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  1. Yes. My Sandisk cf died. Made my 633 go haywire. Replaced with Delkin Black.
  2. Contact cleaner zero residue the pins and connections. Use a small wood tooth pick to gently remove any oxidation. What does your RF finder show your wireless transmission levels at? When you click the TX on and off is the TX putting out a full level peak into the RFinder? Or is it only putting out a little bit.
  3. @Izen Ears Psychoacoustic basics Looky what I just found! Haven’t watched yet, but wanted to share. Ooooo. It’s good.
  4. Now that it has been determined that backwards compatibility is not "Nonsense". Could the OP kindly change the title of this thread? If it is left as is, it implies the manufacturer has done something wrong which is clearly not the case. And then there is this…From 2017... Block 470/19 Frequency overlap explained Lectrosonics took the time to create these colorful press releases to explain this exact issue.
  5. Print a label out of a P-touch label maker that says (486.400-495.600 don't use this shit on B470)
  6. Expensive Root Beer or Mexican Cokes. Just put from: Dan Izen
  7. Ah, that’s the word I was looking for. Thanks Jon!
  8. Handling noise not going through the mic amplifier creating unwanted harmonics. Let’s the mic amp work a little less. Super extra hifi tinfoil hat type stuff. But if you need it, you need to know about it. Comparatively, low Frequencies take more power. I’m not saying this correctly but you get the idea.
  9. @Paul Ledfordthank you very much for this. Very helpful.
  10. Get one of these! Devialet Phantom I 108dB Opéra de Paris https://www.devialet.com/en-us/phantom-speaker/phantom-i/ In all seriousness, workers developing parameters for bots use forums like this with loaded questions to create data sets for the AI to base its response off. It's not the actual bot, but we are loading answers for bots to use for free... The font is the give away. But by all means. Please please tell me I’m wrong @juanwhitman
  11. I think OP is a 🤖. My reasoning is Ai creating discussions and then learning based off our responses. It’s gonna happen more and more. You know, to “improve customer service”. Please speak up and prove me wrong OP. “Flame suit zips up”
  12. CA/AZ border is no joke when it comes to electrical storms. I’ve been shocked, but yet to be electrocuted. Finger in a light socket. Mountains are still no joke. Half Dome had a strike and took out a few hikers at the summit. It really stuck with me because I’d been there. I know it sucks to get out of the work rhythm. I’m one that would pass on the “run with lions” type stuff.
  13. Check out “Atypical” with Jennifer Jason Leigh. I think Jennifer, wardrobe and the sound person were all on different pages. The puffy jackets are my favorite.
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