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  1. Guys, I wasn’t asking for undecoded MS on the ISOs. I thought that I read that was the factory’s intended functionality ( but for the life of me - I can’t find the section of text in the manual that gave me that impression. ) i thought perhaps, it might have been in an earlier manual that I downloaded from SD when the MixPre series was first released, but still can’t find it. weird that the SD support guy confirmed to me over the phone that undecoded ISOs were what should be happening. He did say he would check with engineering however. regardle
  2. I agree Freeheel, having the option to keep the M/S ISOs in their original format would be preferred. Throwback, With the MP6, I'm usually running two stereo pairs in tandem. With the M/S pair, I know I'll be processing the matrix in post, archiving my Polywaves in split pairs. But in the field I would prefer to monitor the decoded M/S mixed with the secondary stereo pair on the main LR bus. FWIW: A double mid side routing option would be a welcomed addition to both the channel linking and HP presets. -m
  3. Hello Everyone, First time posting. Actually first time with a question worth posting: I've just acquired a new Mid-Side setup (4017b + CCM8) and have run a few tests over the last few days. It appears, that when MS linking is enabled, the MixPre6 ( fw: 1.5.2 ) is recording the decoded mid-side signal to the ISOs as well as to the main LR mix channels. According to the MixPre manual, it should leave the ISOs in MS format. Anyone else have a similar experience? I called SD, it was the first they've had a report of this. They're looking into it.
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