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  1. I feel required to respond, I posted that image as an oppositional argument. I have, and always will think in an oppositional format. It has nothing to do with real or not real issues. I deeply appreciate your input no matter your position or opposition. With that being said, I would like to put the lid back onto this particular can of worms. The conclusion I have come to is that the waves on the beach( problematic issues) will never stop, it is best to catch a good ride when a nice wave comes along.
  2. “Initially, the term space debris referred to the natural debris found in the solar system: asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. However, with the 1979 beginning of the NASA Orbital Debris Program, the term also refers to the debris from the mass of defunct, artificially created objects in space, especially Earth orbit.” I was referring to the artificially created objects in Earth orbit, as opposed to an asteroid colliding with the satellite before eventually causing a catastrophic end of the world. Theres basically trash everywhere. Oceans, land space was my main point.
  3. What if on a job and some space junk collides with the satellite TX'ing TC/GPS signal? Googlemaps is the big dog in the GPS business and my phone still regularly makes mistakes. Despite capturing every minute detail and aspect of my life they still cannot tell if I'm walking north up the street or south down the street, or if I am on the frontage road or the freeway. Unless there is a revolutionary groundbreaking technological breakthrough, I think I'll just stick to Lockit's and JB-1's. I like to think there are people sitting at a desk getting a salary from Ambient and Deneke to have these types of conversations for us.
  4. Hey all, I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with this test monitor? Digital Forecast Bridge x TS I want to use it to trouble shoot projectors and camera feeds in addition to being able to generate a test pattern grid on location. Any input appreciated, this seems to be the only solution besides using two components. ( a monitor and test generator). Thanks!
  5. I got a skunk that crawled under my house. I woke up at 5AM smelling gas. I thought it was gasoline in my bedroom, turns out it was Pepé le Pew. 1. Skunks hate the sound of human voices and are nocturnal, so all day the skunk gets: The Hunchback of Notre Dame audio book through a bluetooth speaker placed in the crawlspace vent. 2. Being nocturnal, Skunks hate light: Two flashlights on strobe in the vents pointed under the house. 3. Once I am certain Pepe has found a new home, I will seal off where Pepe "broke in". "Generic Skunk Mugshot" I thought about buying a motion activated game camera, but don't really want to put any money into this issue. P.S. I have no interest in harming this animal or causing harm to any animals.
  6. links? pics? does it really exist? Shure Twinplex Link
  7. I've been spoiled. Most of my orders from Markertek are free shipping. Can't beat $5.76/12' bucks for Mogami W2697. No Tax, No Ship cost.
  8. Update firmware and and format cards.
  9. No, unfortunately. I have not. In my opinion all location sound equipment will fail or deliver unacceptable results in the environmental conditions before you finish a job like the one you describe. I suggest contacting them and seeing if they are open to hearing your requirements. I have no experience with the company. Your probably going to have to have a heated container to keep the mixer/recorder alive. Please let let us know how this ends up. I am a very big fan of nature doc work. I really look forward to seeing what you all get!!! Best D
  10. Tapatalk is probably like YELP…Pay to play but they deny it to the grave...
  11. " I don't think I would willingly put myself through that"... " I know there are benefits"...
  12. I would explain that you have a large collection of items taken out of normal use because of normal wear and tear and these items do not fit into that category because they have not reached the end of their warranty or expected use ( 1,000+ HRs) ( arbitrary number really). You are aware of normal wear and tear and that does not apply to this situation because you would not use those items on a professional job in any circumstances because of the unreliability of the out of service items. Express how you only use new, recently serviced, professionally maintained, top of the line equipment. Any thing different would be very obvious to you and not be used. This situation specifically calls for replacement because the said items were functioning at the time of delivery to rental client. While in possession of the production team, something cause the item to fail. This is in no way covered by normal wear and tear use clause, as I would not put items close to being worn out into use under any circumstances. Basically you can go on with this as long as needed. Don't be afraid to call insurance. Facts.
  13. How to Differentiate Between a Real Skater and a Poser Skater Study what they do at the skate park.[6] Do they spend time actually riding their board at the skate park? Or do they show up, ride around once, then spend the rest of the time standing around, chatting, smoking cigarettes, texting and getting in the way of actual skaters? Classic poser moves. Real skaters will spend most of their time skating and practicing tricks when they’re at the skate park. Real skaters pay little to no attention to the social gathering going on around them at the skate park.
  14. G.R.A.S. The 41AC-3 is waterproof and fulfils the requirements of IP-55. It is designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures for a very long period, i.e. easily a year or longer.
  15. Press the record button. Press the stop button. Pass the files to the person who is supposed to get them. If it's really complicated then you will have to do this at lunch time. Yeah, don't do any of this. Your just there to capture the sound. If you have to do any of this, your not doing your job in the first place. Another possibility is your being too hard on yourself with unrealistic expectations. Just focus on this for now. As far as combining production and post production work, they are different worlds. Pick one plate and finish the meal. Try recording some lectures at a nearby school, or going to a concert and recording the performance from the crowd. I recommend start recording anything that interest's you. I used to always carry my Zoom H2, people thought it was a Tazer, so I kept the foam on the mics. I learned what not to do, let me put it like that. Volunteer or offer to work at discount and get involved with any video production in your area. Get your hands dirty, but be sure not take food off the table of any working sound mixer. Try to locate a working sound mixer in your area and buy him coffee/tea/beer/chocolate. I know the recording process is overwhelming and the workflow can be confusing or daunting ( don't let the difficulty of treading water keep you from enjoying the pool). Don't be discouraged, and try to recognize when your burned out; give your self some credit and a break. Wooster or Worcestershire? Kidding, I know its pronounced Wooster. Welcome!
  16. MSR, Inc. 61 Galli Drive, Suite A Novato, CA 94949 USA 800 497 2087 Toll Free 415 883 8053 Tel 415 883 8147 Fax info@msr-inc.com MSR has been doing acoustic room treatments since THX Spec was created with Dolby (1983). They are one of the pioneers. Most cheap knock off acoustic treatments do not have the licensing or decades of IP to back up their claims. On the flip side, it is very easy for a skilled individual to fabricate a suitable alternative. ( rock wool/ fiberglass board/ moving blanket). This is how I spent my summers before, Let's just say I got really good at folding moving blankets quickly. I suggest a large duffel with all the think blankets and pads you can stuff it with. Also do not forget a bunch of C-47's and large push pins. $5 or $150
  17. Buy a portable mixer that has decades of intellectual property dedicated to this issue. I'm not 100% but I think the bag is entirely DC. There is nothing to ground.
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