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  1. Softies, Beyer pads, Wickid pads, they all are too small for my headphones unfortunately. So i'm still looking for suggestions.
  2. Hi guys&gals, Where do you sourse replacement headphone earpads? What do you know about Geekria and are they a quality pro replacement supplier? For my Sony MDR-V600 Cheers.
  3. I'm looking for a copy of the service manual (not the user manual) for the MixPre. if you could be so kind and contact me with a copy. i'm doing some internal cleaning and would like to see an exploded view so i know how it all fits together. the website doesn't have it, i think because they only supply service centers. thanks everyone. P.
  4. Jason, I do have access. So it's a conductivity problem? What's the ideal cleaner to use?
  5. So i left batteries in my Mix Pre (old school analog) and they leaked. Now it doesn't work. (No power) Is there something i can do myself to bring it back to life or is this for someone with intricate knowledge of the mixer? Would aappreciate any help. (and i know, it was a dumb move to leave them in when storing it) Cheers, Peter
  6. richard, no one got back to me from the cas, and the general email for warner sound n.y. gave me a bounce back with "no such user." this is frustrating.
  7. contact me via PM. can't find anything on the warner web site to contact him. just want to send a personal message about one of the films he has workd on. don't worry, it's strictly professional. cheers, P.
  8. the Do Lung bridge scene from Apocalypse Now made an impression on me. one man's impression of the vietnam war. the chaos and absurdity of it at times. the fear, and the raw emotion of battle. the confusion and escapism that was indudged in to numb one's self. the constant menace just beyond their sight. it was a well crafted tale done with sound that took us from one reality to the next, as Sheen walked up the bank and through the trenches. it set up the scene, then drew you in for the punch. i made my way into sound supervising because of it. on the quest to tell the best story i can with sound. enjoy.
  9. find a sound post house and offer yourself as an intern. you'll quickly find out how things are done.
  10. not a view from the office but a view of the office. working on a tv drama series. my first official gig as a 2nd rerecording mixer.
  11. go to michael raphael's sound effects web site http://rabbitearsaudio.com/. he has a blog also, called fieldsepulchra.com where he discussed recording in new york state. winter time, summer time. i'm sure if you contact him he can set you up. cheers, P.
  12. sure the PSM has responsibility, but if this politician is talking sh*t with camera and sound rolling, then he/she has to be prepared to answer for it.
  13. i haven't sold to the u.s. but buying from the u.s. i know that due to the free trade agreement, all electronic items do not have duty added on. so i can only assume that is a 2 way street.
  14. yes, speaking clearly and projection is such a bonus. what's sad is that it's unfortunately not the norm.
  15. thanks you everyone who responded. i'm sorry i haven't been back earlier, i've been in full series mode and busy as hell. all your suggestions have been done in the past or i know of. it's a shame that protools came out with a new feature that would replace all those other things, but it doesn't really do it. it would have been a time saver. in this business, if we can find a way to do things faster, it would surely help. cheers, P.
  16. i need a hand with this. i'm cutting a tv series at the moment and all i want is to replace all the edited clips of a certain recording in my timeline with an eq'd version of the same clip. specifically a sound in my ambiance tracks. i want the sames parts of the original clip to be replaced with the same parts of the replacement clip. this is essential. no matter what combination i choose from the "replace clip dialog options" box, it will not do this for me. it only effects the highlighted clip and never replaces all the clips in the session, and never chooses the same edit points as my original clip. can i have a chat with someone here, preferably on the phone, to work this out. my ambs editor is delivering his tracks and i'd like to have him switch out sounds without having to individually fix all the sounds i need replaced. and if you can't help me and know someone that could, please let me know as well. cheers, P.
  17. a palm-sized scanner. the spectrum analyzer is a handy and affordable palm-sized box that scans a range of frequencies and tells you what’s nearby. http://livedesignonline.com/sound/closer-look-rf-explorer-scanning-wireless-world?NL=LIVE-03&Issue=LIVE-03_20130523_LIVE-03_716&YM_RID=peterlopata@yahoo.com&sfvc4enews=42
  18. hey deanmc, can you believe that we're getting paid 250-350 for editing work here in montreal (doc, fiction for tv and film). i'm telling you, it's freakin' disgraceful. i know that the standard of living is lower but it seems everyone else in the country is surpassing us. what's a real drag is that we have no union to keep producers in check here in quebec. at least not for post sound. very frustrating. P.
  19. not fishy at all. the saudi royal family have a direct line to the president. that's any president. there was one commercial plane that was cleared to fly after 9/11 when the entire country was grounded, and that was a plane headed back to saudi arabia carrying saudi nationals.
  20. i don't watch football so i'll just say draft shmaft, whatever. the hockey playoffs start next week!!!
  21. i can't thank you enough for posting this. sad to find out, but a new discovery for me.
  22. wonderful. sounded great. congrats. liked how after the job the reveal happens with the flower on his lapel, before that, it just looks like a couple of business men at it.
  23. having a picture editor that starts with sound is a rarity for us. i have come across so many picture editors working in tv series that don't give a poo about the sound and don't edit with sound in mind. thus limiting the possibility of sound helping to tell the story. very sad i must say. and a bad indication of the education of some of these editors. P.
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