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  1. jason porter

    IFB question for the masses

    Doesn't the Serv Pro transmit audio as well?
  2. Not having a carnet might cause some issues...especially in Germany. I'd keep the kit as lean as possible.
  3. jason porter

    Straightening Old Lav Cable

    I hang them from the head (with a bit of low tack tape) and let them dangle for a few days. Usually helps quite a bit with all of my lavs - Sanken, DPA, B6 etc.
  4. jason porter

    Different antenna length on Sennheiser G2’s Receiver

    I don't think the slight difference in length will make any real world difference. Remember that those lengths are cut to the center frequency of the range...not cut to one fixed frequency.
  5. jason porter

    Can you show me how to make low profile XLR to 3.5mm cables

    Just get these. https://www.cabletechniques.com/lopro-xlr-mini-xlr
  6. jason porter

    Arriflex 416 and Timecode

    How about a tailslate or a bloopslate? Slating doesn't have to be a big event, as long as the key people remember to do it.
  7. jason porter

    SD 633 question channel 4.5.6 issue

    4,5&6 are line level only. Make sure your receiver outputs are all the way up. Which model of Wisycom receivers are you using?
  8. jason porter

    Lectro LMb v2.13 changes affect mics with nonstandard wiring?

    Hopefully you got 1/8 watt resistors!
  9. jason porter

    DIY sma antenna

    This looks like the stuff. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F120476274177
  10. jason porter

    Unusual lav hiding gear

    I love the RM-11 and I use it constantly. I just wish that they would get replace the raised printing with a nice smooth surface.
  11. jason porter

    MixPre Series Firmware v2.20 May 24, 2018 - Link

    I built a mute box for my Comtek feed with a blinking LED to indicate that the output was muted. Definitely saved a few hurt feelings.
  12. jason porter

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    Interesting logic. Shall we address your role in Christian atrocities throughout history? Slavery & racism in America? Salem Witch Trials?
  13. jason porter

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    Honestly...I get through most days without needing to change batteries. 90WH V-LOCK Nomad + 2 dual receivers NIMH AA 4 talent wires (2 batteries each) G2 hop tx G2 cam rx G2 IEM Betso sync boxes Slate The v-lock usually gets me though most days The talent transmitters might need a change near the end of the day (50mw Wisycom) Everything else breezes thorough a whole day.
  14. jason porter

    Rain protection sound bag

    I use the K-Tek with a VersaFlex harness. I can't confirm if it works with any others.
  15. jason porter

    Rain protection sound bag

    I fully endorse the K-Tek KSRB2. It's a good balance between versatility, accessibility and protection.