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    K-Tek HeatBlock Pouches & Pieces for wireless transmitters

    454* What are they made out of Ov' Glove's? lol. Ov'Glove Looks cool. This stuff matters in high temperature environments.
  2. Dalton Patterson

    Direct feed from mixer to camera

    I call you son because your shinning like the sun!
  3. Dalton Patterson

    Direct feed from mixer to camera

    Don't forget to do this too!
  4. Dalton Patterson

    Direct feed from mixer to camera

    Peep more game son. 633 In and Outs Same thing, but with a Brit accent Meet the homie, he'll get you setup.
  5. Dalton Patterson

    a dialogue editing roundtable with some big names

    Very good listen. Thanks! "The clappah board" "Too much SHHHH to everything"
  6. Dalton Patterson

    Direct feed from mixer to camera

    Audio feed to cam Peep game.
  7. Dalton Patterson

    Problems with Wingman

    Alright, thanks boys( @old school @afewmoreyears @Johnny Karlsson) @Scott Smith-I will let you know if I experience any issues, I plan to test extensively prior to any use. I got the iPad, now I just have to order the USB dongle.
  8. Dalton Patterson

    How to fix a audio track after the shoot?

    With all due respect. You can't polish a turd, and that my friend is a turd. -possibly there is another recording of this event floating around somewhere, and if you can find a copy and sync it up, you might salvage your contract.
  9. Dalton Patterson

    Mixer maintenance

    That thing is awesome.
  10. Dalton Patterson

    Problems with Wingman

    Does it work now?
  11. Dalton Patterson

    MKH 8000 series Finish

    I feel your pain. I tend to baby my mic's. You might have to squeak to get some grease. Someone who is of lesser values might just repaint and hock it on eBay…Buyer beware. I tend to have a sentimental emotional connection to my mic's, this adds to the discomfort felt by any damage. Not everyone feels this way though. I would suggest emailing marketing directly or a sales director or some form of higher up. Include lots of High Res Color photos of the issue and you on set looking like a rock star. Going into a long detailed explanation of your experience and issues with this microphone and how the failing finish will directly effect your brand image and make you not look as good as you could. Potentially your perception on set will be diminished if the client thinks your equip is not top tier. Despite the fact the mic functions %100 and the issue is purely cosmetic, people tend to be influenced by the way things look. This will take some email back and forth and some research, but imagine how good you will feel if @SennheiserPS ponies up and does the right thing here. Another option is just cover it in black paper tape and call it a day.
  12. Dalton Patterson

    Best Shotgun Mic for Singing Guitarist on Location

    From Brian Copenhagen's humidity testing MK41, DPA4017, MKH70 "ran some tests against a Schoeps MK41, Senn MKH70, and the DPA, in about 97% humidity (in the bathroom, hot shower going). The Schoeps did what we'd expect (b-b-b-bbl-bb-bbl), the Sennheiser's sound quality degraded (mostly increased noise floor), but it marched on. And the DPA just sailed on thru, with no apparent change."
  13. Dalton Patterson

    MKH 8000 series Finish

    Take it up the ladder. That sounds like a scripted automatic email response. Don't give up, I know its a major bummer. The alternative is just to strip it with thinner and leave it bare, however that could lead to rust oxidation. Write a detailed explanation of the failure, how did it happen, specifically, when did it start, did it progress? Was there any cleaner used? Atmospheric conditions? It kind of depends on how much noise you want to make about this. Personally if I dropped $1k+ I would be looking for answers.
  14. Dalton Patterson

    Best Shotgun Mic for Singing Guitarist on Location

    8040 close mic the bridge, put a SM58B on vox. Can't get both GTR, Vox and have low background noise. Can you describe the fizziness? If all things don't matter, then the 416 is just fine. I'm sure your recording is acceptable minus the fizziness. You gotta break it down into individual symptoms and causes. "Generally, and "these types" leaves allot to be interpreted.
  15. Dalton Patterson

    Boom operators - Cool photos

    Sunday 4/1/18
  16. Dalton Patterson

    Best Shotgun Mic for Singing Guitarist on Location

    FYI the 416 is rated at 130db MAX SPL, unless your vocalist went over the level of a pneumatic drill ( Jack hammer), the 416 capsule was not overloaded. What is your equipment signal flow? Gain stage, cables, recorder/DAW, Pre-Amp, Speakers, playback routing, etc... I would personally suggest and Omni or Cardioid pickup on a condenser mic as opposed to a hyper cardioid shotgun type pickup pattern. If its on location, use a small cap condenser, if your in a quieter space ( bedroom, indoors) use a large cap condenser. Are you attempting to use a shotgun mic for its off axis rejection characteristics? ( make background noise lower level?).
  17. Dalton Patterson

    MKH 8000 series Finish

    I was going to suggest disassembly and reapplying enamel, but for what you guys paid, Sennheiser should be much more responsive. I mean, if they under cooked the enamel, maybe they have cold solder joints too…Just sayin…Who knows where or when the QC fell off. I would think it would be in their best interest to leave you with a good impression after having this experience with their enamel finish failing. If you tell the right person, I bet they will take care of it immediately. The web contact link probably goes to a marketing questionnaire or Ai analytics algorithm. I don't think they bake enamel in house anyways, its probably done in batches by third party and they just got a bad lot. The company has other priorities, "focussed on gaming handsets and affordable wireless headphones". Pro Audio is not as much of a money maker as consumer junktronics. Sennheiser seems like a solid family owned audio electronics company. @SennheiserPS I look forward to hearing good news. "Also in 1991, Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin, which builds studio microphones, became a part of Sennheiser." I fox with Neumanns big time.
  18. Dalton Patterson

    MKH 8000 series Finish

    They must have put the intern on the curing process then he just looked at his phone instead of doing his job. +1 for SCHOEPS/DPA
  19. Dalton Patterson

    DIY Boom Holder/Cradle (Fishing Pole Holder) Link?

    For the record, I suggest everyone purchase your boom holders from, Trew Audio For those concerned with anything, try this Boom Mate
  20. Dalton Patterson

    DIY Boom Holder/Cradle (Fishing Pole Holder) Link?

    Has anybody had a boom pole while sitting fully extended static in a boom pole holder on a c-stand fail? Has anybody ever seen a modern fishing pole style boom pole holder fail? I know it is possible, but has it ever happened? Ever?
  21. Dalton Patterson

    Orca OR-32 bag with SD 664 fitting issue

    Get the 617!!!! I wrote this long drawn out speech with picture and advantages and why I went with sachtler over orca, long story short, get a Sachtler 617 on eBay.
  22. Dalton Patterson

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    They asked me to make the projector brighter. I had to hold my tongue and not ask them why they didn't just use the LCD Monitor wall. I checked with the Hotel, and the LCD Monitor wall was included with the room. Later that day I also used the LAV mic for laptop audio. The CTO of Intel said; "just put the LAV mic on top of the laptop speaker for sound".
  23. Dalton Patterson

    How do you label bag cables? Protective cable caps?

    Go to the hardware store and bring some XLR blank tubes. I used some kind of hole plug, .5 cents. I will post pics when I get them. This has concerned me also. I am looking for plugs for my entire bag now. -Use label maker, and cut the labels so the edges are round, not square. you could clear shrink tube over printed labels for extra durability. For long term extra heavy duty labeling, after you stick it, paint over it with clear rubber cement. It's this, see through, and will never peel up. -Put your name, phone number, address, and sound on EVERYTHING. Otherwise it will grow legs and walk away all on its own. -Use black paper tape, less residue, no such thing as reside free. -I use color electricians tape for labeling my radio XLR cables, blue cables, blue TX, blue RX, blue dot on fader.
  24. Dalton Patterson

    DIY Boom Holder/Cradle (Fishing Pole Holder) Link?

    Where is this expensive one you all speak of??