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  1. Hey folks I'm just curious if anyone has attempted to combine Lectro SR accessories with Wisycom MCR42 RX? They are fairly similar in size and I'm just curious if anyone has attempted to use this particular SRSleeve product with a Wisycom MCR42?
  2. I just tested with the old PSC rubber band mount and found that one to be a bit less sensitive to handling...I should add that I don't have the hi pass on but will try now... Here's a photo of the setup. Excuse the wonky connection from boom to mic (long story). Anyway, it would seem possible that since I've had this boom forever that the cable may be causing more noise than normal. I should also add that I'm using a Sound Guys Solutions QR between Rycote and boom but can't imagine that introduces anything extra...
  3. I've been using the INV-7 on a 12' Cabled Ktek w/ CMIT-5U and feel like I can hear every movement on the boom. Is this a bad combo? Have other folks experienced this? Is there something I'm missing about putting this mic in this mount or is there an alternative mount folks prefer?
  4. AGREED. This is what eats at me- is that it seems that the rates get lower and lower and folks keep biting.
  5. Thanks, Dalton. Sage words. Am I mistaken about rates, though- are those rates now considered reasonable?
  6. I'm sure this has been talked about ad nauseam here, but I'm hitting a boiling point at understanding how ENG mixers doing doc/tv work are accepting rates of $500 for themselves and gear. I'm being asked to mix a major brand road trip spot that is branded doc content for a week on the road, with 3 x wireless, 633, boom, hops etc for $500 (meals paid, but no per diem). The producer has mentioned that mixers in LA, the Midwest and Northeast are accepting rates of $500 for themselves with package (no travel days paid). Does this seem logical? Am I confused? Sorry for the rant, but I f
  7. Thanks guys. Good advice from all. I have my own Worker's Comp and since it was actually a job I was producing, they should theoretically cover me, even working for my own company- but with insurance I guess you never know. Particularly bad timing since I'm also moving next week Still, it's a particularly meaty job so kind of painful to let it go...
  8. Just broke my clavicle through an unfortunate meeting with a magliner. Anyone have any ideas for holding a 633 with four wireless and a boom? Was thinking of rigging up a monopod to lighten the load on my good shoulder and sling the bag with a strap, saddle-bag style. Booming could be problematic, but my gig is not totally run and gun...
  9. I just used my 633 at an event where we'd shoot interviews then break for about an hour then another interview. So I would power down gear and then power back up for next interview. I experienced the 633 locking up three times over the course of 3 days. Luckily I used the menu button trick but the initial inability to do anything causes a great deal of panic. Hoping there's a fix for this soon... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'm doing an audio installation and wondered if I could use Wave Agent to manually create a 6 channel recording from which I could play direct outs to 6 different speakers. The idea would be to create the recording in Wave Agent and then playback on the 664
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