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  1. Gosh, licking a preamp seems a little perverted to me. I try to keep things on a professional basis. But thanks for your reply.
  2. Could anyone venture an opinion on the quality of the Lectrosonics mic preamp compared to a Sound Devices mic preamp?
  3. I ended up staying in advanced mode. With my usage, I generally just set a level and leave it, so I don't really need the knobs (although it will be nice when SD gets this sorted out). Plus you can have presets for different setups and set the gain separately for each one. I think there actually is no "trim" pot on these recorders. You can only affect the gain of the preamp output.
  4. Have you changed the headphone settings? The default is mixLR, so if you're not recording them, you'll hear nothing. You must make a new headphone preset with the ISO channels as source. Also, make sure you have increased the gain on the ISO channels to a good level. Push in the fader knob and press GAIN on the menu to adjust.
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