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  1. Cos11 is smaller in diameter than 4060, but the new 6060 is the bee's knees, probably!
  2. Kisaha

    Deity Connect

    That, changes everything!
  3. I have both also, I consider the Audix at least a tier or two above the Oktava. For production sound on a boom, the Oktava is almost unusable.
  4. 100% agree. Also, great advice in the end. Usually 3-5 "points of contact" are enough. I see all the newbies wrap the cable unlimited times around the pole which puts too much pressure on the pole/cable and can not adjust pole's length if you want (you have to unwrap the whole cable for even the slightest change).
  5. I am bringing back this thread because I thought I was set at the QXS580, but now that I will try to use the CS-M1 and the Cosi, I feel that the Ambient will be a bit heavier and a bit shorter for my intended use of an all arounder. Has anyone test the new VDB L-QT? It is 80-390 and 500gr while the QXS580 It is 80-330 and 590gr. I hated the older VDBs though. I seriously hated them, and I love Ambient, but I am open to suggestions and experiences. Is maybe a Panamic a better solution?
  6. Sure, just my impression that is loosing slightly more when connected to the HawkWoods. Just a minor setback, really. Now, I just take the battery out at the end of the day anyway. Cheers.
  7. Any additional reviews or comments? I am about to match it with a Cinela Cosi for run n gun ( fast int/ext) situations and it seems like the best compromise.
  8. @Allen RowandRoERowandRoE Excellent solution for the F8, there is an on/off switch, but I noticed that even when off, the battery looses some power, and if you leave it there for a few days, completely depletes. I do not know if it is just mine but it is a bit annoying, but no big deal. A great solution, especially if you have some L batteries around, like I do.
  9. Kisaha

    Zoom F8n.

    I didn't read the article because I am leaving for work right now, but why exactly the F8 is an "experimental" device? I choose the F8 and I believe I saved quite a lot (1200€ vs 700€). Is the original any inferior than the n in build quality? I wouldn't think so..
  10. Some very interesting ideas for the price. 10/25/50/100mV is a great choice to have. The way they use the latency - for signal and not for encryption - is a bit suspect, but no biggie I guess. Is the microphone mount compatible with the Sony's system, or only G3/Rodelink?
  11. I got the PCS, I did a little post on them a little while ago on a similar thread.
  12. Young boomem here are earning less than that, and I was earning even less when I started a couple of decades ago, but my first mic was a 416. We are talking about huge productions, I doubt even one of those uses a Deity... Even 50€ per day multiplied by a whole season of a TV season is serious money in Turkey, the prices for food and rent are a lot less than most (or all?) EU countries. Now, if you are a 18 years old from an Anatolia village, filming your Kangal dogs, then yes, even the Deity will be too much, but that applies to everyone, all over the world..
  13. Turkey is one of the biggest drama (both literally and in TV productions) exporters in the whole world and the 5th army, so they must have spending power.l, just not everyone has to be a sound person. @IronFilm B&H is not a pricing standard for us Europeans.
  14. It was near 400€ in Europe. Competing with the NTG3 really, which is a vastly superior mic. It came down to price only after the 2 came out. Right now is 332€ and the 2 is 379. All these prices are mic only, and if you do the € to NZ$ you will find out that they are "very" expensive microphones, for what they are. Officially, from the Aputure shop is still, almost, double the price of an NTG2 - which I dislike anyway - and more expensive than a NTG4, and similar money to MKE600, which again, is a much better product. How it is a competitor? The only thing they share is the shape! They are completely different products. Just my 2cents, but my point was how youtubers and influencers are shaping the market these days, while so much knowledge here, is only for the few initiated ones. It should be a JWS committee to respond to various sound myths that appear from time to time with youtube videos!
  15. I remember all the youtube crowd and e-reviews going nuts about how great the first one was, and what a huge bargain it was vs the real deal, when the reality was far from that and it was audible from anyone with a set of ears. Also, the widern patern was characterizing as "less forgiving", as the 416 was "punishing" you for choosing it.. I remember you pushing it a lot to people (!) also, while I was always suggesting other alternatives from Rode/Sennheiser/AT e.t.c I do not know how the second performs, but I do know Aputure has its way with youtubers and "influencers" and seems like in this new era, that's all that it counts to sell well.
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