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  1. Thanks, got it. Slow and Quick haha. And Thanks, OB1. That is reassuring.
  2. How does the Stream Deck help you? Is this with a Cantar? Maybe a tablet holder on a mini arm might hold the unit. How big is it?
  3. Sorry, but what is S&Q. Not being a camera savvy person, I am not familiar with this term. Have worked with Sony Venice no issues regarding TC, but working soon with a FX9. My instincts would be to look for External Tc in, and Regen and connect a JB-1 or Tentacle Sync E to the TC in BNC. Of course with matching frame rate settings.
  4. Sorry, info further down. I should have looked before asking.
  5. Oh yeah. The 642 had a huge heavy magnet.Hand held was the way I used it back in mid seventies..
  6. over the years with ArriAlexa variants, Regen has always worked for us. This is the way ;-}
  7. maybe adjusting the knuckles will help... Also thorough cleaning.
  8. We have been using both the CMIT and CMIT mini for several years and have never noticed that. In fact, no noticeable difference at all.
  9. I have had this happen as well. Only once in a 90 day season. It was at the end of day, and removing and re inserting the battery worked, and I got to see what to do when it’s battery replacement time.
  10. I like the CUT 60 on MK141. matches closer to the CMIT with its permanent 70 Hz cut off. I was always noticing more rumble when we switched to the 141. much closer in tone now. That's my 2 cents. We had couple of CUT 1s many years ago. Just weren't using them, so they were sold.
  11. Yes, the red dot for the Lemo line-up is at an angle and the older mini RA Lemo plugs in at about a 10 o'clock angle on the LF. It fits, but a straight Lemo would be better.
  12. You could try using a 3/8 thread female to Panamic quick release adapter (picture attached), then the Panamic quick release stud. Audio Services in Toronto would have the adapter, or maybe another of the usual suspects will have one ... This of course is not needed if you have a Panamic boom with its stud attachment. no wiggle.
  13. Check your power cables used for the SRB for continuity and polarity.
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