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  1. I'm in Edmonton, Alberta, and I'm available for work. I'm a boom op and a mixer, usually doing run-and-gun on microbudget films. I'll be busy on a feature for the last half of April, but I'm mostly open until then. I'm hoping I can pick up some work from this forum. Here's my website: www.gallinger.audio
  2. I've been calling that the "Hollywood Mumble." It's a serious problem for me. On one occasion I put a GRAY BAND countryman B6 on the back of a guy's earlobe and still wasn't able to get enough gain to raise his voice above -24 dB. The woman acting across from him couldn't tell when he was finished delivering his lines, because his lips weren't moving enough to know when he was talking. It was hilarious; there would be huge gaps after each of his lines, where she was trying to figure out of he was still speaking. The boom picked up NOTHING. It's a problem I've noticed with actors from
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