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  1. Ok, that is what I wanted to hear, I have to keep jamimg at "short"-ish intervals. This is a mixed production and I can't (=I am not paid to!) use my own equipment so I will use whatever they give me. I will bring only a couple of wireless kits and an Audix kit just for safety. We will be filming on some dodgy areas also, so I wouldn't like to risk my own equipment for free. Thank you very much for the suggestions.
  2. The one I saw it has the back and I did jam the 744T's TC on the Sony. (Indeed I set it to input and I had the 744 to output). Do they drift easily? I will have no other hardware available. Thank you all very much.
  3. Yes, the cable I have is lemo split to BNC IN and BNC out (so I can choose to give timecode to the FS7, or take from the FS7, I was planning to give). I am not sure if there is a passthrough TC from one FS7 to the other. I will search for the manual later.. Cheers.
  4. I have been given a 744T with only a 5pin Ambient cable to TC IN/TC OUT. We will be using 2 FS7 cameras. Does anyone know which is the best workflow to work with this setup, and what else do I need to make it work (e.g TC from 774T to 1 FS7, and from that FS7 to the other one?). I asked for wireless TC but it is not possible. Any other comment/suggestion/tip for the 774T as a recorder will be appreciatable also.
  5. I do not know if it is relevant, but for such environments (obviously not the desert, as I live in Europe) I have an AT 4025 in my arsenal. Not very expensive, but very capable. Pair it with a BBG for mild winds. It may fit blimps as well but I haven't tried it. https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/wired_mics/5bbed15003fe56a2/index.html
  6. They are very popular because they are/were the cheapest ones that really work. You had to go Boyu, or some exotic name/product to find a cheaper wireless system, and AVX was easily double the price, or more. The Go and XS will doninate that market now. Most Youtubers, solo low budget cameramen, kids, usually have 1 person talking in front of their cameras. In anyway, this is a race to the bottom, I am not that interested right now.
  7. Curtis Judd's review - mind that he isn't a real production sound man, just does corporate and stuff and work as 1 man band usually - which usually is truthful BUT very gentle with anything that reviews, has as cons - among others, 1) self noise 2) limiting limiter functions and options My take is that we will have a ver.2 in 12-14 months time that will fix most of the issues, like they did with their first Deity mic, with self-noise issues also.. It seems to me it is kind of lost between segments, not simple, small or cheap enough to go the Rode Go, Sennheiser XS route for consumer/prosumer use, but neither good enough to beat our established systems for prosumer/pro work.
  8. Try them some, and decide for yourself. I have never used these mics, but sound is a lot different than sight. If it sounds good in the 70s, then it will sound good now! Interferences has been a recent issue to our job, check how they behave, but have a more modern design just for safety. The idea to get the CS-M1 is excellent I believe. I will be ordering mine soon-ish, I am expecting the AKGs to work better indoors, but the Sanken is a good compromise for working both in and out with the right wind protection. It is not very expensive, and can be a valuable tool. I will be getting mine with the Bubblebee Spacer Bubble Kit for indoors and casual outdoors use, and the Cinela Cosi for run and gun situations, but there is a cheaper Rycote solution, or even the Spacer Bubble can be enough for you. I can even do a small "hack" with the Rycote Supershield (put the back basket in front as well and have a super short version), but that remains to be seen (or heard).
  9. Still haven't experienced any issues with my F8 though. Does anyone? And with what wireless system?
  10. It is 1i better! Check the aforementioned cheap wireless systems I suggested above and you may be fine. After 10 days filming on a foreign land you will certainly learn a lot. Good luck with your audio-video adventures!
  11. Isn't this the one with no mic in? Are you sure this is the camera you have? Check the prices there, maybe with the currency exchange difference and duty free you will be able to buy a more appropriate camera for video recording. These cheap dSLRs are the lowest of the low for video in 2019. Buy maybe the Rode Go or Sennheiser XS for your speaker.
  12. Hypers above the audience and further away from the monitors?
  13. Just an EVA and a GH5S - which takes the XLR adapter, doesn't have to be too complicated. You have 4ch between those 2, use some wireless mics and maybe the CS-1M with the new Cinela is better for such a job, do not think the NTG3/416 solution is the best for a camera setup. Even the MKH440 can be better for some situations - which is a stereo shot gun mic. Just 2 cameras, easy to synch, even manually, if you do not cut all the time while shooting. Whatever you buy, nothing can replace a true human that knows what to do with a boom pole, even recording on camera. so don't overspend for gaining just a little bit of better sound.
  14. Only the boom ops!
  15. Yes. DPA. The connection is pressed against the body and that can cause issues in live TV and reality shows. To be honest I haven't seen a DPA without the microdot connection, but I assumed it can't be possibly larger and the important factor, for me, is that you do not have another point of propable failure in your chain. Bonus: They are a bit cheaper as well!
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