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  1. Kisaha

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    @TimoK thanks for the insight. I noticed you have 2 specialized adapters (1 for Cyclone and 1 for classic designs). I have 2 questions, and one request, 1) are those mandatory, or the tips are just fine? 2) is the adapter compatible with the super shield? Can we have a chart/table with all the basic Rycote solutions and the plus/minuses of each? Cheers. Pan.
  2. Kisaha

    Windscreen Rycote or BUBBLEBEE Industries

    What about the Spacer? Seems like a nicer design than a classic softie, and milder for indoor use.
  3. Kisaha

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Thank you very much for your review. Do you normally use a smaller hyper for indoors? Can you compare the CS-M1 with any other mic for in/out-doors?
  4. Kisaha

    Rycote Super Blimp NTG

    Seems like a good compromise (for the money) between the usual WS4 and the For 416 kit, and the much cheaper Rode. Rycote WS4 700gr 440mm Rycote 416 500gr 180mm x 370mm x 104mm Rycote NTG 560gr 150mm x 410mm x 100mm Rode 550gr 285mmH x 490mmW x 125mmD
  5. Kisaha

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    I think the announced weight is 53g here and the Ambient one is at least double that. I wouldn't give it 1 out 500.000, but it still is a possibility, on the other hand, I had some hard time with over used Ambient releases in the past. It says that is extensively tested in Germany, it could be a collaboration, or not. Rycote gives their products/designs to everyone (Beyerdynamics, Rode, Sennheiser, even Deity!), why not the oppossite?
  6. Kisaha

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    What about this one? Seems like a good design, lighter and more straightforward than the Ambient.
  7. Kisaha

    Rycote Super Blimp NTG

    I posted for the second video, but I added the first one for good measures. It seems to me the NTG will be fine for most uses. I have other blimps as well, so I need something small and light as a backup option (I prefer my backups to be cheaper than my A kit), so maybe the NTG is a good option for you and me as well. I use 416 and the 600 usually, so I hope the NTG is compatible, I guess that is the case, as Rode and Sennheiser have similar sizes. Maybe the Perfect for 416 is even better for my case, but I am afraid it won't fit a 600 and it is more expensive.
  8. Kisaha

    Rycote Super Blimp NTG

    Very interesting. Is this compatible with the 416 and/or MKE 600? We definitely need a table with all the Rycote products and their differences. I am lost lately and I see Bubblebee and Cinela offerings as more straight forward.
  9. Kisaha

    What is your spare recorder

    I have a DR100mkII for backup. The only downside is that you choose phantom power, or not, for both ch. Any of the Zoom F and Mixpre series will do the job, everything is about channels, cost and how much you are willing to pay for a backup. I wouldn't pay too much for a backup (Mixpre10T, maybe the 6 also). Maybe the MixPre M is a good choice also.
  10. Kisaha

    Zoom F8n.

    From the official Zoom F8n site "That is why updates have been made to the F8n's headphone processing to maximize all three (volume, clarity, immersion). A digital boost has been added to minimize ambient bleed, which can cause comb filtering resulting in poor audio quality". The digital gain boost has been added to the F8, and both have 100mW max output level. I understand that "processing" happens in software level, not hardware or else it would be clearly mentioned by Zoom, but I can't be sure of course and I may interprating it wrong. Zoom F8n is 1199euros, while the F8 is 699.
  11. Kisaha

    Zoom F8n.

    I believe that: headphone amp is the same. Timecode generator is the same. Simultaneous recording to SD while used as an audio interface works on both of them. Please feel free to correct me of course. That is my impression.
  12. Kisaha

    K-Tek KBAC1 boom pole clip.

    Annoying! It is unbelievable that after so many decades we still lack on so many aspects of our trade. Even K-Tek is half a kilo, and the Orca's the same. Another half a kilo added weight to our backs! I am expecting to purchase Orca's solutions this year.
  13. Kisaha

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I saw the INV-lite mount being used from Sanken in the NAB videos, but without any extra protection. If it has any considerable advantage vs the classic softie, then it may not be a big deal for Rycote to introduce a specialized INV-lite softie (like the ones it has now for the INV-lite 19/21). Also my main concern is the too many products that overlap in the line up. I used the first version of Cyclone and didn't like it at all, so I am a bit sceptical of the new designs (the new 3D printed softie as well). There is also the acquisation by Vitec, it will change some things for sure. Anyways, I see the M1 being advertised in some shops in Europe, I hope some reviews will be available soon.
  14. Kisaha

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Rycote classic softie 7cm (19/22mm) 1x7cm Classic softie, 1x INV-6 Heavy, 1xHot-shoe 3/8inch adaptor, 1xHair brush = 133euros in Netherlands. Not bad at all. Is the INV-lite comparable to this classic softie solution? To be honest there are too many options on Rycote at the moment, it would be nice to have an official table to scientifically explain all the options we have (from classic softie to Cyclone e.t.c).
  15. Kisaha

    Camera Hops

    But only with one ch true diversity works, which is a huge deal in my books, but in general, the cheap Sony works brilliantly for the price in my experience.