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  1. Hey Andrew, 


    Any chance at getting a new thread started? This item has been announced, released, delayed and released again. All in one thread. 4 topics in one! Or we could all just keep posting off topic questions and see how far it goes? 

  2. I run the Nano Lockit with the ACN turned off. With ACN turned on and actively jamming the battery life is significantly compromised (10hrs). I got mine when they came out and I might be looking at sending them back for new batteries sooner than later. 

  3. Needs to be left on the camera all day. Continuously jamming camera. 


    Think of it this way, three cars driving down the road or 1 car towing 2 cars. 


    Older ambient stuff is capable of cross-jam, newer units are not. 


    What they are doing is exactly why you are having your problem. 



  4. Check your TC devices, do you have a way to check sync? Can you plug your TC devices into another device and check sync? 6 frames sounds like faulty gear but not sure. 


    I use an old Ambient slate and it works great. 


    2.2.3 External TC framerate identification

    Press BLUE button to display the Generator framerate and next to it the external TC framerate. A single bar to left of the framerate indicates the eventual error in the following ways:

    0 1/4 1/2 1 1-1/4 1-1/2 1-3/4 2> if external TC

    frames error ext fps slate fps 2.2.4 EXT TC error check

    Bar full left indicates an error of 0 frames or less the 1⁄4 frames . 4 bars from left 1 fps error.
    Full right indicates 2 or more frames error.

    2.2.5 Framerate identification

    The ACD slate display shows the various framerates in the following way:















    29.97 Drop Frame


    30 Drop Frame

  5. Henri and Philip have mic dropped this thread. 


    B6>Cos-11and Wired>Wireless IMHO. It all works and only we can tell the difference blindfolded. 


    Piano's have tons of harmonics, throw allot of mic's at it. ORTF on a moveable Cstand or mic stand is awesome. Try to get in there for rehearsal and experiment with distances from the piano, you will notice big differences. Bring a tape measure and document distances from source. I can't recall the exact distances from memory but they are there, its calculus. 

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