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  1. I started in 1999 as a boom op and until 2005 none of the older generation gave me any advice,ever. I was doing my job and that was it (including coffee for my "superior"!). Since then I have educated a lot of sound people. 2 new boom ops only last year, told them everything I have learned in 20 years I have also a small production company, when I have to light, or need professional drone scenes, I always hire someone. I have all the lights and a Mavic 2 Pro and 4 cameras and everything, and I have the education and the work experience, but when it is a proper job, I will ask a professional to do his job. I wrote a few hundrend words more about the "youtube generation professionals" and how it is suddenly a race to the financial bottom in smaller markets but nevermind..anyway, my bitterness wasn't directed to you personally.
  2. I am following these conversations recently on the forum and I am starting to believe that they are kind of unethical. Practically there are people asking us to help them to do our full time job that we feed our families and paying our bills, knowledge acquired through decades of work experience and education being explained on a couple of posts. Would you ask Coca cola for its recipe?
  3. I am about to order the mic with the Cosi. Seems like the most dependable option. I am expecting it to perform almost like a Rode or Rycote blimp outside but unfortunately won't be an ideal solution for inside, which is a pity. All in all, I am expecting to use the combo as a run n gun solution for in/out. I will come back with more when I receive it.
  4. @IronFilm to pass to the university I had to be tested on Cobol. Got 15 out of 20 which was the best grade in my periphery (1/5 of the country). I do not use social media at all. People say it is bad for business, but I can't find them useful.
  5. CS3e is not as bulletproof as the 416 is, par example. Trying to squeeze decades of experience in sound on a few posts is really difficult. Just go out there and make your own statements later on.
  6. So, we that we like using it, and we choose to buy it instead of other, cheaper microphones, we are wrong? Thanks for letting us know!
  7. I do not understand all this negativity about the 416. For the price, it is still unbeatable in Europe. It had never failed me, and I usually go 416/70 for exteriors, rather than 60/70.
  8. https://www.orcabags.com/product/or-280-sound-bag/
  9. I haven't used a Panamic, but Ambient boom poles have been my favorite in various designs and lengths. I am shopping for an ENG one, and I was looking the QX580 0.80-3.30m and 620gr. The problem I have is that it can be shorter than my needs, but anything more than 0.80m is difficult to carry around. So I will be trying the new Vdb Large, 0.80-3.90m 500gr and see how it goes..
  10. What's your impression so far? Does anyone have done a Rode vs Ambeo comparison?
  11. Audix. If it had the reach it could have been a 999$ mic. Now, for - usually - 499$ is the best low cost. Tough as nails as well (AT is well build also to be fair. The Oktava isn't). Can be found used for very cheap sometimes. " know the Oktava Problem wit the Handling-Noise, that can be cure with a good shokmount and windshield." - How do you know that? I certainly do not agree, and I own the mic and few Rycote solutions for it. This Oktava myth has gone too far I guess. It is not a good film and video production tool, and the worst part is that young and inexperienced people get them, which is even worst!
  12. Ok, that is what I wanted to hear, I have to keep jamimg at "short"-ish intervals. This is a mixed production and I can't (=I am not paid to!) use my own equipment so I will use whatever they give me. I will bring only a couple of wireless kits and an Audix kit just for safety. We will be filming on some dodgy areas also, so I wouldn't like to risk my own equipment for free. Thank you very much for the suggestions.
  13. The one I saw it has the back and I did jam the 744T's TC on the Sony. (Indeed I set it to input and I had the 744 to output). Do they drift easily? I will have no other hardware available. Thank you all very much.
  14. Yes, the cable I have is lemo split to BNC IN and BNC out (so I can choose to give timecode to the FS7, or take from the FS7, I was planning to give). I am not sure if there is a passthrough TC from one FS7 to the other. I will search for the manual later.. Cheers.
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