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  1. I use it with BBG and fur stationary. Seems like the best middle solution.
  2. Zoom F8 is not a bad piece of kit to start with. It is dead cheap, and has been very reliable so far (I think..). I believe it is adequate for most lower paid jobs, and more.. Even if you buy a better one later on, it can stay as a backup or for other uses you do not want/need your brand new shiny Sound Devices/Zaxcom/Sonosax or whatever.
  3. Cinela Cosi is excellent with this mic, not so good for speedier winds though..
  4. Microphones are our tools. I am very happy with my CS-M1, but I have a dozen more. To be honest, I have used the little Sanken a lot the last 10 months. Very convinient tool for a very fair price, very well balanced with the Cosi. It is between words in my opinion, a vey good compromise though. Outside usually I will reach for something longer with better wind protection.
  5. it happens once every few years, is not a big deal, just check occasionally the screw is there, and it is tight!
  6. Never had any issue with the HD25, and on a working day here, I am wearing them for at least 7-8 hours. Mine are in excellent condition after a few years and a bit of abuse on soap operas and the such (which the conditions are not optimal). I have seen others that had issues with their size chanching mechanism. Second best are the DT770Pro, but their much bigger mass plays a negative role for me.
  7. Started with DT-100 on a studio that I started working, then personally I went for Sony, still have'em, stayed with HD25 - still going with them, but I also like the DT-770 Pro. Most of the time I stayed with some variation of Sennheiser I guess, depending if I was working on a studio or for myself. Personally, I can't stand the Sony sound anymore. I think I will stay with the Sennheisers for now.
  8. Are they working ok now? Is this Talentcell solution a legit one? it seems like not a highly appropriate solution for a professional tool. The high pitch squeal can indicaate a voltage issue. Those SD cards are the only ones I use in almost all my machines (in other recorders and some cameras too) and I found them to be super reliable, if bought from a reputable dealer.
  9. I bought recently the new Vdb L - QT as an all arounder. It is 80 - 384 and only 500grms. A litte smaller when not in use, a bit longer and a bit lighter than similar Ambient, which is usually my favorite. I didn't like the older Vdbs, but this one seems a lot better. PSC has some great poles too, not very fancy, like more "exotic" brands, but they do the job and they last for ages. Still use a longer one that has quite a history! I do not like internal. I was using external cable as a booman, and still do not care about internal, neither my boomen. Never had any issues with external cables, and if I had, they were easily swaped!
  10. Cosi seems like a super softie, just one way in also. I do not use other softies, maybe BBGs but they ain't softies!
  11. Sanken CS-M1 and Cosi. What a combo.. Have some issues with mild winds though, but I did a lot of televised stuff with this kit and all my boomen loved it. Great compromise for fast inside - outside stuff, and we had a lot this year. I was a little bit dissapointed that I had to go to a shotgun and zeppelin solution too often outside, because I couldn't trust it completely.
  12. Still believe there is some weird distortion going on, especially on male voices. Unfortunately there are no Sanken offices or anything here, so if anyone learns anything, please do share.
  13. Thank you guys. The microphone is really sensitive. Have more issues with very very deep male voices, especially coupled with the Cosi. I dared to ask if any other owner have/had any issues, I remember the CS3 and the Sennheiser 80 series had some issues upon release.
  14. I am doing a comedy right now and people are really really loud. I noticed there is some distortion when people shouting and in reverberant places even when I go from, let's say to 2 and a half/3 (on a scale of 10) when usually I play from 5-7. What do you people think? Do I have to send it to Sanken or is it normal? Does anyone else have similar experience?
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