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    Oxidation on SMQV housing

    https://boeshield.com/why-boeshield/ http://www.corrosionx.com/
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    Genlocking Alexa Mini from a Tentacle

    I work with 3 Alexa Minis for 5 weeks using 3 Tentacles, at the beginning post had problems. I found this in the Tentacle Forum and it Work. Arri Alexa Mini & Amira The first is when doing multi camera shoots without genlock timecode can be off by one frame, because the timecode and the video signal of the camera are not synchronized. you will usually not be able mention this if you do only sync audio to video. Even when the audio is a bit off (<1 frame) it will still be assigned to the correct video frame. But when syncing video to video things are a bit different. When not using Genlock the camera has to decide to wich frame the actual timecode will be assigned to. The other thing we have found out and tested by our self is that especially the Amira (and the Alexa Mini wich shares the same design) having issues (SUP 4.xx) with timecode. Here tc will always be something about 1 frame behind. As I said we have tested this (also with a competitors product I would recommend to use the following settings inside the Amira or Mini Goto System/Sensor Menu and set Genlock-Sync to TC-In Goto TC/Options Menu and set TC-Offset to +1
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    Making Waves - KickStarter documentary on cinematic sound

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