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  1. I've always had amazing range on my MTB plug on, even at the lowest RF power setting. I think that getting any plug on Tx up and above or away from any water bags (bodies) more than compensates for any compromises in the antenna.
  2. I believe some of the SD models can output AES, depends which mixer they are using. The SD website has all the manuals.
  3. Check balance setting, the up/down arrows on the face of the Rx. I always lock the controls to keep it from getting sent all the way to L or R.
  4. If you write to Rycote, they will probably send you one. Goodluck.
  5. All things being equal - if you're using a red mark cos-11 (-9db) and have the 411 at 0 (-5db) then you're adding 14db of noise to your signal. Correcting the gain structure will still result in 9db extra noise because of the red mark lav, unless you need the red mark lav to prevent overloading of the transmitter, which is unlikely with a typical speaking voice. You could always ask the rental house if they provided a red mark on purpose.
  6. The TS3 was before HD video/23.98. Denecke has an update (i believe) but I don't know which position they assign to it.
  7. From what I've experienced, a red dot lav will appear to add significantly more noise than a regular lav (10db?) I would guess that is why it sounds like the system had more noise. A red dot lav is for situations where you have a very loud sound source. My expectation would be that if you used a standard cos-11, you would be impressed. I've never noticed more noise floor on any of my Lectro systems VS a G2/3
  8. Can you remove the belt clip and see if it goes away? I wonder if the screw is touching something when you squeeze it. Another possibility is to open it up and see if anything is touching the case when you squeeze.
  9. Could this be because the newer transmitters are 50 kHz deviation VS the older SRa 75 kHz deviation?
  10. https://cleaning.lovetoknow.com/Clean_Alkaline_Battery_Corrosion It is possible that some of the electronics were damaged from the corrosion, but I think the corrosion should be contained to the battery tube.
  11. If you can see and access the battery tube, you might be able to clean off the corrosion.
  12. 90% clothing. Usually it's determined by lightweight fabric that just will not support the weight of the rig.
  13. Good point! I used COS-11s (regular sensitivity) I also experimented with going line level in with P48 (788 or 744, probably both) Mic level worked best, if I recall correctly. As for plane noise - I used this setup in all types of military & commercial aircraft, helicopters such as a Sikorsky s76 (relatively quiet) as well as the C-130 Hercules, V-22 Osprey, DHC-5 Buffalo, CH-149 Cormorant, C5, C17, C2 Greyhound...others I can't recall at the moment.
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