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  1. Just made some of these attenna's for spares. Thanks roubi for info . Only mentioned in the full utube comments is measure the antenna length from the end of the shielding on sma connector. ( I know it seems obvious).
  2. This is a great thread, Its making me examine some of my work practises and suggest alernitives. I am mainly doing corp stuff now and its a horses for courses approach, what seems best for the day. Usually a split mix to camera and iso's separately . Recently did a short film in a large reverberant hall with talent lav hidden in a lace ruff. In the wides the lavs would be too clean so the boom track would smooth that out , never thought of it as an ambience mic or pointing it away from action.
  3. I thought Stellavox AMI48s were all two channels?, L and R vu monitoring. I have some reviews from the seventies that said even when new they hummed with power supply pretty odd for a very expensive item. (and it was my purchase ) (my first 3 posts are all nostalgic , I must do better)
  4. Thanks mike Mine was two channel and yes good luck finding replacement modules! good thing they were very reliable , mine is still in great working condition. The DIN phones and bannana jack outputs added to the male XLR inputs made for a lot of adaptors. The funny thing was for operating with its own power supply it had hum. On batteries for location sound beautifully quiet. I had one director who used to recommend me because he loved the look of it!
  5. First kit bought from trading post ( a Melbourne institution ) 1986ish a nagra ISlt , a beautiful crystal synch smaller and lighter nagra. Some not terribly good nacamichi shotguns some very large Sony lavs cables and bag and heavy metal cases learning on lots of no budget short film with friends. First proper job, borrowed a 416t and my father bought me a pair of HD 25 off to vanawatu and a fits and bursts career when everything went stereo a bit later I was lucky to find a stellvox AMI 48 at a gov sale (I don't think they knew what it was) best $100 ever spent , jobs with this bought me a Cooper 105 mixer and radios. (I still like to look at the AMI 48)
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