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  1. There are some 5pin mics that work only correct if both capsules are powered. why not working with with a 7pin cable and an adapter 7pin to 5pin and 3pin? this way you could use it as a double ms or have the mid channel of the cms 50 as a second front channel?
  2. I use only outside cabled boompoles, as i use mono, midside or double ms mic systems depending on situation and project. I would have to change the internal cable between 3pol, 5pol, 7pol… and I like to keep it flexible.
  3. In post i avoid to work with mix tracks, only isos... if i do location recording, most of the companies i work for dont ask for a mix, its realy rar. i do mainly documentaries for tv and cinema.
  4. Ehm, the fig 8 kortwich is maybe small but goodsounding? i had it a few times and found it noisy and no comparition at all to the fig 8 from neumann or schoeps that i work with normaly... i would not use the kortwich 8 for anything serious... its electret cardioid capsules with to mouch space between them, so no nice soundstage, and the frequency response is far from neutral... neumann km 120 you can use with a active cable between capsule and mic body, then its less heavy at the basket, maybe mbho/ haun has something like this too?
  5. for critical situations i use lithium aa cells with my audio Ltd A10, gives me with simultanious recording and transmitting minimum 8h
  6. Just try and decide... i prefer the sound of the A10 a lot, right now i am working in Sahara on a documentary, ugly condirions, a lot of fine sand and dust and wind, the a10 performs without problems, range here at the middle of the desert is very good, as a european user i realy like the record function, for run and gun situations its good to have a backup recording at the transmitters...
  7. Also there are adapters with internal battery for the case your external battery dies or you want to swap it without loosing power like this one from kortwich https://www.shop-ftt.de/de/speiseadapter-sound-devices-mixpre-3-6
  8. Rent both, put them on a stereo mount indoor and outdoor, test and decide...
  9. a cable like that exists for neumann km system, its called ac 30 and its working with the the rsm 191 mtx matrix box...
  10. Same Experience here, used them for some jobs now, sound is good, range is good, bluetooth range is not good at all, the record function (i am in europe) and 48 phantompower are super add ons...
  11. I realy like my RSM in most Situations, nice Soundstage, i use it mostly for classical music recordings and ambiences...
  12. Depends how „shotgun“ the shotgun is... with mkh 416 or cmit i feel to much seperation from the laserlike mid signal, but its a compromise that is working O.K. I prefere the soundstage of RSM 191, Gefell M310/KM120 or KM140/KM120, but then i sometimes miss the „reach“ to isolate certain sounds/voices... Rent it and check by yourself... Normaly i prefer two SDC solutions as i can swap the mid mic for my needs between shotgun, hyper or card...
  13. Also take care that you did not formate your drive in case-sensitive as that dont allow video playback in PT. A friend of mine had the same problem like you, he bought a macbook second hand from a dealer, the drive was formated case-sensitive...
  14. And you can ask at the rental houses if they want to sell a used mic, as they dont have a lot work for the moment you can get good deals, i just bought a dpa4017 for a good price...
  15. For cam mic mounting a one mic solution seems the most easy... like konstantin said, sanken ms, sennheiser mkh 418... there are some audiotechnica ms shotguns and neumann rsm 190/191 ( in my opinion the best sounding of the bunch), but for that you need a matrixbox that you have to rig somewhere at the cam, so its getting bulky...
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