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  1. PhillySound37

    New Lavs for old VHF Lectro (M187)?

    Great. Thanks, and one more stupid question: would such mics also work with Lectro PDR? The manual says: "The input connection and wiring is compatible with microphones pre-wired for “compatible” and “servo bias” configurations to feed 5-pin inputs on Lectrosonics wireless microphone transmitters." I'm assuming "compatible" here means the same thing as "universal"?
  2. PhillySound37

    New Lavs for old VHF Lectro (M187)?

    Thanks for the info! I'm still trying to digest it, but... would one of these Sanken 11-Ds linked below with "universal wiring" work for both my current VHF transmitters and the newer Lectro UHF ones? https://www.adorama.com/sa11wnbkunle.html http://www.locationsound.com/sanken-cos-11d-modified-with-2-wire-universal-wiring-2516 I know that the mic (cable?) functions as the antenna while in use with the VHF.
  3. PhillySound37

    New Lavs for old VHF Lectro (M187)?

    Can the fine folks here recommend some good lav options, apart from the Countryman B3, that I can easily purchase that are pre-wired to work with the old VHF Lectro M187 transmitter? In an ideal world, I'd get a Lav that would both work with the M187 and could either also work with newer Lectro / TA5 connection transmitters or be easily adapted to do so. But I realize this might not be possible because of differences in wiring (I'm a newbie to production sound)! Here's a little context for my question: I recently acquired several old Lectrosonics VHF wireless receivers and trasmitters (CR187 Rx, M187 Tx), and they're in really good shape. The units came with old M-150 lavs, which don't sound so great to my ear. So I started looking for options to give them new life. Being realtively new to production sound, I thought "oh, I'll just get a Sanken Cos-11D with a TA5F connector." I also thought this would be a good investment because as I upgrade to newer lectro units, I could retain the Sankens -- I'm thinking of getting a couple of lectro PDR units. Of course, when I plugged it into the M187, I hardly got any signal at all. I think this is a wiring issue, but I don't have the skill or the resources to go in and rewire the Sanken (not yet any way). As I began my search for a good lav to work with these systems that is still available and is already wired for the M187, I found the Countryman B3 (Adorama has them in stock and they are already pre-wired for the M187). But is the B3 as good as I'll get for the M187 without having to rewire a lav? I might be willing to try to rewire the 11D, but then I'd likely loose the forward compatibility of the 11d with newer lectro systems, yes? Thanks in advance for any input.