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  1. Exactly what we have been doing since we started with rechargeables. Interesting how many of us come up independently with the same solutions.
  2. I replied to the survey, and suggested Lectro for consideration, since many of us all over the world are using Lectro. And yes, the dual receivers are the ones that make sense for this concept.
  3. Clap never fails. Also, if you remember mic tap, etc.
  4. Boston Green for installs...old school
  5. What is a block lithium 9 volt? I have been using iPower 9v lithium batteries for years in all my Comtek 216s, both M216s and PR 216s. They work well and last for an acceptably long time on a charge.
  6. don't bother, said the curmudgeon. Use what works - Comteks or IFBs. Why stress over stuff that can be more expensive the long run in time and energy, when we already have equipment that works reliably.
  7. IDK, Interesting idea, but some clients don't know the difference... They might use it
  8. Shouldn’t be too difficult to set up a spreadsheet yourself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I my experience dipoles make a significant (ymmv) improvement in range compared to a whip, but they should be up in the air a bit. I wouldn't think much improvement would be seen if they are still at bag level
  10. Greetings , I want to use a couple of my unused SNA antennas to transmit from Comtek BST 75-216 transmitters. If I extend the length of the arms from maximum length to a 1/4 wave or 1/2 wave of 216MHZ wavelength, this should work? I don't have formula, but can extrapolate from existing antennas I have. Is there a work around for this, or is there a shop out there who could do this? AND... The answer is: REMOTE AUDIO MIRACLE WHIP MW216 KIT Best regards, Jim Rillie PSM
  11. I usually go by timer setting with eneloop pro, or Ikea Ladda 2450mAh batteries If the tx is SM v, a or whatever 3 hours plus is good. Change at subs, good til lunch. The bigger 2 cell Smqv etc probably last until lunch with no change... YMMV.
  12. Update airport/Bluetooth cable replacement made no difference. Oh well, only $15 and was worth a try. not even worth sending it back. Anyone need a functioning Bluetooth/airport cable? I have one for free...
  13. Thanks, Chris, This applies to the 15 inch MBP, same vintage as my 13 inch MBP. Worth a look anyway Jim
  14. On my cart I use MCA 208Ms, Bag not set up with multi couplers yet, but earlier config, I used MC 204s. Very robust, but i noticed filtering is only below 25 MHz - should be higher for our purposes, although interference has been minimal in my experience here in Nova Scotia, mileage may vary elsewhere. They were out long before small distros like the PSC Multi, when I was first setting up UHF distro and didn't want to bring the Lectrosonics big six pack around on portable setups. Separate units for each antenna.
  15. 606-614 would be in Block 23 I think.
  16. Good thought, Johnny But the modems in use are current Apple Time Capsule and the tower style extreme. All other computers, phones, iPads in the area work very well indeed. Only my lonely MBP suffers.I recently attached a TP Link to a USB port, and it blows the internal system out of the water. Keeps connected all the time wherever I am in the house. Life goes on. Jim Yes, Dela, my RSSI is consistently much lower (option key on my computer) Since doing this check on wifi, never seen it any where near -59dB, more like -76 at best about a meter away from router, often as low an RSSI as - 87 or nada. Quite frequently, the Noise figure is greater than the signal. Airport card has been swapped with no improvement noted. It has to be antenna related, but Apple just won't admit it. Bizarre. Jim
  17. Hi Bernie, What do you use for RF distro? I have been happy with Stridsberg. Very neat looking, organized bag.
  18. Uh oh Just a few days after Ground Hog Day! ... Congrats to you KGraham. Visual Post has a long history of laying their misunderstandings on us, although I don't mean all of them , just a choice few. Usually , a thorough message describing how we shot it, and how to access the sound reports helps with these misunderstandings, in my experience.
  19. I have heard it now and then in quiet scenes. Often it is embarrassing enough to the camera dept, so I don't have to whine and they will use it judiciously and try to go between lines with the follow focus and re-framing. Good camera people like to see it all working to tell the story, just like we do. A set where everybody is cooperating is a set I love to be on, and produces memorable results
  20. I hear you, just thinking that Mr Fisher's priorities may not include testing everything available, since Lectro has some tested and proven under their own label.
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