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  1. Thats the old pcb layout, not serviced/repaired by sennheiser anymore. the white foam is normal... Check all connections/screws for your rattle problem, there should be a ring at the xlr connector too, if its not there it maybe that the kabel mic connection is rattling...
  2. Same here, if possible i use the tx as line level sources, for me its sounding cleaner like that.
  3. i had that problem too, found the orca bag very noisy not only the zippers and avoid them... for the moment i reactivated my old kortwich bag.
  4. For music composing (not for recording instruments) i use open headphones, closed cans are not very neutral in their frequence response and horrible for your ears if using for longer times, my favorite are AKG K702, very comfortable and quite good in the sound imaging. For the last bit of linearity i use sonarworks headphone correction software. I did alot of editing, playing virtual instruments and premixing with this setup and it translates quite well. Sometimes in the big music shops they have a wall with headphones plugged in a player and so you can test them against each other and decide what are the most flat and comfortable.
  5. Thanx for all the informations, i gonna wait for the final project planning and if the budget is OK i will go for 2 neumann kk143 capsul and an aditional km a body as i already own a km a 120 fig 8 and realy like the sound of the neumann km line...
  6. yes, i have one too, its one of my ms options...
  7. @chrismedr schoeps mk21, but i would buy neumann km a 143... @Ty Ford for recording something in the ambience i use different ms combinations, i think more about general wide soundscapes like city from rooftop, beach, wind, forest...
  8. hello, next year i gonna have to record some classical concerts for a documentary. i did some orchestra recordings for tv this year and used a pair of wide cards as main mic, i loved the sound... now i am thinking of buying a pair, but as i work mainly for documentaries i would like to justify the investment for a longer term- do some of you made recordings for ambiences/ atmospheres with a pair of wide cards and how you liked it?
  9. Why not? The hammam where we filmed was fully in action, steam bath, fog, humidity, pools, hot and cold rooms... If they want the steam in the sauna it has to be on... I just would run a test with the lavs before and than decide whats possible...
  10. I made a shot in an hammam this year... No lavs, as the guy was sometimes in the water. I used my 744t and an MS Boom Gefell M310/Neumann KM120. We have been with our camera and soundequipment 2hours before start to give the time for acclimatization. Everything was working without problems. Only downside was the poor sound of the location... I you have the chance make a test with your wireless and you will know if its working...
  11. I realy like the Dpa 4017 (very neutral), Neumann kmr is a bit better then mkh 416 as is the mkh 8060, with the cmit i have mixed experiences ( the one i rented from a friend seemed to be more a nice weather mic), so there is a big choice - just take some mic stands, rent the mics you are interested in and put them close to each other and listen what you likes best...
  12. I use it ( for Headphones and Boxes) and like it, i use it in a semiprofessional small editing room and it works quite well...
  13. I use RRC branded ones, they work since 3years without problems...
  14. if i can get close to the talking head specialy for classic sit down interviews i dont use shotguns anymore, as distance you loose the length of the tube, and the tube of a mkh416 is rather long, a hyper or cardioid gets the membran closer to the soundsource, all shotguns that i tried do strange things to the sound in reflective indoors, its part of their construction... i use often Gefell M310 ( more open sounding) or Sennheiser 8050 (very good directivity, i like the sound less, but nothing that can‘t be fixed by eq)
  15. One more Tentacle Fan here, i like the controll possibilties with the bluetooth app and that you can have a wireless sync workflow, the build in mic is super if you deal with DSLR to have a scratch track, battery life is very good and i never had a problem with jamming, the newer tentacle e has a locker for the cable... only downside for me is that there is no genlock.
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