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  1. "The Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording" website = Thanks, Al.
  2. https://www.wired.com/story/hollywood-covid-19-filmmaking-tech/
  3. "Posted to You Tube on Jan 31, 2021" "Over eighty years ago the most spectacular treasure ever found in Britain was uncovered at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk - the golden royal regalia of the first kings of England, and the ship in which a monarch was buried in AD 630. But who built the ship, where and why? In the 80s the BBC made a two part documentary about Sutton Hoo produced by Ray Sutcliffe. The first part largely is made up of the the 1965 documentary The Million Pound Grave - on the excavation in 1939 of a site at Sutton Hoo which revealed half of a seventh century Anglo Saxon wars
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