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  1. absolutely! Especially doing utility work there are so many things going on in your mind to keep track of te gear, timecards, inventory, etc - and then learning dialog in 30 seconds when you need to jump in!
  2. Jeff - what was your antenna / receiver setup on the ground? Mike - did you jump as well? where were you receiving?
  3. Yesterday's job was one of those. It was going on 10p for an expected call of 7am the next day. I just started hounding her. I'm going to hope that these people just didn't know what they were talking about... but they were looking for a person who would do audio playback and VTR on a music video. They told me that on the west coast they can find people who do this - I told them good luck finding that in Chicago. Have you guys heard of this? This is ONE person for VTR and Music Playback.
  4. I wonder how many aes channels this unit has? you could use a 01v96 thru aes to create a mono mix and use the sax components.
  5. I would like to add that recorders with internal HDDs should be powered down because the drive heads need to 'park' first. SSDs and CFs dont. EDIT: BTW I am also very excited about this Nomad!
  6. about as difficult as reading switch settings on a Lectro UM transmitter
  7. correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the AES stream is not identical from the mic output to the receiver output because of the dsp and compression. The next question is... how much does that matter?
  8. looks nice. I've actually become quite accustomed to the on-screen keyboard. I'm pretty sure you can also use the Apple Wireless Keyboard with the iPhone 4. Its not very pocket friendly though.
  9. but it won't scan and tune your receivers like the Fusion does?
  10. After reading through this thread twice now - and watching the videos - i'm still confused as far as some of the zaxnet features. What zaxnet features are present on the deva/fusion and NOT on the Nomad?
  11. Feels like waiting for an Apple product announcement.
  12. I knew about the spray but I never noticed it was worse through the power circuit.
  13. can anybody explain this phenomenon? Attaching 744T to same power source giving me worse range on 200 Lectros.
  14. Thanks Glen Seems that an instrument cable has done the trick for now. Shortened it up... doesn't seem to do it anymore. You're saying to place a resistor across the circuit correct? simulating a load? UPDATE: with this cable... comtek only comes on when sticks are open. Playing around with it, i think it may be a good thing! fingers crossed.
  15. Hey guys, I'm trying to get a Comtek 72 Timecode link working for a playback job. It seems every time the timecode signal stops (from the transmitter) IE... stop start, pause, etc... The Receiver turns off automatically. It also seems to turn off automatically if the volume is below 50%. Seems like perhaps its the same function that turns the unit off when you disconnect a pair of headphones. Has anybody else had this trouble when trying to setup a TC link? I'm feeding the transmitter from a 442, and PR72B receiver is feeding a Denecke TS3 with a simple unbalanced cable. Is the cable too long?
  16. and their non-SMPTE timecode will still jam Deneke, Ambient, Sound Devices clocks? all clocks?
  17. The Meon uses an internal NiMh battery which would not work with a lead acid. We are talking about PSC Powerstar and Powermax Ultra.
  18. how does the Deva talk to the IFB100? there is a timecode cable, and an audio input - is there another connection?
  19. both good options. thanks guys. I think I'll look into modifying the powerstar.
  20. Glenn If I were to have an IFB100 on the cart, and needed to run a QRX100 with IFB board closer to the set, would the QRX serve any purpose in bettering my IFB range? or would I need to power off my IFB100 and lose zaxnet control at the cart? I guess my question is, is there any benefit in purchasing this option, when my zaxpaq will be primarily used for cart work. The IFB100 has a 100mw output whereas the option board for the QRX is 50mw. I'm guessing this may not be enough IFB range for cart work?
  21. Mr Lightstone, are you using the powerstar with your 01v96 in any way? Are you running a small inverter off of it? Or still using the xantrex?
  22. Has anybody considered using a zaxpaq with one of their QRX100s outfitted with an IFB board? Would this help with running out the zaxpaq closer to set for reception issues and possibly doubling as improved IFB reception for a boom op? Also would you still be able to use an IFB100 on the cart simultaneously to control zaxnet functions? how would this work having two IFB transmitters? Would the TRX942 be able to choose the closer IFB transmitter while still receiving control from the cart?
  23. do any of you guys have sankens that have become a tad gritty? Compared to a B6 or Tram cable... it seems not as easy to drop down a pant leg. is there a type of coating I can put on these lav cables?
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