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  1. I believe you are experiencing AVID's inability to import monophonic multi track files. You probably need to interleave the multitracks into one polyphonic interleaved multitrack and it should import, I think. If you have access to a PC laptop, there is BWF-O-Matic on BWFWidget, which can do this with your BWF files, and hopefully leave the originals intact. If you are using a separate HD in FAT32 format,this is possible, I think. I don't know what is available for MAC's. Regards, jim Rillie
  2. The National Film Board Guys always called a C stand a Gobo Stand, so I think Jeff's interpretation of that one works. Regards, Jim Rillie
  3. I have been very happy with the 216 base station for several years now. Nevcer even had to change frequencies. No serious hits until incredibly far away in some places. Even my small M216 TX with BNC antenna works acceptably, but with less range (only 10 mW compared to 100?) Jim Rillie
  4. I have been using a GR-1 for 7 years, or so, since my first DigiBeta shoot. These days I jam the GR-1 from the Cantar system clock, then th eVantar from the GR-1 (sounds crazy, doesn't it) My own method with tiny differences between the slates, Cantar and GR-1. The biggest variation I have seen without powering down the recorder, is less than 1/2 of one tenth of a frame between start and lunch. My Denecke slates and GR-1 were calibrated by Denecke about two or three years ago. My HHB Portadat regularly drifts in the same scenario about one frame out in three or four hours. The Fostex FR2 also has a nice tight TC generator as well, coming a close second with about .02 of a frame drift in by lunch. Jim Rillie
  5. available currently on the Cantar Jim Rillie
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