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    I am a production-soundmixer from Berlin/Germany shooting mostly Tv-Movies/Movies of the Week but also rent out gear for other mixers.
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  1. https://www.wimo.com/en/rf-explorer-3g combined with this software: https://github.com/berkon/wireless-microphone-analyzer/blob/master/README.md Bernd Konnerth the developer is a very helpful guy. You can contribute to the software and make requests.
  2. Maybe this little device from AudioLtd can help you: http://www.audioltd.com/tech-articles/a-filter-rf-filter-for-balanced-microphones/
  3. That is a really good idea! I would try to incorporate the first shockabsorber into the tube to make the whole thing as small as possible. You have got the hollow tube anyway, so what if you use the black tube as a shock absorber like an Ambient "Floater" upside down?
  4. https://de-de.sennheiser.com/sifa Singapore Permitted Frequency Bands MHz Range TV CH License Status Max Transmission Power Bandwidth Notes Source Reference 169.4000 - 175.0000 Licence Exempt 500mW ERP View 180.0000 - 200.0000 - Licence Exempt 112 dBμV/m @ 10m View 470.0000 - 698.0000 - Licence Exempt 10mW ERP View 487.0000 - 507.0000 - Licence Exempt 12 dBμV/m @ 10m View 1880.0000 - 1900.0000 - Licence Required 100mW EIRP View 2400.0000 - 2483.5000 - Licence Required 100mW EIRP View TV Channel Spacing: 8 MHz DTV Broadcast Standard: DVB-T / DVB-T2
  5. You will need three input channels to decode on your desk as shown in the pic. The relation between the level of the Mid- and the Side-Channels makes the width of the stereo panorama. The Side-channels must be linked. Happy decoding!
  6. https://www.gothamsound.com/library/mod-mac-mini-dc-power
  7. Thanks Marc, great info! You should put a copy into Technical Reference. 😊 Cheers Christian
  8. I use a 12V car charger for my MBP. Made an adapter from Hirose to cigaret-lighter. similar to this, works up to 15V
  9. Hi Jim, I fixed a few things with the help of the iFixit guides. replaced memory, fans, dvd-burner, cables, harddrives. all the parts that can break after a while, i use my MBPs on average for 5 years and they are on set every day.
  10. Check this: https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Mac/MacBook-Pro-15-Inch-Unibody-Early-2011-through-Mid-2012-Airport-Bluetooth-Cable/IF161-084-1 This is for a 2012 MBP unibody non glossy
  11. that sounds like a cricket to me, honestly ;-) HP_filter_9khz48db-okt.wav
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