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  1. ronfya

    Zoom F8n.

    Of course there is SOME truth to it ! Thankfully ! My issue is when I am facing people who are pretending it's the ONLY truth and who are discarding people based on that. And I completely share the situation you just described !
  2. ronfya

    Zoom F8n.

    Yeah of course we see various brands here and there. I am just saying there is a clear trend towards a crushing majority of certain products. And because of that, there is a bias in people's minds for requirements. This is fair though. And here is an example of bias.
  3. ronfya

    Zoom F8n.

    Hey man, if you read the industry press (and I am sure you do), it's written in it. About recording vocals, the info is scattered in interviews most often. Still, if you read them regularly, it's not rocket science to figure out that the vast majority of big albums were recorded on U87s. About cameras, you can find the info more easily http://www.indiewire.com/2017/01/sundance-2017-cameras-arri-canon-red-sony-1201770071/ https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/cameras-and-lenses-behind-2017-oscar-nominated-films/ https://nofilmschool.com/2015/02/which-cameras-were-used-oscar-nominated-films-2015 https://shotonwhat.com/cameras/ Arri: 1627 films vs Red 427 films (probably not exhaustive, but still that shows a trend) and aside some occasional Red or Pana, it's : Arri, Arri, Arri, Arri, Arri, Arri ... The endgame for everybody is doing exactly what you said: real-world used-on-a-real-job-for-money. And personally, I have no problem as per se that somebody does not agree with my choice. I have a problem when that choice discards people based on gear brands reputation ONLY. What I am saying is that in the film industry there is a STRONG bias on gear brands. And brands than don't have a great history record like Zoom seem doomed to stay on the bottom of reputation even if one day they come up with the indisputable best (because it's measurable) product ever. I am saying that there are not much people ready to say a product is good/bad at something (and accordingly use them or not in prods) REGARDLESS of the brands. Like the SD MixPre power options are plenty but are all a joke. And the Zoom F series have much better preamps than we expected from them before that. So much that they can even be considered for high quality jobs now. And since this is a reality we need to play with, I am weighing the fact if I should lean a bit into that (by buying a SD MP 10T instead of a seemingly equally capable F8n) to avoid unnecessary discussions like these when trying to get a job.
  4. ronfya

    Zoom F8n.

    Can you tell me more then ?
  5. ronfya

    Zoom F8n.

    That's exactly what I am talking about. Some brands have established (legitimately or not, that's another discussion) so much recognition in the industry that they are more often than not the "only" choice for high level projects. Even with very high quality products. Recording vocals? Only high level choice is a Neumann U87 Shooting a feature blockbuster ? Only camera possible is an Arri Alexa On the other side, some brands (like Zoom) still fight against an history of average consumer grade products, even though clearly a lot of water flowed under the bridge and they currently have products perfectly capable of handling pro level prods. This problem is unfortunately a reality to take into account when investing in gear since it exists at every level of the industry (be it at different intensities). Cause frankly, since the F8n and the MixPre 10T seem very comparable, I am very tempted by investing in a F8n instead of a MixPre 10T because of the awkward ergonomics of the latter regarding power options. And the only reason I would go for the SD, is brand recognition.
  6. ronfya

    Zoom F8n.

    It seems they finally have a pro level field mixer/recorder. And now the dreaded question: MixPre 10T or Zoom F8N ? 🙂 They both seem to have a very similar set of features. So the few remaining questions are comparison of : - audio quality, - headphones output quality, - limiters efficiency - usage as an audio interface to record musical instruments I was going to buy a MP 10T but I hold on my purchase, because frankly, its ergonomics is awkward - the SD card slot is not easily accessible - the hirose pin at an angle is prone to break eventually, hence the need to buy the SD-1 sled adaptor to have one properly positioned on the back of the MixPre. That's 100 bucks more. - the NP-F batteries caddy shape is the worst thing ever so it's a no no. The zoom does not have those issues, seems to have great ergonomics and is lesser than half the price ! I don't mind paying for an expensive good product. Sure it won't be perfect, but when it's awkward it's another story. Especially when there are possibly better and cheaper options. So if the Zoom proves to be on par with the SD MixPre audio quality wise, the problem reduces to brand notoriety. Because unfortunately, I find that there are still some production companies who would not allow you to use such a product ONLY because it's not SD, or Zaxcom. What's your experience on this guys? REPLY
  7. Hey guys, does somebody know if the 10T can be used as an audio interface on a computer using only USB-A ? (even being in "reduced mode" like I believe the MixPre-6 can do allowing only 2 channels) ? I would really like to purchase the 10T for field and studio needs but I have a 2012 macbook with only USB-A's so I was wondering if I would be able to use the 10T at all on that computer. Thanks, Cheers.
  8. ronfya

    Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    Hey Paul, Any chance to have the Auto-copy to USB Thumbdrive feature passed on to MixPre3 & MixPre6 via firmware update ? Or not ? Thanks