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  1. Yeah, what constantin said. Your not going to save any money buying used if you get taken for the item. PayPal isn’t fool proof and takes time to get money retrieved. Getting to know the seller and finding previous purchase history is your best bet. If they answer back quickly, legibly and make sense in what they are saying that is a good start but not a guarantee. I’ve joined other web forums and posted around to establish my credibility in order to make a purchase or sale. If it’s too good to be true “ buyer beware”. Worst case is you can ask them to put it up on eBay and pay the fee for peace of mind. Does the seller have a solid EBay rating?
  2. Make this work on ios and I will throw money at you. Genius.
  3. Hey All, I’ve been wondering about the bread pans I’ve been seeing around A2’s stations and wanted to delve deeper into the concept similar to the XLR origins. So far I’ve talked to a few A2’s and gotten mixed explanations. I did some quick searching and found out that there is a definite beginning and I think now and end. Read for yourself, if interested of course! 😉 Here is the link. RFVenue Blog “This phenomenon is often limited to big shows, because the baking pan technique came from the big leagues—from the man many call the father of professional frequency coordination of low power devices for entertainment production, James Stoffo.”
  4. I’ve tried Fanny packs. Camelbak makes great lifetime warranty stuff. I got a slim MULE pack and the Fanny pack. It’s a good solution for in the street type stuff. I don’t put the bag down. It just swings one arm off around front. Camelbak Fanny Camelbak MULE I got both on sale around November, after summer. Pull the water bladders and the Fanny rocks. I’ll PM you more. I like camelbak mule because it doesn’t scream “ laptop” or “tech gear”. More, “sweaty” “snacks” look to it. I’ve also put the bladder back in for sunny days and it’s great having water on me.
  5. Or whatever you can get into that port, maybe some specialty flat swabs.
  6. The usb port is prolly dirty. Clean ports contacts with a qtip and contact cleaner.
  7. ( Sarcastic, salty comments removed) Yes, there is a way. But what you are experiencing can be more easily solved by utilizing higher end, lower sensitivity LAV mics. Rode is a good beginning and backup, but as you see, it has hard limitations. If your savy with a razor and iron you can put in a resistor and lower sensitivity, I guess you could make your own attenuation adapter cable ( casual trash talk mixed with salty comment removed). Lemme know if your curious 🧐. I’ve made lots of repairs to many different types of LAV mics. PM me for pics and how to’s.
  8. Your making it sound like I’m wrong. Rockwool is made of rocks heated to become lava-like liquid. I cut my teeth on theater construction.
  9. Maybe have it as a dedicated pole? IDK, I jumped on the QR bandwagon but not really out of necessity.
  10. Awww, poor anodizing… As a solution, next time just use a piece of bicycle inner tube tire that you cut to size and place it around the object before vice gripping them into vice grip oblivion. 🤫 Ask me how I know.
  11. Meric, Get something like this, BH basic sound kit and play with it until you have a bit more comprehension of the industry as a whole. Call BH or Sweetwater and ask them what you asked here, they will be much more interested in helping you. Hope this helps, best, D
  12. For as little as $18,000! You too can boom without using your shoulders. I don’t see what the big deal is. I mean, there is a practical use for this device, just not on daily boom jobs. I see long distance booming for extended periods where this device would be used, but it creates other issues that first need to be addressed. It also has limitations that need to be ironed out by @IronFilm. (Hey Buddy!).
  13. Careful with that 2012 MacBook. Mine self destructed. Battery swelled and bent out from inside. Planned obsolescence, imho. The rest would just be my opinion, so I’ll end here.
  14. @monoThanks for the vid!!! Just got a LAV snake!!!
  15. Honestly. I BBQ’d some burgers and the pop up tent was collapsed in the morning.
  16. It’s deafening in person. I heard it last year some time and thought, what an engineering failure. On a brighter note. The view while driving is seamless of the ocean. I see what they were trying to do. The rails disappear at speed. It went from “atmospheric river” to now a get this… “bomb cyclone”. We used to just call it heavy rain around here in these parts.
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