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  1. Here's a picture of my new bag. Coming from a 633, recently upgraded to the 888 and very happy with it.
  2. I run all my cables under there 🙂 Or do you mean that foam ? I just put that there to close some gaps behind my 633.
  3. Hi guys, wanted to share my SD633 soundbag! My orca OR-32 with: - Sound devices 633 - 2x Wysicom MCR42 - 4x Wysicom MTP-40s - 1x Sennheiser EK100 G3 - 2x Sennheiser EW300 IFB receivers (and transmitter on the side) - 2x Ambient nano-lockit's - Extra batteries - Some wireless accessories & straps I chose the OR-32 for my 633 because i like the space and possibility to cary some extra stuff with me always 🙂 Cheers from Belgium!
  4. Good idea! The zaxnet options on the QRX235 caught my attention, but i'm reading more & more about the reliability of the lectro SR-series though...
  5. Hi Vas, thanks for the information ! I go to audiosense on the regular, but never heard from Wolec Electronics so that might be good for checking out the audio Ltd. :-)
  6. Thank you very much for this information Jack !
  7. Hi John, i'm not asking for everything there is to know about wireless. I've been comparing the different systems through different websites, i've done some research allready, but i was trying find more personal experience with these systems from more experienced mixers... Anyway, no disrespect.
  8. Yes, this system is getting my attention more & more. But that's only for the QRX235 or QRX300, right ?
  9. Hi friends, For my next bag-upgrade i'm looking for a dual-receiver for my SD633 in a OR32 bag. Right now, i'm running 2x Sennheiser EW100 sets (upgraded with 2 SMa antennas) to inputs 2&3, but i would like a dual receiver for TA3 Line inputs 4&5. I'm doubting between wiseycom, zaxcom (i like the QRX235 with zaxnet for gaining the transmitters) or lectrosonics... Can you guys give me some pro's and con's of certain systems ? Bad or good experience ? Recommendations ? Also, I'm powering my 633 from a NP1 with hawk-woods adapter with multiple hirose-connectors, the sennheiser systems with AA-batteries. in case this information is needed. Thanks in advance ! Cheers
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