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    Cos 11 Sticky cable- not from tape...

    Remove Wipes-Amazon Link $9.79 and free shipping.
  2. Dalton Patterson

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Negative ghostrider This looks intriguing... In general I love Korg stuff. I will keep my eye out for this and report back.
  3. Dalton Patterson

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I'm picking up what your putting down. I have used and own nanokontrol gear, it works, but its really unpractical. It felt fisher-price playskool to me. The price point is attractive. I feel also that is attempting to take food off the table of someone who sacrificed to buy industry standard equipment. On a no/low budget indie, this could improve the quality of the mix when big budget gear is out of the question. I have my hesitations, but the concept sounds fun, but also more trouble than its worth with potential for disaster. Misleading if you will. I like the idea of what you are proposing, only using the bare minimum and scaling up if necessary. If you get anything close to this setup you gotta share it with us!!!!! I am critical, but support you 💯💯💯
  4. Dalton Patterson

    Etymotic or other brand for low-cost earplugs?

    @Izen Ears As a musician, you deal with hazards to your health. Drugs, violence, high SPL and the infamous manager. Firemen deal with smoke inhalation as an inevitability that will eventually cause serious health issues. Similarly a musician will inevitably be hearing impaired. I suggest using significant hearing protection and learning how to interpret the information coming into your brain and not rely on white papers and tech specs. Freq's on paper are sometimes helpful. Basically, you, as a musician are constantly being marketed to and exploited. Earplugs are earplugs irrelevant of their marketed or advertised purpose. However…If you have some cash…These have peeked my interest as of late. WESTONE Website But at a whopping $1,895.00, I will not be purchasing them anytime soon. This technology is still somewhat new, I met with an engineer who developed the spec. He sold me Gator road cases used during the R&D. In theory they allow you to hear quiet sounds and will reduce any sounds over a threshold. I don't think they offer significant high SPL protection, however, the concept is interesting. "Made specifically for when the head rigger slams the truss into the truck and high impact noise situations. Exceptionally accurate and lightning fast, DefendEar Digital active, digital circuitry delivers unsurpassed amplification for situational awareness so you can hear when people poo poo your work and appropriate noise attenuation when the drummer kicks the kick drum while your mic'ing the drum set. The DefendEar Hunter has increased noise suppression for large caliber D-bags on a job and the selectable severe conditions mode offers a higher level of promoter noise reduction."
  5. Dalton Patterson

    Etymotic or other brand for low-cost earplugs?

    Amazon Lightning deal Good deal.
  6. Dalton Patterson

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    VS. Would be equivalent to: VS. …I miss my baby BetZy.
  7. @mono "I think that Pro Tools doesn't sounds very good" Had me laughing sooo hard. Thats real talk about the the visual of waveforms turning hardcore punk rockers into paranoid over obsessive perfectionist's.
  8. Dalton Patterson

    Fantasy Studios RIP

    My first apartment was on the corner of 6th and Dwight. One could purchase illegal narcotics within stones throw. There was way more activity at night than during the daylight hours. I recall the train tracks acting as a de facto walking path. 24hrs a day there was somebody guaranteed to be walking up or down the train tracks along the aquatic park. Graffiti and garbage piles changed almost daily, it seemed as if it happened instantaneously. One day there was a pile, the next day without a trace it was completely gone. The feeling of loneliness was the most common. Despite being surrounded by more people than ever in my life, I had never felt so alone. The first time I went to Fantasy, I was with a teacher of mine, he worked there and had a small office. I remember thinking at the time that his office was small, looking back on that experience now; I had now idea how much Rick would influence my career. I moved soon after and never returned to Fantasy Studios. I can never forget the moment I realized the impact that the work created at Fantasy had on my life. I look forward with high hopes to the next chapter in the world of audio. It gets good around the 21:00 mark...
  9. Dalton Patterson

    DPA 4061, Best prices?

    I need a black DPA 4061. Terminated in TA4F. Microdot is ok. Anybody have any good deals at the retail level? I feel like buying new. Cheers, D I know I know, the 6060. Not available until Nov.
  10. Dalton Patterson

    DPA 4061, Best prices?

    Thank you @RPSharman for the tip!
  11. Dalton Patterson

    DPA 4061, Best prices?

    Thank you @Frankie Richards I'll PM you for the adapter. I would like a spare.
  12. Dalton Patterson

    Sound Devices MP-1 Mic Transformer Replacement

    Add up the time to source replacement parts, 1Hr+ Add time for analyzation and troubleshooting, 1.5Hr+ Add time for actual bench time with a hot iron, .5Hr+ Add time for assembly/disassembly and a thorough cleaning, 1Hr+ Thats 4+ Hrs @$50 is $200. Assuming your capable and experienced as the SD tech's. If you have the time and patience but not the cash, then go for it. However, resale wise I would run away from a device I found out was DIY'ed. I recommend sending it back to SD for a full tear down. Right now your resale value is nil. If you refurbish, it will sell for more $. Kudos to @gsmyth for opening up the hood tho 🆒💯🆗 and adding a pic!📸
  13. Dalton Patterson

    "Sound Speeds" vlog

    Good Vlog post's. Funny as hell. +1
  14. Dalton Patterson

    664 sound devices time code

    Update to latest firmware when you have time. Just to eliminate that possibility. I had my 664 go unresponsive one time. It was running old firmware.
  15. Dalton Patterson

    Etymotic or other brand for low-cost earplugs?

    I use these as a first choice. westone link But sometimes I forget them or I get surprised with a concert. In that case I wear these. Charmin Toilet Paper website.
  16. Dalton Patterson

    stingray junior and k-tek waist harness

    I use this. B and H link Before I got one I was very skeptical. I threw out my back using a shoulder strap, I won't mix without my harness. My harness is very comfy. It took a while to adjust all the straps and secure the loose ends, but it is worth it. It fits like a backpack.
  17. Dalton Patterson

    charging NP-1's from DC? Solar?

    Shmamazon!!!!!!!! I got one of these for camping.
  18. Dalton Patterson

    Zoom F8n.

    Dyn ( Center) means off because dynamic microphones do not require Phantom or T power, left means 48 phantom, right means T power.
  19. Dalton Patterson

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    Make sure to get one of these. They look incredible and clean. I really like mine. I'll leave the debate as to which is better, the Rycote or the Ambient XLR holder for another thread.
  20. Dalton Patterson

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    Ambient QRT is what I use. I came to same conclusion. These look cool, SGS QR. I like the simplified design. However, I feel like if that latch comes open for any reason then its bye bye mic. I will keep an eye out for these in person so I can get my hands on one.
  21. Dalton Patterson

    The horse has left that barn

  22. Dalton Patterson

    Rates, rates, rates

    Before Snowboarding After Snowboarding
  23. Dalton Patterson

    Rates, rates, rates

    no, I was just thinking/wondering that was where he got his screen name from. +1 +1, I feel this Agreed 100%
  24. Dalton Patterson

    Rates, rates, rates

    Do you know of Mack Dawg Productions? ( TrueLife, Resistance, Technical Difficulties) That's a negative ghost rider. Don't do any of that stuff. You are hurting the mixing collective. It's not your job to accept less money because some random weekend warrior wants to get in on the action and will accept less than market rates. What did he say about a COI? Thats usually my go/no go on a job. Let him cobble together different mixers from the great planes to the Atlantic. Never go down, always up.