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  1. I started editing with Resolve V12 and kinda figured it out. Pretty OK. When Resolve 14 came along and added Fairlight, the audio functions and integration made it a real editor. Resolve is at #15 now. Free cost up to UHD Export. 4086 resolutions and up + noise reduction $300/yr. All resolutions will import into the FREE version of Resolve. Yes, 8K Resolve is a medium challenge to learn, particularly the bin, timeline, media organization. After i got motivated to learn Resolve I spent some hrs with Lynda.com 's excellent tutorials $25-$30/month or free through IATSE. You can do it by yourself but nodes are not intuitive and the # of Ah Ha tricks that are buried in the boiler room are too numerous to easily find yourself. There are plenty of zerk fittings, access panels, worm holes and plumbing that will please the techno-mechanics in all of us. Free. Titling is easy and flexible, Free too! The catch is, Resolve takes a bit of horsepower to run. As mentioned, CPU is not the determinant of transcode/export speed, GPU is. A newish TB2 MacMini may be adequate, with 16GB memory and an internal SSD but realtime/24fps export is the high end of our current 4K-HD transforms. I have seen Sony 4K XAVCHD- H264 !920X1080 scream at 2-3 fps on a macmini. No, I mean the editor is screaming. Currently a new 3Ghz i7 16GB SSD mac mini will cost ya $1500+tax. However, Apple anticipates a new Mac Pro early 2019 and the 5K iMacPro is now available for a crushing $8-12K. BUT, The nMP Trashcan that was introduced in 2013 is pretty available on Craig's at $1800 for a Quad/D300GPU/256 flash basic machine, to about $3000 for a 12core/D700GPU/1TB Flash. I just bought one for $2400. Screaming deal for a screaming/non-screaming editor. The other Ah Ha is hard drives. At 4K, which is the minimum that is being aquired on-set in 2018, be prepared to buy a 2 platter RAID 0 at minimum for compressed 4K so that you get a non-pausing playback. 12TB = $700. A more solid Hard Drive is a 4 platter 24TB RAID 0 or RAID 5. 24TB=#1500-2000 will getchya smooth playback for MOST 4K footage. RAW 5K-8K footage, all bets are off. Test Test. Resolve is free and Blackmagic design will be around for a few years Cheers
  2. As a Vietnam Veteran 1966-1970, the art is appropriate.
  3. All the info is correct..... you missed that TC IN is not connected to the Lemo The BNC TC connection is IN only-----Not switchable to an OUT like the 5/55 The Lemo has TC OUT only------No TC IN like ARRI/AMBIENT. All this may change with Versions/Firmwares updates------ 5/55 went through a bunch before the camera became useable
  4. Here's a lame feature of the Sony Venice that the Sound Department should know about. Timecode can be input at the BNC TC-in, but cannot be output there (What was TC-I/O on 5/55 is IN only)) Timecode Out is available at the AUX 5P Lemo which looks like ARRI/Ambient Lemo std 5P, BUT TC In is not connected at the Lemo 5P., so if you were expecting to lock Venice TC via the Lemo 5P~~~~ As Tony Soprano used to say: "Fugettaboutitt" As a tribute to the Italian roots of the "Venice" can we nickname the camera "The Sony Bennett"
  5. From the Hollywood Reporter. Their read on actors and other entertainment self-employed https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/study-new-tax-bill-shafts-working-entertainers-but-stars-are-untouched-1067571
  6. As far as my accountant (a real protector of Schedule C self employed) can tell, most, if not all deductions for self employed, will be removed from consideration. So, expenses like vehicle, supplies, office, may not be deductible. Union dues are still unclear. Almost certainly, entertainment and promotion will be crushed. I think we're fucked and will pay more taxes. Medical and home mortgage interest and state taxes, and property taxes, in some unclear formula, shall be removed from consideration. Triple Fucked. Arrrrrrrgh. Cheers~~~~~~~~~ Mourning the collapse of our democracy and middle class.
  7. Wrote my first invoice on PAID in 2002. It is still in the database even with multiple updates. Never thouht Pooch was a profiteer, but rather someone who understood our freelance/contractor structure. Always solid and always $79 even in 2002. Great product, great value
  8. I have a buddy in Shanghai that works in production. Middle of night there, but I'm sure he'll email me back when he wakes up D
  9. Switchers, Distribution Amps, Splitters, Matrix n More. Roll your own at Gefen http://www.gefen.com/kvm/productlisting.jsp
  10. Vin~~~Nice work. Cute movie. Umrika is NOT pronounced OOOM-REEKA..... slapped my forehead on that one. Miss you.
  11. Anecdotally, I overheard on a Broadcast Set the other day~~~ "Screw that crap, bring in a Dugan" Dan is AARP++
  12. Had personal recording experience with "Omega Recoil" Tesla coil in Oakland a couple of years ago~~~ 8ft tall, Toroid about 6 ft diameter~~ million volts Transmitter out of the suit/cage at the time was 750Mhz lectro~~illegal but disposable~~~there's something Illegal/Irrational about a million volt anything IFB Lectro for talent was 670Mhz~~~ not disposable RF worked fine both directions with High Voltage operating However The Plasma arcing is really loud~~~~110 to 120db at 1ft ~~~the talent always wears hard muff hearing protection so IFB guzinta to talent is manageable, but the talent mic is a problem~~~Swiss Army Knife incision just below Adam's Apple was quickly ruled out. Really Old Sony ECM50 taped to the side of talent's mouth worked pretty OK ~~~~Strongly suggest wild VO. ~~~~~if you need realtime audio I'd rig up a David Clark Aviation Headset/Mic or sumptin like that.
  13. I have membership, respectable resume, professional relationships, production relationships, experience, engineering background, agreeable attitude, flexible rates, complete equipment package, friends, union safety certification, reliable transportation and optimism. This craft/career is as difficult now as it was 30 years ago .
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