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    I am a production-soundmixer from Berlin/Germany shooting mostly Tv-Movies/Movies of the Week but also rent out gear for other mixers.

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  1. soundchris

    788t Name File DB for iPhone..

    Thanks Marc, great info! You should put a copy into Technical Reference. 😊 Cheers Christian
  2. soundchris

    788t Roll Number file generator

    Great info, thank You!
  3. soundchris

    HiQ battery > Magsafe 2

    I use a 12V car charger for my MBP. Made an adapter from Hirose to cigaret-lighter. similar to this, works up to 15V
  4. soundchris

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    I use Ansmann boxes.
  5. soundchris

    WiFi and my mid 2012 MacBook Pro

    Hi Jim, I fixed a few things with the help of the iFixit guides. replaced memory, fans, dvd-burner, cables, harddrives. all the parts that can break after a while, i use my MBPs on average for 5 years and they are on set every day.
  6. soundchris

    WiFi and my mid 2012 MacBook Pro

    Check this: https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Mac/MacBook-Pro-15-Inch-Unibody-Early-2011-through-Mid-2012-Airport-Bluetooth-Cable/IF161-084-1 This is for a 2012 MBP unibody non glossy
  7. soundchris

    MKH40 high pitch noise

    that sounds like a cricket to me, honestly ;-) HP_filter_9khz48db-okt.wav
  8. soundchris

    Wireless in Europe

    Hi Kisaha! Please look at the homepage of the European Communications Office ECO: https://www.efis.dk You will find there all frequenzies of all european countries. for example Belarus: EFIS General search 400.000 - 1000.000 MHz Belarus-2017-11-30.csv Cheers Christian
  9. soundchris

    Rain and wind protection

    DIY is the key here: https://www.conrad.de/de/daempfungsmaterial-l-x-b-x-h-150-x-48-x-1-cm-daemmwolle-30-liter-333999.html You will probably get this cheaper somewhere else. Homemade rain protection: I used it on the irish west coast in heavy wind and rain/seaspray. the left side is closed, you slip the basket in through that gap centre left. the little handle is there to pull it over the basket. cheers Christian
  10. soundchris

    DIY smart battery solution DC for audio bag

    10€ from ebay.de http://www.ebay.de/itm/LiPo-Tester-V2-Battery-Batterie-Kapazitat-Capacity-Checker-1-7s-Li-Ion-NiMH-Nicd-/262608741366?hash=item3d24b363f6:g:SusAAOSw9IpXy6EN
  11. soundchris

    DIY smart battery solution DC for audio bag

    Hi Karsten, I am using something like this with my lipos. Does not need extra power, shows single cells and overall voltage..
  12. soundchris

    Pesky/noisy bird deterrent

    I used a cheap slingshot and pebbles on a filmshoot where we had a very soft spoken dialog between a couple under a big tree an this tree was the home of a few pidgeons. I aimed at the branches and not at the animals. worked quite well. https://www.amazon.com/Aluminium-Slingshot-Camouflage-Catapult-Outdoor/dp/B01EWN9VK0
  13. You have to be signed in to be able to download. Thank you for the chart! :-) Christian
  14. soundchris

    Skype and Macbook Pro USB/HDMI ports

    Something like that used to work on macs with Soundflower. https://github.com/mattingalls/Soundflower/releases/tag/2.0b2 It is beta and I have not tried this version.