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  1. Files weren't copied off the Zoom H6 and the owner had already managed to format the unit. Fortunately as it turns out the owner's not too tech savvy so he used disk utility to format the 8gb lexar (premium series) SD card, and hadn't recorded anything on it. I have the card, I did some recovery and managed to recover the Wav files. Problem is, the files are broken. I watched and read through mutliple tutorials and I couldn't manage to un-corrupt the files but I was left with the impression that it could be done. I would love to know definitely if these files are 100% recoverable, then I'd know how to proceed with the client. I uploaded the files here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/plmswwn3c7ilghg/AAB_EOqDHHk2-jZ3SJnY4Hu6a?dl=0 there are two folders. Working contains 4 copies of files that were recovered and work fine (the last 6 recodings) and 4 copies of the corrupted files (38 total). Are there files un-corruptable / recoverable? Thank you very much in advance for your help.
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