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  1. If you don't need the size of the 6060, maybe the 4060 is a better choice (cheaper!) I used to regularly use a Holophone that used 4060 elements and it sounded pretty darn good.
  2. See post #35 by Larry F (Lectrosonics)
  3. I ran a short length of rg58 (I believe) + BNC-F from the front (soldered) to the 'back'. I added zip ties to hold the cable. Mostly for strain relief and to accomodate good RF cable & BNC connectors (vs SMA connectors)
  4. DT250's My ears have never been better. Switched from 7506's (after almost 20 years, please don't judge, haha)
  5. Like stuffing a marshmallow into a keyhole.
  6. Like I said, probably misremembered from something else. I found this in the manual - To ensure safety, the charger performs a battery health “impedance check” at the beginning of the program. If the battery fails this test, “HIGH” would be displayed and program will be terminated.
  7. From memory, so don't hold me to this. There's a "membrane" that separates the chemicals that breaks down over time/charges. So the chemicals are now mixing and causing the voltage spike, in a bad way. I'm going to Google this now, to see if my memory is garbage.
  8. Maybe a smallish campfire to keep the electronic components warmed-up.
  9. Cool. I'm actually assuming the supervising sound editor takes on the task. Thanks!
  10. Are you sure it happens with all the cameras? A common interference problem is a broken shield on BNC cables used for sending video from cam to video transmitter. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the culprit, but I would be surprised if it was happening on all cameras!
  11. Sooooo.... I was contacted by Showtime because they want to submit a project that I participated in for an award. They want a 750 word essay and timecode selections. Any tips from the group concerning the essay? I've never had to do anything like this and I have terrible writing skills. This was a group effort (obviously) so I'm hoping someone on the team with more experience will take the initiative, haha.
  12. Don't over complicate it. 1. You set the transmitter gain properly. 2. Max the receiver output. 3. Line input to the MixPre. 4. Gain up the channel until your meters are where you want them. Personally, I like to hover around -14 to -10 dbfs. 5. Make fine adjustments to the mix with the channel fader. 6. Adjust headphone volume to a comfortable listening level.
  13. You can get a DC blocking circuit built into your audio cables. Personally, I've used 411s and SRb and definitely sent p48 to them accidentally. Nothing was damaged.
  14. I've never built a car, but I know you can get different tires for one. Common sense isn't so common...even with 30 years experience. I hope you remember me as the guy who tried to help you, but you were too proud to admit that you didn't ask the question that you wanted the answer to!
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