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  1. Meric, Get something like this, BH basic sound kit and play with it until you have a bit more comprehension of the industry as a whole. Call BH or Sweetwater and ask them what you asked here, they will be much more interested in helping you. Hope this helps, best, D
  2. For as little as $18,000! You too can boom without using your shoulders. I don’t see what the big deal is. I mean, there is a practical use for this device, just not on daily boom jobs. I see long distance booming for extended periods where this device would be used, but it creates other issues that first need to be addressed. It also has limitations that need to be ironed out by @IronFilm. (Hey Buddy!).
  3. Careful with that 2012 MacBook. Mine self destructed. Battery swelled and bent out from inside. Planned obsolescence, imho. The rest would just be my opinion, so I’ll end here.
  4. @monoThanks for the vid!!! Just got a LAV snake!!!
  5. Honestly. I BBQ’d some burgers and the pop up tent was collapsed in the morning.
  6. It’s deafening in person. I heard it last year some time and thought, what an engineering failure. On a brighter note. The view while driving is seamless of the ocean. I see what they were trying to do. The rails disappear at speed. It went from “atmospheric river” to now a get this… “bomb cyclone”. We used to just call it heavy rain around here in these parts.
  7. I just got an SSL 2 USB-C. It's no 4k but it's got a 4k button! Sounds crispy for a $200 interface. I agree with Borjam this will probably not bring down the perceived value, and might bring some goodies!
  8. Thank goodness mine doesn't, but I believe you. Smart.
  9. Cigarette Smoke leaves a residue layer that is all kinds of bad. Unfiltered cigarette smoke was also a factor. You will need to remove this layer of residue that is causing the smell. Unfortunately the entire microphone will need to be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and possibly replace the capsule, it might be toast. The guts of the amp should be ok after a professional cleaning. I used to deal with this in real estate properties and vehicles. I can walk you through allot of it if interested PM me. I need to research what specific chemicals to remove this caustic residue. Your going to need to find a solvent that will eat the residue but not the finish. The capsule disassembles down to the disk/diaphragm and can be cleaning at a high risk of damage. I have had success with 99% high grade isopropyl alcohol. Use wood q-tips because they allow you to scrub a bit more than the paper ones. Tar remover? I have a pair of Technic SL1200 in flight cases from 2001 that still smell like they just came out of a nightclub in British Columbia.
  10. I use an REL, not sure of the model. I also have a KRK Rockit 18, but it requires a DBX band pass filter to sound any good. Anything with real steep LPF will work. Remember Subs take more AC.
  11. There are lots of good bag options out there. I really like this one. Plano Website "Weekend Series" 3500 Put a PortaBrace sticker over the Plano and your good to go!
  12. Just a quick search, trying to help. Something kinda like this? check out this search of smallrig : plate & baseplate I have something like this setup for my 2 channel snake/camhop quick disconnect.
  13. Best stuff I found for removing old gaff tape residue is WD-40. I went through all the usual suspects and an experienced set dresser suggested WD-40. My only worry is that it might discolor or dissolve the actual slate acrylic. Please test accordingly. Good luck!
  14. I advocate for better working conditions, I know we are on the same team.
  15. I used to love Subway. First the sneaker rubber in the bread. Then came the no tuna in the tuna. Lest we forget Jared... Subway can't catch a break, lol.
  16. Hey Andrew, Any chance at getting a new thread started? This item has been announced, released, delayed and released again. All in one thread. 4 topics in one! Or we could all just keep posting off topic questions and see how far it goes?
  17. Yo, you gotta take off the sticker. There is one more screw underneath the sticker.
  18. I run the Nano Lockit with the ACN turned off. With ACN turned on and actively jamming the battery life is significantly compromised (10hrs). I got mine when they came out and I might be looking at sending them back for new batteries sooner than later.
  19. Bouke on the code, Neil on the design/concept, Allen on the case/chassis, I’m on the cables. Display does the beta test. Anyone else wanna make a prototype? I suggest adding in a way to check frames and sync.
  20. I was just making a trrs cable, it needs to be padded down to mic level
  21. The time has come. For a new thread about anything to do with this particular item.
  22. I am just glad I am not the only one who doesn't fully comprehend this issue or have an easily comprehensible explanation. This is however, an intriguing discussion.
  23. Ah yes, I saw 23.976 and 29.97 and went from there. Off-speed has always been out of sync and MOS for me. I learned something.
  24. Anybody know someone who can handle a short low budget fri, sat, sun. Rates $600 inc gear. Indie. Mixer cancelled, shooting tomorrow. I told her probably not. Just want to ask as a courtesy. Thanks, D
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