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  1. You'll be fine with Wisycom (wideband I assume?) I use mine around 572-577mhz in Toronto. I was recently in Montreal and didn't have any issues either.
  2. jason porter


    I watched a demo on YouTube where they removed cicadas (iZotope) from a dialogue track (from The Walking Dead, I believe) Made in Georgia, so you know the cicadas are hardcore.
  3. All 2 wire+bias. Any chance you can upload a sample file?
  4. I have a B6 (grey band) that I rarely use, but I believe it behaves the same as you're experiencing. My other lavs are COS-11 (3-wire) DPA 4060 (2-wire) and MKE-1 (2-wire) and they sound great all the time. What recorder are you using? Have you tried playback to see it maybe the distortion is from another part of the chain?
  5. A common term that I've heard amongst production office staff up here in Toronto for summer - "Women's Winter" aka: air-conditioning set way too low.
  6. Try a BNC connector that is for rg174.
  7. Keep a close eye on it for the first few days. I've had unreliable batteries in the past, as well as a poor connection of the battery.
  8. Nothing to be afraid of. Remove all screws from top and bottom of case. Note the longer and shorter screws and where they go. There are another 4 screws (I believe) that hold the XLR board in place. Remove them and the ribbon cable if you are comfortable with that. I think you can still change the battery without completely removing the XLR board.
  9. Those are UHF antennas tuned for Block 20. The picture has all the information you need.
  10. Maybe they're referring to the old Ambient TRX units. https://ambient.de/en/product/time-code-link/
  11. I had the battery door issue with my TCX2s. Even though I had to ship them back to Gotham (from Canada) who sent them to Betso, they got turned around rather quickly, less than a month. I've waited longer to get simple cables made! 😀
  12. Do you mean ucr301? They can have frequencies locked (not really, but a custom group of frequencies programmed) I don't believe the 300 (or 205, etc) can be manually programmed like that...maybe they can with some board-level tampering.
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