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  1. Still believe there is some weird distortion going on, especially on male voices. Unfortunately there are no Sanken offices or anything here, so if anyone learns anything, please do share.
  2. Thank you guys. The microphone is really sensitive. Have more issues with very very deep male voices, especially coupled with the Cosi. I dared to ask if any other owner have/had any issues, I remember the CS3 and the Sennheiser 80 series had some issues upon release.
  3. I am doing a comedy right now and people are really really loud. I noticed there is some distortion when people shouting and in reverberant places even when I go from, let's say to 2 and a half/3 (on a scale of 10) when usually I play from 5-7. What do you people think? Do I have to send it to Sanken or is it normal? Does anyone else have similar experience?
  4. That's true for most, if not all, of harnesses.
  5. Hm..maybe you should try the Sanken CS-1M? It is something in between the aforementioned groups, and it could be probably good enough for most uses anyway. Why do you own the 40 and 50 if you do not like them?! They are very expensive microphones.
  6. Thank you for your review. You are talking about a step up from the 66, what about the MKE600, which I believe is already a step up from the old 66?
  7. I am using the Sanken CS-M1 for a few days now and my first impression is..WOW! Low self noise, hot output, very controled handling noise, great tonal characterestics. I am using its foam or Bubblebee Spacer kit for indoors and very light stuff and Cinela Cosi for outside. I need some more time with it as I am using a lot of other microphones at the moment, but it definitely is a heavy weight production tool of 55grams! I think it is a steal for the price. I paid more for wind protection than the mic itself!
  8. It seems like most people that wanted a Mixpre already bought one. I am not sure why SD was so anxious to improve on the first generation, which is great of course, but that may also indicate that 32bit is a lot bigger deal than we may thought before. I was sceptical about it, but now I am going to follow it a lot closer.
  9. The MixPre3 mkII - except the inputs - is identical to the 6 now and it is the absolutely cheapest video production SD sound recorder. Before it was too "crippled". Check the table under: MixPre Gen 1+2 Comparison Chart MixPre II vs Original MixPre 1) 32-bit float recording a All models - NO 2) 192 kHz recording a All models MixPre-6 & -10T only 3) Timecode Generator/Reader a All models MixPre -10T only 4) USB file copy a All models MixPre -10T only 5) +18 dBu output MixPre-10 II - NO 6) Adjustable Limiter options a All models - NO 7) Sample Rate recording All MixPre II models (44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048, 96, 192 kHz) MixPre-3 (44.1, 48, 96 kHz ) MixPre-6 (44.1, 48, 96, 192 kHz) MixPre-10T (44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048, 96, 192 kHz) 8. ) Pre-roll duration at 48 kHz All models: 10 seconds MixPre-10T: 10 seconds MixPre-3 and -6: 5 seconds
  10. Is it a sad day for Zoom, or an even sad-er for MP I buyers? I know people they just bought ones. They won't be happy tmrow. The MixPre3 mkII seems like a lot better offering than the mkI.
  11. I started in 1999 as a boom op and until 2005 none of the older generation gave me any advice,ever. I was doing my job and that was it (including coffee for my "superior"!). Since then I have educated a lot of sound people. 2 new boom ops only last year, told them everything I have learned in 20 years I have also a small production company, when I have to light, or need professional drone scenes, I always hire someone. I have all the lights and a Mavic 2 Pro and 4 cameras and everything, and I have the education and the work experience, but when it is a proper job, I will ask a professional to do his job. I wrote a few hundrend words more about the "youtube generation professionals" and how it is suddenly a race to the financial bottom in smaller markets but nevermind..anyway, my bitterness wasn't directed to you personally.
  12. I am following these conversations recently on the forum and I am starting to believe that they are kind of unethical. Practically there are people asking us to help them to do our full time job that we feed our families and paying our bills, knowledge acquired through decades of work experience and education being explained on a couple of posts. Would you ask Coca cola for its recipe?
  13. I am about to order the mic with the Cosi. Seems like the most dependable option. I am expecting it to perform almost like a Rode or Rycote blimp outside but unfortunately won't be an ideal solution for inside, which is a pity. All in all, I am expecting to use the combo as a run n gun solution for in/out. I will come back with more when I receive it.
  14. @IronFilm to pass to the university I had to be tested on Cobol. Got 15 out of 20 which was the best grade in my periphery (1/5 of the country). I do not use social media at all. People say it is bad for business, but I can't find them useful.
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