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  1. The little 1 inch square screen and my fat fingers didn't get along. I wound up using my pinky most of the time!
  2. Phillip, No disrespect intended. I apologize if it was taken that way. Even when I did multritrack to the old Tascam MDM's, I would carry a minidisc (gasp!) and run a 2 track backup. Yeah, it was only 14 bits, but I guarantee better than nothing.
  3. That would be professional suicide. Always use a backup. The Mackie half jack is disturbing to look at and is unbalanced, but I've never had any issues with it.
  4. The 788 is a fantastic piece of kit! I just returned an MP10 II and snagged a 788 with the CL-8 for a grand more. The sound alone is worth it. I compared the AtoD stage and the 788 is in another league next to the MP. Plus you get internal and redundant recording, decent powering, AES I/O, multiple analog I/O, better headphone amp, ect. I called SD to make sure that they plan on servicing these units in the future. Yes, it weighs more, but I don't use a bag.
  5. Thanks James! I did find it in the manual, but it took some time to find it. That caveat is not a deal breaker, but does seem important enough that they addressed it with the Mixpre series.
  6. Hello Engineers! I recently acquired a 788 CL8 combo. I have a question regarding panning. I see where I can pan a pair of linked channels, but can I pan a mono input other than simply hard L/R or center? Thanks in advance!
  7. John, They took off the approved list since rebranding their own cards. But good advice, thanks!
  8. I'm having trouble finding a rep that won't charge shipping on top the (already) expensive card. Any recommendations?
  9. Thanks for the input guys! I forgot about that one issue since I usually take an interface and Macbook pro into the field. It may be worth the extra money to have an internal SSD. But as a couple people have pointed out, there are no bullet proof solutions to what we do, or else backups would be obsolete! Which Scandisk cards are you using? It looks like the biggest issue is the read/write speed and the SD branded do 90mb/sec.
  10. I miss the "test media" function. Sound Devices put it on my 702, but does not have it on the Mix Pre 10 II. Maybe in a future firmware upgrade? I'm new the SD card market. If I stick to 24 bits, what card do you guys recommend other than the (rather pricey) one that Sound Devices offer?
  11. I thought the -10 dbV was a hotter unbalanced signal than the the balanced +4dbu. No?
  12. Shure condensors are quite respected for their low self noise. If you check the specs, it shows the lowest in the industry. They are a very good value, just not as smooth in the 2-7K range as schoeps or MKH series.Just put them in an ORTF pattern, or one that gives a wide image such as NOS. Stay away from X-Y!
  13. Thanks Tom! I didn't realize it went into the unit. I guess I was looking for the battery to hang out the back, similar to the SD machines.
  14. I have one question about powering. The manual claims that it can take a Sony NP battery in addition to the sled of AA's. But I can't tell (even after reading the manual) where the NP attaches to the unit. Is anyone using this type of battery with this unit?
  15. Justin, thank you! I wasn't aware that the there was even a difference within the 700 series. I have the option to use outboard pre amps (you know how snobby us classical guys can be) so it may just boil down to the difference in AtoD converters. The 633 looks like a great value; 2 less tracks than the 788 at half the cost.
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