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    Senn G3 as Wireless Hop HELP!

    I'll start off by saying I am very new to all of this, so I apologize in advance if the nature of my question seems very basic... I've rented a G3 wireless system as a wireless hop into a Sony F55. I'm using a rental house provided XLR to TRS to go out of one of the XLR main outs from a SD 633 into the Senn Tx, the input level on the Tx is set to -48. The Rx is set to output level of 0 and going into the F55 as Mic level. The F55 has a manual volume of 0 and it's db reference is -60. When I send tone from the 633, the Tx meter peaks to where it should, then drops down very low, I'm not sure if this is just the specific ballistics on this Tx... But the tone into the F55 looks at the right level. All that to say, I recorded on the 633 and on the F55, and the results are troubling. The 633 sounds fine, however the F55 sounds phasey and very hissy. I've attached two audio clips to help show what I mean. I was reading up on this workflow and I know that a special line level cable must be used to allow for this specific signal flow to work. I haven't yet called the renal house to ask if perhaps they provided me with the wrong cable going into the Rx, but I was wondering if someone here would be able to identify it immediately by listening to the audio clips? Any advice is greatly appreciated!! CAM_audio.mp3 SoundDevices_audio.mp3