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    Hi! My name is Leonardo, and I am a fresh graduate from SAE Berlin. I have working experience in sound reinforcement and short film location recording. My main specialization is music mixing and film sound post-production, and I am currently moving into location sound freelancing!
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  1. Hi guys, Thank you all for your feedbacks, very interesting! Especially the antenna mod, that cleared one of my biggest doubts (dropout, crackles, I unfortunately have a long list of instances in which it happened to me). Would it make sense to get a sk2000 just for the headphones output? Or a high AF out + low impedance HP could work just fine? Thanks again to everyone for all the inputs, I am appreciating them all!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am slowly building up my location kit, thinking about getting lavaliers now. Since I don't want to throw away money on equipment I will have to change, but at the same time I cannot afford Lectros yet, I was thinking about getting either Sony UWP D-16 or Sennheiser G3, to be later used as camera scratch audio or director feed. If I look on paper between these two, the Sony UWP comes out as a strong winner, being true diversity and a headphone output. From tests I saw, the range and clarity of signal transmission are clearly superior in the Sony, however t
  3. Hello everyone, I recently got a Sennheiser mkh416 and a classic softie to go with it. During my first test (indoor) I noticed that the softie (to my ears) considerably improves the directionality and generally the sound of the mic (if compared to the mic naked). This came as a surprise to me, as I originally thought that the softie would just block the wind and damp the highs a bit. Am I being fooled or are there actual sound improvements with the use of a windjammer? Thank you in advance for any clarification, Leonardo
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