @Trey LaCroix do you have any issues using your zaxcom receiver and SRC,s in the same bag?
  8. wish they had the cover the OR-34.
  9. yes of course but i use Zaxcom Camera Link to feed camera hops and ifb's, the SRC/B filters don't work well with the zaxcom camera link. But, lets say the antennas on DSQD are located on the front, if your working with a cart you could just get a BNC extension with right angled and connect it to your SNA600 or shark fins, right? im just saying there is more room to configure cables with a cart then a bag. this would of been perfect for both use's if the antennas where in front.
  10. im pressing but it does not stop the TC, just takes me to the TC screen, where i can see it in a larger font size.
  11. i tested the D2QD, sounds great! it weighs about the same as two 411a's, but why in the world did lectro put the antennas on the back? by putting it on the back you just eliminated bag use and minimized it to only cart. very sad.
  12. can the TC be paused like the erx
  13. live n learn, i was originally using block 22, but tested all including block 19 at home and all are same, yup 411a's are the best, to bad about the SRC's would of liked to keep them around. Another issue apart i had with the zaxcom camera link was the boom mic i was using AT4073a, created a terrible hiss when the boom stick was close to the zaxcom, I was told that the boom needed a capacitor filter, but that didn't help either, then i was told it was an old boom mic and the new boom mics out don't have that issue, so i got a new sanken boom mic and end of story.
  14. zaxcom is on block21 and I have tried on SRC lectro's block 22,21 and 19, it helped a little when the hop was totally out of the bag which rescued me a bit from the chaos.
  15. i bought a Lectro SRC receiver, i use a Zaxcom camera Link for a hop. seems that the zaxcom interferes with the SRC receivers, i get all sorts of hits when its on, when I add back my 411a's it all works well, crazy! anyone else have issues related.
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