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  1. telecam

    AudioLTC Sony FS7

    It's a mix. Sometimes solo, sometimes with a sound mixer. We always send two usable channels to the FS7 but sound mixers record ISO tracks as well. Those are sent to audio post in case they are needed. Vice News actually sends every piece in the show through color correction and sound sweetening after editing. On the downside, it draws 13W of power (unnecessary unless you need to shoot raw or pro res) and adds quite a bit of bulk to the camera.
  2. Set the FS7 to CLOCK for TC reference and do a manual sync to your master clock. It won't drift.
  3. As anyone figured out how audio sync actually work on the Kodak 8mm cam? I read that audio is recorded separately on a SD card and that markers are written in the film. Does Kodak film processing also sync sound and send a film to digital print with synched audio?
  4. telecam

    AudioLTC Sony FS7

    I shoot for Vice-HBO and most their FS7s don't have a TC back. We are asked to use CLOCK mode as timecode reference. It doesn't seem to drift much even over several days of production. Producers use an app called Timecode+ to log interview on the fly that is timed to their phone clock, I use that as a reference to set my FS7 CLOCK. Seem to work pretty well (no hair pulling in post as far as I know...).
  5. Cool, I never new this was adjustable. But audio comes out at LINE LEVEL right?
  6. telecam

    Sony PDW 850

    probably Bexel has them.
  7. telecam

    Sony FS7

    I was hoping the new FS7 II would have TC I/O without the need of the extension unit but no... Hopefully, a third party company will eventually be able to tap into the multi-pin connector on the back of the camera and offer a tiny TC I/O.
  8. telecam

    What's your day rate?

    In the DC area, soundguys with a decent kit (on board recording, couple wireless, etc...) charge in the $700/$750 range.