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  1. Pretty much. I carry a wifi router and iPad to the majority of my gigs. 50 out of 100 hours behind the console are spent navigating through the layers and menu's. It's a joke by the marketing department on us.
  2. One post by@KenLac and everyone jumps in the pool. I wonder if he’s a secret marketer. This tread Turned out to be a sales persons dream.
  3. $150! I have an affinity towards older gear, it is not that I dislike new products, but that I like older equipment that much more.
  4. Remember MySpace? Might I suggest a T/C device with a proven track record, long history of customer service and support. This thread reminds me of the classic " Honda Vs. BMW" debate. " " I want BMW performance and reliability, with a Honda?" Denecke= BMW Ambient= BMW What if in 18 years you go to sell this item? Or even 10? I just bought a Denecke SB-2 from @Aural Fixation (Thanks!@!!) that is from 2001, That is an 18 year old T/C box. Still runs like a Rolex. Let that sink in. The year will be 2037 should you decide to use and then sell your T/C box in that same amount of time. Which companies do you truly think will still be profitable and in business in the year 2037. I am intentionally trying to not mention names here, but do you still have your cell phone from 2010? Are you buying for today? Or are you buying for 2037? Adds a bit of a different perspective doesn't it? I tend to buy for 2037 unless I really only need it for today. @KenLac You have to let all of us know what you decided to go with!!! You have to
  5. @Janik Hampe Could you print me one? I want it for CMC5. Make that two please. I’ll break one most likely. I only need the frame. I’ll work on fitting the fabrics and glueing. I’ll document and send you all results and tricks. I worked on some waterproof Lav Mic cages back in 2012, they were very successful. Ive been meaning to make a baseball but haven’t seen any frames until now! Best, D
  6. EQUUS Magazine "The horse sees a broad band of the world to the sides and back of his body, but it is narrow. His vision is poor above and below the level of his eyes. Sights directly to the horse’s side but on the ground or in the air are difficult to see unless he cocks his head. Equine vision also creates blind spots. A horse cannot see a person standing directly in back of him. Surprised from behind, even the sweetest horse can kick in almost any direction. That’s where that tenet of good horsemanship---approaching the hindquarters from the shoulder---comes from. You want to make sure he knows you’re there. A second blind spot exists in front of the horse’s face, from his eye level to the ground below his nose and out to about six feet. A hand suddenly raised will appear to him to come from nowhere. He cannot see the grass he grazes on, the bit he accepts, the fingers that stroke his muzzle. He uses the whiskers around his mouth to sense these objects. A horse whose whiskers are shaved is at a sensory disadvantage."
  7. Book a room here, https://goo.gl/maps/LaNwDCxKkEULYZjYA There's a barn in the back they use for wedding/ dances that might be cool and you wouldn't have to rent a room if you worked quickly. Point Reyes Station - Google Maps.pdf They also have Honeymoon cottages that are isolated and look incredible. Here is a pic of the Honeymoon Cottage Cottage Olema House Point Reyes - Google Maps.pdf
  8. At the risk of being roasted, You can get a RfExplorer from Amazon for $149 Base model. RFEXPLORER Amazon link If you can find one for around that price point from Trew, Gotham, Location, Etc…That would be better. FWIW I always shop the usual suspect first.
  9. Now I finally understand why my doctors and mechanics were always so frustrated and short tempered with me. I asked the doctor for my appendix back when I was 11 after my appendectomy. I think he though I was joking until I insisted. I asked my mechanics if I could just watch them do the work. None said yes. FWIW I’m self taught in everything. I didn’t learn much from teachers before College. I couldn’t pass 10th grade Algebra but could pass college calculus. Go figure. I encourage your desire for knowledge and applaud your efforts. You started off well by finding this resource. JW is the best!
  10. Come on man, airplane pilots always fuel up their own planes, serve drinks, grant seating arrangements requests, get out of the cockpit and taxi their own planes to their own runways, then go up into the air traffic control tower and makes sure the runway is clear: end sarcasm. "If you aren't up to the job I will find somebody else who will" is not something you say to somebody you respect.
  11. Yes!!!, Hold top button and press down middle button to turn down, hold middle button and press top button to turn up.
  12. All my contracts and invoices say NET 15. I would charge late fees. They count on you just giving up. I heard a rumor about NET 90 but I thought it was a joke as nobody would wait three months before getting paid. What is this? The Guitar Center model of business?
  13. I think this is really cool that your making your own gear, I have been eyeing a BDS system for ahwile. I have a few suggestions, positive reinforcement. You have to get the form factor down. It's gotta be nano sized. ( Try telephone wire for connectivity, or ethernet) RJ35 or whatever can take an underestimated amount of power. The toggle on/off is to tall. Should be recessed slide switch with indent, ( hard to turn off) and low profile. Again, this idea is really cool and gets my brain thinking. Cheers, D
  14. This is the smartest watch in my book. It charges itself.
  15. Get em' while there 40% off! Amazon Pelican Deal of the Day! -Moved to different section, more relevant.
  16. Agreed. You went to use your functioning equipment. It failed. Regardless of definition, the equipment worked and then it did not by no fault of your own. Your out the money you spent to provide working equipment. That requires compensation for loss or ( damages). If one rents a hotel room and doesent sleep in the room one still pays for said room. Especially if reason for not staying was inability to use room caused by their party. Maybe the room is rentable after repair maybe it only takes a good cleaning, but that’s the owners discretion not the renter. Permanently damage is not necessary. The item is no longer guaranteed mission critical trustworthy. I agree with the argument that if someone caused equipment failure, that constitutes need for replacement, in addition to rental fee. This is a business not a hobby. You didn’t make it so that you have to verify your equipment and pay for bench time. Miss you buddy, Hope your doing well. D
  17. I dealt with issue when producer asked how to use iPad to get timecode accurate display for notes. The software ended up being cost prohibitive. In theory it would have worked with an iRig+TC nanoLockit velcro'd to the back. This is how to get line level signal into an iPad + software that recognizes it. Link, iRig P.s I am going to check out Auria App for iPad/iOs tomorrow! Thanks!
  18. Yeah, I left out the part where I say I’m using a rosendhal for my TC master clock.
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