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  1. I attended as well. It was very insightful and educational. I look forward to more of these in the future.
  2. You bring up really good point, the set I’m looking into is actually used. Hopefully it’ll still be available by the time I decide to buy it. You’re absolutely right, we do have some tough times ahead, as does the rest of the world. To end on a good note, to go on with our lives is an understatement. I do hope that once this whole thing is over, we can party like there is no tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted when I do have it! Thanks for that, I actually saw someone on one of Facebook groups that was using it with a Zoom F6. It actually looked like it worked okay. One thing that attracting to the Wisycom is the menu structure. It doesn't look so laborious, and it true diversity wideband which you can’t go wrong with. Like I told IronFilm, I’ll keep you posted when I do get it. I hope we can all get back on our feet very soon.
  3. Greetings everyone, I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during these difficult times, now on to my topic. I’m hoping to be working on a 10-day feature in May or June, which will help alleviate a few bills and possibly, upgrade my wireless. Though Chicago, as well as the rest of the country is mostly using Lectrosonics, I’m considering doing something different. I’m looking into possibly getting the MCR 42 S/S2 and MTP40S units from Wisycom. Though I don’t have neither a Sound Devices 6, 7, nor 8 series, I wanted to know if anyone is using these with a Zoom F8. Is the fact that the Zoom F8/F8n not having AES a factor? Keep in mind, I will be upgrading my audio recorder when the time comes, but want to start with the wireless first. I appreciate your comments and hope that we can put this pandemic behind us once this 30-day quarantine is over. Thanks again!
  4. I used the K-Tek once at a Mixer event hosted by Second City Sound here in Chicago. I can say felt great and it a huge difference between Orca OR-40 harness. I too would love to see a comparison between the new OR-444 ORCA 3S and the K-Tek KSHRN3.
  5. Hi Dan, Though I am a big fan of sound devices and their Mix Pre recorders I would also consider either a used Zoom F8 or the Zoom F8n. There is really not that much difference between the 2 recorders other than the hardware, both are 10 track track recorders and have a solid build. It has 8 inputs in total can take external batteries via hirose, it takes accurate timecode via the BNC connection. If you do choose to go with a used F8 I would be sure to download the latest firmware update unless it already has it. As of now the latest firmware is version 6.0 and the F8n is 2.0. Both recorders are essentially the same, and it's a good starting point to launch your career. Here's some additional info I may have missed via the link right here. https://www.zoom-na.com/products/field-video-recording/field-recording/zoom-f8n-multitrack-field-recorder#downloads. I also recommend checking out an online store called zZounds https://www.zzounds.com/ you can find the F8n there. It's good option to consider buying the recorder there as they also take payment plans interest free for up 12 month. If you have and questoons about ways to power it or sound related please let me know. One more final thing I'll add, check out Curtis Judds course where he teaches how to operate the device he also has a course for the MixPre sound devices recorders, here's his site https://school.learnlightandsound.com/courses. Both course are about $40 US. Again, feel free to message me, if you have any questions.
  6. Just so everyone is aware, I am fairly new to sound editing and design. I'm also contemplating getting Adobe Audition and learning on Curtis Judds course on his website. The one thing I don't necessarily agree with is the monthly charge; and for that matter, I checked into Protools and since I last checked they are now starting to charge a monthly subscription. Honestly. I would feel much more comfortable just buying the software upfront, without having to a monthly or yearly fee, just like I've been buying things gear and so forth. Now I come to the part where I ask, are there any of you using Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Audacity, or Ardour? What are the pros and cons and how do they differentiate from each other. The last question I have is are there any online courses I can take for Ardour besides having to go to youtube in the same way Curtis Judd is doing for Adobe Audition. Thanks for everyones help!
  7. Hi Johnny, Also thanks to everyone that shared their knowledge and responded to me. I did manage to get a pair of Halter Technical Scene Monitor Headphones, I also got help from Doc Justice himself and my local shop, Second City Sound here in Chicago. We also made the the proper adjustments as scene in the photos down below. Though the wires are very small, you can pretty much get a general idea of what I was doing. Basically it was pretty much what David had suggested. Also this was done moments before I found out that 3.5 mm stereo to mono connectors existed. Still though this was a great experiment and learning experience, plus as some of you said these headphones are considered expendables, but for the meantime I'll be using both these headphones and my COMTEK until I can upgrade to the 216's. Once again, thanks everyone!
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm happy to say I now have some COMTEK 72 series IFB units. I recently purchased some headphones off of Amazon. The ones I got were the Hamiliton SchoolMate Personal Mono/Stereo Headphones. Unfortunately I was only able to hear off my left ear bud, thinking it was just one receiver I checked all three and I got the same thing. I decided to check with B&H to see what my options are as far as headphones go. For the time being I can't afford the recommended COMTEK LS-3 headphones, so I'm looking at the Williams Sound HED 027 Heavy-Duty Folding Mono Headphones as a viable option. So besides asking you all about these options in headphones here are my following questions for you all: 1. Is there anyone here that has used the Williams Sound HED 027 Heavy-Duty Folding Mono Headphones, if so, what did you think of them? 2. How many Crystals are there to the 72 PR-b receivers and where can I buy them after the current ones die out? 3. Also when I was checking for the Audio Root headphones as an option they only came out as one bud rather than 2, not sure if I researched the wrong ones or if they only available that way? Finally I appreciate everyones help and guidance. As some of you are probably wondering, I'm not to familiar with the 72 series COMTEK, I've only ever used the 216's. After playing around with them earlier today I noticed they aren't much different as far as sound quality goes.
  9. I actually have both the 112P and the 51P series. From my point of view, I've always found ME-2 much more difficult to hide because of it's bulky head. That's why I'm getting rid of them. In it's place, I bought the Countryman B3 which you should also consider, it is an affordable mic, plus water resistant and it just sounds great. As for MKE-2, as I mentioned before, it is much easier to hide and sounds much better than the mid grade ME-2.
  10. Great job David! I really enjoyed this video, I'll be sure to show this to my sisters!
  11. David I'm glad I saw your video. I was getting ready to throw away my Orca waist belt as I wasn't sure what to use it for, since I have the Orca harness already. I gonna keep it and use it for my boom op on my next future shoot. I do have a question though... how different is the MM-1 from the MP-1 can either or be used for a camera and boom op for monitoring sound?
  12. That's exactly what I meant.
  13. I remember when I first bought my F8 and posting a video on my Instagram page. I only spoke about the features but didn't turn it on until after I finished recording on my phone. As soon I turned it on, I freaked out thinking I broke it. Little did I know anything about the white screen of death, or knowing about certain serial numbers that came out faulty, and had to be replaced. But rest assured, even if something like that were to happen now, Zoom will fix it because they're on top their game. As more features are being introduced from the competition Zoom will match them and make their audio recorders better.
  14. I was actually looking for a review on these mics. Except for one video, yours was the first written reviews that came up. I actually might consider buying these mics to go with my current Sennheiser G4 kits. So we'll see how this goes, thanks again Bartek Baranowski for posting the question.
  15. I'm with IronFilm on this one, the Zoom F4 is a great recorder mixer. I would have bought that one had I not invested money on my Zoom F8, which I don't regret at all. The new firm is awesome, and a huge step up! Whatever you decide we're here to help and support each other let us know if you help with anything. Good Luck!
  16. Thanks for comments everyone, they're very helpful. As for some of the videos I've seen, I have to say i was very impressed. Personally as of now I'm still building up my gear and I'm not looking into get one yet. In my opinion, I would rather it be kept our own personal secret, if you know what I mean. I could see Constantine's point of calling it a dangerous tool to have on a film set. I do however see the point of using it for say a WWE wrestling match, boxing, or why not a sporting event like that past World Cup. But even in that regard, I'm still on the fence. I think that as a fan or spectator, we're loosing out on the experience of the emotional thrill we get from a live event by simply watching it from the comfort of our own home. So until then, I'll wait for a production that really requires one.
  17. I recently discovered the CEDAR DNS2 which has been around since 2016. Like many of you I have encountered a lot of noisy environments, often caused by construction sites, public transportation trains, and of course our dearly beloved generators. One time I had to work at a house that had a very noisy air vent that neither the owner or I could ever figure how to shut down. My one solution was to use a pillow to block the noise, since I did not have sound blankets. Needless to say the pillow was thick enough to make it into a low hum. Though I have not had the chance to work with the CEDAR DNS2, nor do I know of anyone that has one besides my local rental house, brings me to ask a few questions for those of that do or do not have one: 1. Have seen some major improvements in your workflow? 2. Do clients ever ask for one, or is it our own kept secret? 3. Is there still post sound design work that needs to be done, despite the fact that your able to cancel out a good amount of noise 4. If you're connecting a shotgun mic, on to this devise can you use a HPF, like you can with some audio recorders 5. Whether you're a Zoom, Sound Devices or Zaxcom user it doesn't matter to me. I would just love to see what your rig looks like and how to set it up on your audio recorder mixer. 6. Besides price and maybe not working on live, reality TV or sporting events, what would be a good reason to not purchase one? Thanks in advance for all your comments!
  18. Hi Fred, I often work alone because certain production can't afford a 2 person sound crew. Yet I'm always fighting for a boom op, but as I mentioned before not all productions can afford 2 people and I am almost always doing everything alone. However, the standard is always to have a sound mixer, boom op, and utility that'll serve as a second sound mixer and or second boom op. When productions travel, the standard is to hire someone local, at least when it comes to sound. It's a shame they didn't go with you, when they could saved money flying the sound guy in, and on top of having to pay for room and board, plus rental equipment. The best thing to do in this case, is to move on to the next project. I hope everything works out for you, and congratulation on France winning The World Cup!
  19. I knew I was right about this. You see, I have the G4 512P from Sennheiser. I bought one from Sweetwater and the other one from B&H. While the 112P series of the G4 did not include the MKE-2, the 512P did. Now that I have this information I'm going to look into this because I want two of the G4 112P's added to my current gear.
  20. Hi Rick, Good to know, forgive my ignorance, I had no idea the MKE-2 gold tip has been around since the 90's, it's a great mic. When I checked through B&H, Sweetwater, and Zzounds the 100 series had the ME-2 included in their set only. Unless I'm missing a supplier please let me know, I want to end the year by getting 2 100 series, because I only have two of the 500 series at the moment.
  21. Hey David, I'm glad you found this video, I currently have two Sennheiser G4 500 series in my gear. This one comes with the MKE-2 lavalier mic, keep in mind though that it's only available for the 500 series. The pros I have are the distance you can go on this one, as seen in the video. The mic is very tiny and easier to conceal, than its predecessor ME-2. The cons I have are: they should have made the MKE-2 available for its 100 series as well, the design is not much different from the G3's, another thing I would have liked Sennheiser to do was made duel receivers as opposed to a single, finally the transmitters could have been made much smaller to compete with Lectrosonics or Zaxcom's. Still though, I don't regret buying them as they work for my current work flow.
  22. I just hope that for those of us still building our arsenal while working out of a bag can get some last minute updates. I don't know about everybody else, but I just want to get some additional mics, IFB's, and timecode sync boxes before upgrading to F8n.
  23. I was actually looking into purchasing some. Does anyone know where I can purchase some?
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