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  1. On 5/6/2022 at 4:36 PM, tourtelot said:

    Yes, portable recorders made a huge difference.  I think the device that made even more of a twist in the recording of dialog for motion pictures was the wireless mic pack.  I lived through that change, and don't ask me how I feel about Vegas and early Audio Ltd RF rigs if I have been drinking.  The introduction of these game changers was unique to the whole presentation of cinema dialog.  Don't ask me for better or worse.  You might not like my answer.  :)



    The last sentence. Oh yes…

  2. You could try using a 3/8 thread female to Panamic quick release adapter (picture attached), then the Panamic quick release stud.

    Audio Services in  Toronto would have the adapter, or maybe another of the usual suspects will have one ...

    This of course is not needed if you have a Panamic boom with its  stud attachment. no wiggle.


  3. 7 hours ago, henrimic said:

    The 8050 is thinner than the Schoeps (but indeed not the 50).


    With a ring of tape around the mike, the BD5 will fit perfectly.


    I did it several times in the past,

    Thanks, Henri. I was of course thinking of the 50. But your idea of the tape to match diameter is a good one. The B5D with its air space is really very good with the Schoeps mics for interior booming - really transparent, but the issues Daniel mentions would lead me towards a Cosi or Nano shield.

  4. I think the Super CMIT would go into the AES 42 TA3 input, with AES 42 phantom powered on. AFAIK that still leaves the 8 AES3 inputs  on the Dsub available for other digital sources. No idea how that will affect your overall power consumption, though I am sure the Cantar is designed to handle it.

  5. Jeremy's suggestion is good. I have a CMS9 Sanken now discontinued but very similar to the CMS7 but with fixed XY matrix built in. It sounds very good and is extremely quiet. Heavy at the front end but on a stand with shock mount is fine. Excellent for loud or quiet ambiences.  Not great for booming, but who uses a stereo mic to follow dialogue. (A whole new can of worms there)

  6. 4 hours ago, Constantin said:

    Can‘t really compare it to a 411 anymore as I‘ve sold all mine. In my opinion the 822 outperforms my DSQD but I love them both. I have them both in a bag and I‘m relly happy with this setup. I have 10 channels of wireless receivers in my bag without any rf distro. 


    Without any RF distro? How so?

  7. Mine is on the the messy side, but has every charger I need. The bagged ones unpacked are for v-lock batteries not used as often. Set up for transport at the moment until we start production in a week and  a bit. A 1510 case plus the power supplies etc., is heavy, but the wheels help.




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