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  1. My questions for anybody with Nomad in Reality TV mixing.... how fast can I throw multiple characters from L to R or R to L? how do you perform PFL?
  2. yah but we can't get these transmitters much smaller...
  3. if we give them four channels on camera then what the hell are we MIXING? no way i'm giving them ISOs on the camera. Also I've been told that in order to actually pull CH 3, 4 from tape requires a special DECK that is not common. thoughts on this?
  4. my etymotic molded earplugs have been one of my best purchases ever.
  5. Hah Find My Comtek! Maybe the Teradek thing is something to fear? If they also stream audio - all they'd have to do is plug in their headphones to the iPad and not our Comteks and we are out of a rental! Comteks are such a money maker!
  6. The CUB might give you some hiss if you're doing parked car / whisper quiet scenes.
  7. rates are too low and double time after 14 is a joke. I worked 6 months as a third on a Fox show and I made 28 bucks an hour! We are highly skilled technicians and I think even thirds should be making 40/hr and a Mixers should be way more. I think when people say they WANT the hours because of all the overtime - if we made twice as much rate in a day we wouldn't be saying this.
  8. When I'm looking around in a car I always have the PSC Fleximounts in mind.
  9. after certain days on the job I notice (we all do) that the ringing is a little more intense but it has always recovered. I keep my sleeping environment super quiet - my right ear is still recovering from being too close to an ambulance air horn and I could only cover one ear because I was holding a heavy bag with my other hand! I haven't had a test in a while but I believe that your hearing can be healed.
  10. A coating on the board makes sense but what about dock connector and the small connectors inside these devices that need to conduct? If you put this coating on an iPhone dock connector - the pins still need to conduct and if there is a drop of water across the wrong pins it will still conduct/short no? I would also assume the internal connectors can't be permanently coated as this would prevent any repair or disassembly.
  11. you can cut a narrow strip of top stick to adhere the hushlav to clothing but I rarely use them outside of tie rigs.
  12. has anybody ever worked out of their trailer on say .... one day jobs where it doesn't make sense to load into a camera truck and the weather is bad or location too small - just easier to work out of the 'truck' but out of the trailer?
  13. I could see it as a great front end for a cabled boom but I'm not sure I could justify the expense for all the times I'd prefer boom to be wireless.
  14. No gear purchases this year but I spent a good deal of money in my travels and that was worth every penny. Was in London during the royal wedding, NYC during 9/11 and was in Italy for over 3 weeks in July - had a hell of a year with no gear purchases. My mind has been going around in circles on what to buy for gear. I can never freaking decide. BTW been drooling over the Transit Connect as well. My one day jobs involves way too much prep and its a bit of a burden. Another local soundie just got one.
  15. I used Bikram Yoga to clear up my chronic lower back pain - It still comes back when I'm doing a lot of sitting but at least its no longer chronic. As far as backs go... some of the instructors summed it up well that we generally are always bending forward and never backwards and this is how our discs over time get pushed out.
  16. I've been doing a few jobs recently with post-house starting to do production - their assistant editor was trying to tell me that TC slates are obsolete because of plural eyes. All I could do was laugh. I figured just let him be in his own little world. Didn't even try to argue with him.
  17. And don't forget you can bypass the pilot tone by holding menu + up on receiver for more troubleshooting fun.
  18. Yes I would say the pilot tone indicator is a big one. If you're sure the compatibility modes are matched. You could even cycle the receiver through different modes just to be sure. Also be sure you are getting audio level registered on your transmitter indicator LEDs - Could be a mis-wired microphone if not. One last thing sometimes the frequency switch pots can be seated improperly so use a tweaker to rock the pots back and forth make sure they are seated.
  19. what we need is an AUNetReceive app for iOS - I have read that by using AUNetSend/Receive you can get the delay down to 30ms
  20. So Why couldn't you have a dedicated iPhone running a Hotspot and a handful of iPod Touches as receivers? or when on a cart having a airport extreme running a network simply for IFB reception? I know that I have my Airport Extreme on 10% output and I don't drop the wifi connection until i'm down the block driving away in my car. I can only imagine the range with the thing on 100%. The mac app Audio Hijack by the same company is cool because you can play with different encodings - perhaps a lower bitrate audio stream will tighten up that delay? Or what about audio over bluetooth? That is definitely lower fidelity than airplay over wifi but perhaps there is very minimal delay? I don't know about bluetooth to multiple receivers though - i know you have to pair everything... and I'm pretty sure the transfer rate of Bluetooth is pretty low like 150kbps. Shit we could all be using iPhones or IPod Touches as lav transmitters soon!
  21. once you pass 0dbfs your audio actually transmutes into time/space.
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