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  1. Not that I noticed; but I was just checking levels. I'll have another listen and report back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Just unpacked and tested my two new Phantom2 transmitters. Using 3 Volt phantom powering and COS11D's, I find that I have to dial in more gain than needed with my ZMT3.6. Using the same lav on both units, I find that in order to get the same level at the recorder I crank up to 27 on the ZMT3 and 39 on the ZMT Phantom2. Is this what the rest of you are experiencing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Well I now have my setup the way I want it. All my transmitters boot up in 'Record' and stay that way irrespective of what mode the Nomad is in. I have switched off Transport Commands on the Nomad and the IFB100. This only applies to Deva Trigger through the IFB100, as I can still control the transmitters using the menu buttons on the IFB100 to put them into RECORD, STOP and PLAY. Interestingly the 992 has an additional function - ALLOW IFB REMOTE CONTROL: ON/OFF. With this function switched to OFF the IFB100 has no effect on the 992. Thanks for your responses!
  4. Thank you for your responses. Our shooting days are hectic, so testing whilst shooting is not feasible. Sunday is our off day and I will conduct some tests then. @ Patrick - You may be onto something! I thought since I had switched off Zaxnet on the Nomad, I could ignore the rest of the settings in that menu. I tried turning off remote control and found that the Nomad was no longer stopping record on my transmitters. Will let you all know how Sunday's testing goes.
  5. Thanks Rich, John and Patrick. It's night time here in South Africa. My gear is on set. I will try your suggestions tomorrow on set and report back! Rich, my Nomad has the IFB option; but I have switched it off in order to use the IFB100 since it outputs at 100mwatts as opposed to Nomad's 50mwatts. I am boosting the signal using a L-com 1watt amplifier, since that worked so well with my Fusion 12. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you John and Rich. I do have my settings as per your recommendations; but still only the TRX992 plays as it should. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Is it possible to have the TRX LT3 boot up into record and stay there in spite of the commands sent over Zaxnet. I need to have back up recording on all my transmitters. I find that some of the transmitters occasionally do not go into record every now and then. This could possibly be a range issue or an artist could be sitting on the transmitter blocking the Zaxnet commands from the IFB100. I have version 9.81 in my LT3's. I am able to set up my old TRX 992 running version 9.34T so that it boots up in record and stays there irrespective of whether the Nomad is in Stop, Play or Record. Pressing Stop on the IFB100 also does not affect the 992. Going through the Menus, I notice that the TC JAM MODE on the LT3 only has two options: AUTO-LOAD RECRUN and AUTO-JAM NORMAL. The 992 however has three choices - the third one being a blank screen. The 992 continues in "Record" in the blank screen and AUTO-JAM NORMAL; but follows the IFB100 when in AUTO-LOAD RECRUN. The LT3 follows the Nomad or IFB100 irrespective of the choice made in TC JAM MODE menu. I no longer use the TRX992 or TRX743 for wireless boom, as I have purchased ZMT3 Phantoms for this purpose. Has Zaxcom done away with this facility?
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