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  1. Audacity for the win once more. Had to recover files in a similar fashion before. Used a 633 on my end. Changed cards and so far haven't experienced the issue again. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  2. Can't seem to find the right thread. Currently using a unit for testing from distributors but I'm struggling trying to Sync up MCR42 and MTP40. Had to manually dial in frequency. Any advice? Can't find info in manual or videos. Regarding companders, my ears are used to the sound of G3s on ME2 Lav mics and Sanken COS 11s, and I guess I can say the MTP40 sounds more 'open' on MKE2 Lav mics. Used a unit with several G3s in the bag, pretty sure frequency coordination was spot on but I can't say whether the Wisycom had better range. Or if they handled RF interference better. They seemed to experience interference as much as my G3s. Again it could be the location. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  3. This is a good inquiry to throw at Sound Devices. I only noticed this difference in read and write speed now as you mentioned it. But from my experience, I try to look for the EXACT model of card stated in the approved media list. Even though it's tempting to just buy the 'faster' cards, I've had Media I/O Errors pop up when using cards NOT mentioned on the approved list. And yes, it is proving difficult to acquire these mentioned cards. I guess that's why SD just came out with their own SD/CF card version. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  4. I understand what you mean. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  5. Maybe there's a track effect somewhere? On the recording track or the master track. Also in my practice I prefer to record vocals, voice overs and ADR in mono. So if using two condenser mics, I'll be recording to two mono tracks. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  6. Adobe Audition and Audacity can open RAW audio files. I've had success recovering production sound using Audacity though and not Audition. And as mentioned, it's a hit and miss situation. I can try to recover and see on my end, but I need to know what bit depth and sample rate the audio files were recorded at.
  7. bdumaguina


    I understand this is an old thread, but I can't seem to find Winmod.exe by Audio Ltd on their site. I'm looking for a way to manage my wireless units on set also. Currently using several Senn G3 at frequency range B, C and D; a few Senn 2000 series at freq range Dw; and some Shure wireless handheld mics (SVX4 726-742 MHz, BLX4 606-630MHz). -found an app that may help with RF intermod - Soundrolling app Still looking for more real time analysis stuff though. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  8. Yes you are correct Sir. I am confident I can replace a blown capacitor, if someone can only point me to it. I can provide photos of the board maybe? My knowledge of circuit boards is a tad bit limited. But I have successfully replaced all the tact switches on the front panel of this particular unit. I've not dealt with op-amps before. Might not be confident repairing that. Still waiting on local Tascam distributor. Fingers crossed. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  9. Thank you very much for your quick responses. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk This is comforting. So there's a chance it can still be repaired. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk It takes a while though before new SD products make it to our shores. Also, price mark up here is painful; a lot cheaper to buy in the US. The F8 is readily available though. But yes, the MixPre6 (for the type of work I do) is definitely a contender. If cost and reliability of repair is justifiable, I would get if fixed. As the unit is suitable for most gigs here (budget wise, track count wise, don't require TC, etc.) Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  10. Hello,One of my location soundmen accidentally used an improper voltage setting on the power supply (powergorilla - used 16V instead of 12V). The unit powered up fine but we were not getting any input on any of the 6 channels, line or mic input. Upon checking the battery I immediately switched off the device. Set the proper input voltage setting (12V), but the unit would not power up - an error message keeps appearing - SYSTEM ROM ERRSwitched to the included 12V power supply, still the same SYSTEM ROM ERRAfter updating the Firmware to v1.31 the unit powered up okay.BUT I am still not getting any input on any of the 6 channels; MIC or LINE input; LOW or HIGH gain, phantom ON or OFF. I also noticed that I am now unable to change the DATE/TIME. Other than this, I am able to access all menu settings and record into the SD card. Although I'm just recording blanks.Lastly, I noticed that when I power down the unit - and then power it up a second time - I will get a SYSTEM ROM ERROR again. The third time I power it up the unit will power up fine, but all my settings (rec settings, pan settings, I/O, pre rec, etc) will revert back to settings similar to when the unit is INITIALIZED. Customer Support via official website is not responding to my inquiry regarding repairs. Local Tascam Distributor has yet to give me a call, (left them contact details.Is the input section fried? Will a busman audio mod fix it?Maybe a capacitor is busted somewhere that can be replaced?Has anyone had similar experience and found a way to repair this problem? I hope the unit is not beyond repair.Thank you,Bryan
  11. Yes you are both correct, I was indeed referring to edit post. My bad. I was simply mentioning that Tentacle has a workflow that may not fly with edit post. If they want a better timecode solution, they should rent out the big cameras (Red or Arri) and a TC based audio recorder. But for DSLR shooting who wants a TC solution, they will have to work with Tentacle or other LTC based TC solutions. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  12. One thing to note if one is looking at purchasing or using Tentacle Sync, is to consider if audio post will be working on a Mac or PC. As of the moment, I've had hit and miss experiences syncing audio to video on a PC using Tentacle Timecode Tool and DaVinci Resolve (one of the only software that can read LTC and burn it in as timecode Metadata). On a Mac, they have Tentacle Sync Studio which is a breeze to work on since Tentacle was first built for that platform. Also make sure if the audio post house has indeed worked with Tentacle Synced material, as the softwares mentioned above are not free. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  13. I've had a bad experience with non approved cards. Had a non approved 16GB SD and approved 32GB CF, recorder locked up in the middle of the take, no recording found on both media. Stick to approved cards and as mentioned above, maybe try and dump dailies to an external hard drive, laptop or those fancy portable back up drives from Nexto or Sanho. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  14. Zoom H4N, AT 897, Rode Boom Pole, Rode Blimp, secondhand Portabrace and harness, secondhand PSC DV Promix3, secondhand Sony MDR 7506, rented wireless Upgrade to Tascam DR-680, second hand SD 302 and MixPre, Petrol audio bag and harness, a few Senn G3, Rode NTG3 Using SD 633 now, Orca bag and harness Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  15. Haha, home run on that one. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  16. Back here in the Philippines a medical tape called Leukoplast is usually what's used all the time. It adheres to skin very well, but is a pain to remove. [emoji54]There are several other brands of medical tape but adhesion is less than ideal. And for my sound crew we always tape to skin in every opportunity, for both high and low profile actors/actresses. Luckily for us here, we don't usually deal with hairy chests. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  17. I understand the difference (I think) between line level, mic and tape out levels. But what is the difference between "single symmetrical output" vs "non symmetrical output"? Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  18. Back here in the Philippines soundmen are usually not invited to location checks. And if we are, transportation (pick up and drop off at your location of choice) and food is provided. And that's it. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  19. RX FTW. Works well in Adobe Audition too. I prefer the round trip option via RX Connect and use standalone application. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
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